The Name Allah is the greatest of all names 

Allah is the most widely used names 

Name Allah has endless meanings 

Name Allah is used as description of other names 

Name Allah is used is previous scriptures 

name Allah has blessings in it 

Both phrases of Shahdah end with Name Allah

Name of Allah is in the Azan 

Prophet called to the oneness of Allah 

whoever dies in believing in Allah will enter paradise 

Surah Rum Allah says He created you from weakness 

A believer always reflects himself with Allah 

Allah created you with weakness and after weakness strength and after strength weakness and old age again 

Allah has no weakness and we have all the weakness 

the praised one and we who praise 

Master and Slave 

Provider and provided 

Allah favors me and I am being favored 

There are many ways to think of Allah’s name 

Allah is the only true Owner 

Allah has given us a portion of some ownership in This world 

we will not even have complete control of our body on day of judgement 

when people sin the believe in Allah is very weak 

Allah mentions His ownership the provider the guide and one leading astray the praise worthy bestowing favors granting protection being avengeful all this is in the Fatihah 

In the beginning Allah was there and nothing else was there 

a big whisper from devil is if this the creation of Allah then who created Allah 

Certain things we do not think about Allah 

we don’t know how Allah looks and we will never know what he looks like until we see Him on judgment day 

we cannot imagine Allah in a form 

we can imagine Allah sitting on His throne 

Allah is far above the throne 

We don’t know what Allah meant by His throne 

Allah is not limited by dimension 

Allah has no space that limits Him 

Allah created time space and dimensions 

there is nothing in front behind left right above or below Allah 

Allah descends in the last third of the night 

But Allah does not move 

Allah’s love care knowledge hearing sight and other qualities are close 

Allah is giver of the light of the Heavens and the earth 

We cannot imagine Allah as a light 

We know Allah’s existence 

Allah sees everything and everyone 

Allah is above the throne but you cannot say Allah is above and not down here 

All we say we believe Allah is in existence 

Prophet asked a girl where is Allah?

She responded with raising her finger up

We are used to thinking in time and dimension 

Allah is outside time and dimensions 

Allah is always in existence 

Allah has no beginning and no end 

We explored not even 1% of Allah’s universe 

we do not even know our selves fully 

we thought we knew human body 

then DNA was discovered  and it open a whole new field of knowledge 

one planet out of all the millions we do not know 

What is this earth in comparison to first heaven 

the distance between one heaven and next heaven is distance of 500 years 

Allah created 7 heavens 

the 7 heavens and kursi of Allah is like a ring in a desert 

and kursi in front of Arsh of Allah is like a ring in the desert 

talking about Allah is just guess and assumptions 

you are just wasting your time 

it reveals nothing of the truth 

If a bacteria cannot understand the human being 

how can we understand Allah 

the philosophers thinking about Allah are like bacteria’s on a carpet 

Allah is infinite 

we can never think about infinity 

Allah was always there then one He created the pen and the tablet 

the pen wrote everything on the tablet that He will create 

Judt think about the creation of Allah