A Truthful Shepherd Ibn Masud

He is not officially one of the Abdilla

Because of his age and time period

He is higher than all of the other Abdillah 

He died before the other 4 Abdillah 

In Hadith you found Abdullah said it is known to be Ibn Masud

He was less from a worldly prospective 

His mother was a sahabia

His father is unknown

He was sold into slavery

He was from the tribe of Huzail 

Huzail was known for their criminal history

Huzail was known for being eloquent with Arabic

He was poorest and weakest but beats everyone in virtue

Abdullah ibn Masood ibn Ghafir Al Hoodani

His mother Umm Abdullah 

His family sent him off to be a shepherd 

Every Prophet was a shepherd

Being a shepherd teaches you to care for a people 

Teaching you patience and leadership trust and responsible

His nickname was Ibn Umm Abd

After Islam he was called Ibn Abdur Rahman 

He was a shepherd of Ukbah bin Abu Aneeq 

He did not interact much with people and just tended to his animals

He was burnt by the sun and very dark skinned 

His Islam started when he met the Prophet not knowing he was a Prophet

Prophet would take Abu Bakr outside Makkah and talked

One time on outskirts of Makkah Prophet meets Ibn Masood while he was 13

Ibn Masood is so disconnected from society he does not know who they are

Prophet says we are traveller and we are thirsty 

Ibn Masood was captured by the beauty and character of the Prophet 

Ibn Masood said I wish I could but I don't know any of this 

Ibn Masood said I wish I could help but I have been trusted by my master

Prophet liked his answer and his trustworthiness 

If you do not have trust you don't have deen 

Prophet says bring me an animal that does not produce any milk 

Ibn Masood is curious and he brought that sheep

Prophet put his hands on the shutters and said Bismillah 

All of a sudden the milk started to flow from it 

Ibn Masood watched in Amazement 

Prophet grabbed that bucket and drank it and gave it to Abu Bakr

Prophet gave ibn masood to drink too 

He looks at the Prophet and the sheep went back to not producing milk

Prophet thanked Ibn Masood

Ibn Masood said O my uncle teach me these words you said

Prophet said you are a knowledgeable  and trustworthiness young man 

Prophet walks away and Ibn Masood went to Makkah

He starts asking the people 

He describes it to Al Abbas and he says that his my nephew 

Ibn Masood runs to Darul ul Arkam 

Abu Bakr was happy with Ibn Masood 

Prophet gives Ibn Masood dawah and he takes his shahdah 

He becomes the 6th person to to accept Islam

When he becomes Muslim he is called 1/6 of Islam

This title stuck with him and he was 1/6 of Islam