Abu Huraira

Abu Huraira

  • He is the most fascinating figures of Islam
  • He narrated 5000 ahadith from the Prophet
  • He narrated the most ahadith


The tribe of Abu Huraira

  • He comes from the tribe ad dose
  • A tribe from Yemen
  • A tribe that was a center for a lot of sins before Islam
  • They had festivals where they would dance around the idols
  • It will happen again in Yemen


Makkah, Yemen, and Shaam

  • These were familiar trade routes


Tufail bin Amr

  • He went to Makkah to trade
  • He heard the Prophet recite the Quran
  • He accepted Islam
  • He brought Islam back to Yemen
  • No one accepted but Abu Huraira
  • Tufail was so frustrated and he asked Prophet to destroy dose
  • Prophet made dua for Dose to be guided
  • Prophet told Tufail to go back to his people and guide them


Abu Huraira

  • He was an orphan and a shepherd
  • Imaan came into his heart
  • He did not need much convincing
  • He had brown skin and a reddish beard
  • He had a wide shoulders
  • He was a very simple man
  • His name was Abdus Shams bin sahr
  • Prophet changed his name to Abdul Rahman
  • He was nicknamed The Father of Kittens
  • His mother name was Maymuna
  • He purchases a home in Dhul Hulaifa in Madinah


The Mother of Abu Huraira

  • His mother cursed the Prophet
  • Abu Huraira felt sorry for her
  • Prophet made dua for her to be guided
  • His mother became Muslim


Prophet made dua to make beloved Abu Huraira and his mother to all the believers

His mother dies early on

After his mother dies Abu Huraira sells his house

He lives with the people of Al Sufa


Al Sufa

  • The poor people in the masjid
  • Treated with utmost care by the Ansar


Abu Huraira stayed next to Prophet to learn from him and narrate his life

Abu Huraira tied stones to his stomach because he was starving


One time Abu Bakr passed by he asked a question about the Quran

Abu Huraira already knew the answer but wanted to be repaid by food

Abu Bakr answered the question and moved on

Then Umar passed by and was the asked the question, he answered and moved on

Then Prophet came and Prophet smiled at him

Prophet brought Abu Huraira and gave him something to eat

Abu Huraira was asked to call all the people of Sufa

Abu Huraira is passing the milk to every person of Sufa

Abu Huraira drank until he was full then Prophet drank the rest of the milk


Abu Huraira was asked to guard something by the Prophet

An old man came to steal something

Abu Huraira warned him that he will report him to the prophet

The old man begged him not to and promised he will not steal from him again

Then Prophet told Abu Huriara what did your prisoner do last night

Prophet told him that he lied to you and he will return

Abu Huraira grabbed the thieve and says I will take you to the Prophet

Prophet said what did your prisoner do last night

Abu Huraira said he was begging me and I felt sorry for him

Prophet said he is lying to you and he will return again


Abu Huraira met him a third time and he said if you leave me I will teach you some words


He said say Ayat ul Kursi before you sleep every night

Abu Huraira let him go

Prophet said what did you prisoner do last night

He told him

Prophet said he spoke the truth but he is still a lier and that was the shaytan


Abu Huraira would shadow the Prophet and asked him about everything

Prophet would answer him

Prophet blessed the cloak of Abu Huraira and he never forgot after that

No one has been given the memory of Abu Huraira


Abu Huraira was with the Prophet at all times

  • When he entered his home
  • He fought with him
  • He was very close


Three advices

  • Always pray al duha
  • Always pray witr
  • Always fast middle three days of every month


Zikr of Abu Huraira

  • Always making tasbeeh 12,000 times a day


Household of Abu Huriara

  • The most hospitable
  • The husband, wife, and daughter
  • Abu Huraira prayed the last third of he night
  • The wife prayed one third
  • The daughter prayed one third
  • He was very funny and making jokes
  • A very light hearted man


He was appointed the Amir of Madinah

He would play with the children

Abu Huraira withdrew from the political scene

Abu Huraira guarded Uthman bin Affan at time of his assignation

Abu Huraira was neutral

Abu Huraira said to the people come take the inhertaince of the Prophet

The inheritance was knowledge


Death of Abu Huraira

  • He was 78 years old
  • He looks up and says I love to meet Allah
  • It was his last words
  • He died in peace
  • In the year 68 hijrah