Al Fatihah

Our Messenger S.A.W. was overwhelmed with opposition and from that opposition Allah gave him something to be optimistic about.  Allah revealed to our Messenger the seven most repeated ayat of praise and additionally Allah had given to us the great Quran.  The seven often repeated ones full of praise is Al Fatihah.  Allah says I gave you Fatihah and then I gave you Quran.  All the Muslims repeat these ayat the most atleast 17 times a day.  We recite the Fatihah in every prayer and every opportunity we get.  Al Fatihah shapes our view of the rest of the Quran.  We recite Fatihah first then another surah.  So I invite you to the first step of the Journey of Islam Al Fatihah.

Ayah 1

Ayah 2

Ayah 3

Ayah 4

Ayah 5

Ayah 6

Ayah 7