Aqsa and Jerusalem

It is 100 year old issue 

Tradegy of Aqsa is number 1 on the list

Never forget the importance of this Land 

Aqsa is mentioned by name in the Quran 

Allah calls it a blessed land 

Masjid Al Aqsa and the land around it is blessed 

Isra was Miraj is linked to Aqsa 

Prophet wrote the letter to emperor of Rome 

Heraculius read the letter in Jerusalem 

Heraculius stood in Jerusalem and said this land will belong to Prophet 

In less than 10 years it was given to the Muslims 

Victory took place in caliphate of Umar 

keys were given to Umar in person in Aqsa 

Aqsa was conquered because of humility and sincerity of Umar 

Christians turned Aqsa into a dumpster 

Umar cleaned up Aqsa 

Umar prayed next to Church not inside 

so a masjid was built next to the church 

not in place of it 

we love and respect all the Prophets of Allah 

there was no tension between Muslims Christians and Jews 

Jews and Christians were protected by Muslims 

Umar let Jews and Christians live peaceful in Jerusalem 

Umar built Aqsa Masjid 

Malik bin Marwan built dome of the rock 

Aqsa was taken away from us during Crusades 

Crusades turned Jerusalem into blood bath 

Unlike Umar who conquered it peacefully 

Saluhuden Atubi took Aqsa back 

He let Jews and Christians to live peacefully 

the second time Aqsa is taken away is now 

In 1987 non religious Jews wanted to create homeland in Palestine they were called Zionist 

Most Jews oppose Zionist 

Zionism was a radical movement 

it changed after the holocaust 

in 1948 state of Israel was created 

Muslims and Christians were expelled

largest open air prison in the world is Gaza 

who gets to discuss the state of Israel 

their land was carved of and given to someone else 

what gives the external occupier to take your land and gift it to someone else 

Native Americans have been living here and Europeans came and took it from them 

Palestinians have legit perspective it is their land 

do not be unjust be just 

do not mix Jews and zionists 

condemn any attack where innocents are targeted 

for every 1 Israeli killed 10 Palestinians are killed 

Israel has weapons and Palestine has only rocks 

unemployment rate in Gaza is greater than Israel 

Nelson Mandela said what’s happening in Palestine is worse than in South Africa 

there are also Christian Zionists 

Christians zionists is belief that before Jesus comes all Jews must be in the holy land 

Christians Zionist believe Jews will be killed 

Jewish Zionists do not believe in Jesus 

Both groups hate each other and believe each of them will be killed 

Trump say some things because he knows what buttons to press 

Jewish Zionists said they are with Christian Zionist because they don’t believe in Jesus but they are giving them money 

Aqsa needs to remain alive in our hearts 

we believe Aqsa is a blessed land and it belongs to the rightly followers of Ibrahim 

that is the Muslims