A Quranic Way of Thinking

Oaths in General

  • When you are angry
  • When you are not being believed
  • When testifying in Court

Oaths in Old Arabic

  • When you are angry
  • When you are not being believed
  • When testifying in Court
  • To get your attention

Oaths in the Quran

  • When you are angry
  • When you are not being believed
  • When testifying in Court
  • To get your attention
  • Object of the oath and subject of the oath
    • I swear by time mankind is in loss
    • The object of the oath is time
    • The subject of the oath is man is in loss
    • The object of the oath prepares you for the subject of the oath
    • The object of the oath is used as evidence for the subject of the oath

I swear by the orange sky

And the night as it gets super dark

And the moon as it gets full

You people are going to ride one stage after the next

When the sky is orange it is Maghreb time

Maghreb is inevitable and nightfall is coming

The night took stages

When it is super black then you see the moon

The moon has stages

We will also go in stages

From the womb to Jannah / Jahannum

If you forget there is no way out of this cycle just remembers the oaths

Surah Al Adiyat

  • Allah swears by horses going into battle
  • These female horse are trained to run extra fast
  • These are aggressive horse which are less than 10
  • There are riding and panting
  • When they strike the rock sparks fly even though it is wet
  • They charge in the morning like a suicide mission
  • They cause clouds of dust to rise
  • They penetrate the lines of the forces and get right in the middle
  • This is a trailer in the Quran
  • No doubt the human being is not loyal to its master
  • Animal has certain instincts of survival
  • This horse is so loyal to its master then it runs to its death
  • What about you how come you are not loyal

Conditions of a good example

  • Easy to follow
  • Relatable
  • Leads you to the lesson
  • It is clear
  • Straight to the point
  • Came back to the original lesson

People that are solely dedicated to Allah and whoever would associate shirk with Allah is like someone who is falling from the sky and birds are chewing from him and the wind blows him away to an unchartered location

  • This ayah is about people who do shirk
  • They have no concept of the afterlife
  • When you believe this is the only life then what of you is left after
  • Humans beings still have a desire to live on even in the world
  • People do stuff so their name can be remembered
  • Some people give their donations at the time of death
  • Statue and name is remembered
  • Arabs would love going into fights
  • They would like to live on to show his fight skills
  • People on bottom came to top and killed them threw them off cliff
  • The person died the death of a loser or the death of a coward
  • Shirk is a humiliating thing
  • These dead soldiers are such an embarrassment that no body came to bury them
  • Their funerals service became the vultures
  • The rest over is blown off to unchartered locations

Then you hearts became like stone or even harder than stone, some stones rivers gush forth, some stones crack open and some water comes out, some stones fall from the fear of Allah and Allah is not unaware of what you do

  • This is about different kinds of hearts
  • You have two friends
  • One friend
    • is very quiet and loves to read,
    • They stay to themselves introverted person
  • Another Friend
    • The opposite of the first
    • Very extroverted
    • Always want to do something
    • Very hyper active
  • The three of you go on a road trip together
  • The extrovert says lets go somewhere
  • Lets go eat something
  • The quiet one says have you wondered about the sky
  • The extrovert says no but I am wondering about the next restaurant stop
  • Imam siraj wahhaj gives 20 min speech and gets you excited
  • Another scholar gives a 5 hour lecture on Hadith
  • The extrovert likes Imam sirhaj wahhaj
  • The introvert likes the scholar
  • Abu bakr was introverted
  • Umar was extroverted
  • Abu Bakr accepted Islam Iman just gushed out like a river
  • Umar accepts after some cracks and some water came out
  • Other people just fall from the fear of Allah
  • Water symbolizes water
  • The three types of hearts are
  1. Mohsin
  2. Mumin
  3. Muslim

This example is relatable to Bani Israel when Musa striked the rock with his staff and water gushed forth