Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem

It comes from the same root rahma 

Allah’s rahma covers everyone and everything 

In  this world Or the next this name is there 

there is no end to this rahma 

Raheem is specific to the believers 

Rahman is for the duniya 

Raheem is for the Akhira 

In Fatiha Allah mentions Ar Rahman Ar Raheem 

in Surah naml Allah mentions both names 

You write letters starting with these two names 

Allah opened Surah Rahman with name Rahman

Rahman is for all people 

Raheem is for believers only 

Rahman and Raheem are only for Allah 

No one else can show Rahma like Allah 

We can call each other Abdur Rahman 

Pagan Arabs recognised Allah but not Ar Rahman 

the pagans took away Ar Rahman from treaty of Hudaibia 

Allah says He is Ar Rahman and He created the womb and named it rahm using same three letters 

Whoever keeps their ties through the rahm Allah will keep ties with them and vice versa 

Rain is a rahma from Allah for all people 

All gifts from Allah are for everyone in this world 

shade on day of judgement is for believers 

we must ask Allah or else he will be upset with us 

Allah loves for you to ask again and again 

the moment Allah answers our dua we will stop asking it 

Allah loves for us to ask him 

Allah is Gentle and loves gentleness 

Allah will give through gentleness and when we show it with one another

Allah has chosen the name Raheem for His Messenger 

Allah gave us the ability to call ourselves Rahim 

Only Allah is the Most Loving and Caring of those who show love and care

Ali Bin Talib said Bismillah is cure for every illness 

Bismillah is the help for every medicine 

Rahman is a help for every person who has believed in Allah

Rahman could be a original name of Allah 

Allah taught us a dua in Quran to gift from His Rahma 

Allah's love and care overcomes His wrath 

When Allah created the creation He wrote what He kept to himself over the thrown 

The writing is that my Love and Care overcomes my wrath 

Allah has never been angry except on day of judgment and will never be that angry again

Allah says in Surah Hijr to convey to My Servants that I am Exceedingly Loving and Caring and my punishment is also severe 

Allah allows people to attribute certain things to Him 

In Surah Muminoon Ayah 118 Allah said to say O Allah forgive and shower your rahma when you are the best of those who have rahma

Surah Maidah Allah said Jesus did miracles with Allah's permission

Some things we can create 

Certain things only Allah can create 

Allah is the best of creators He says in Surah Muminoon 

When Allah saves someone He has mercy 

Allah's rahma encompasses everything and everyone 

Surah Rum Allah said look at the effects of the Rahma of Allah when He brings the dead back to life 

Surah Qasas Allah says from Allah's Rahma he created the night and day in Ayah 73

It is punishment to stay up 24/7 and to keep shop open 

Allah gives your sustenance no more and no less whatever is written 

the night is created for rest and the day is for work 

those that work all night after a while their mind does not feel right 

there night patterns are all over the place and it feels nostalgic like you got up from your grave 

Surah Rum is spouses showing Rahma to each other 

Surah Ankaboot Allah shows Rahma to whoever he wants

Surah Anbiya Prophet is Rahma to all mankind

Surah Zumar Ayah 53 never lose hope of Allah's Rahma

We balance hope in Allah's Rahma and fear of Punishment as a believer 

To get Allah's Rahma you must show Rahma to people

Whoever does not have Rahma on people Allah does not have Rahma on them  

Prophet kissed his grandchildren and a companion came and said I have 10 children and never kissed any of them 

Prophet said Allah will show Rahma to such a person 

Allah has snatched Rahma from his heart 

A prostitute who quenched the thirst of a dog entered Jannah

No one will enter Jannah through his own actions except by Allah's Rahma 

Abu Huraira says he heard Prophet say Allah divided his Rahma into 99 parts 

1 Part for all people in this world

99 parts for the believers on the day of judgement