Surah Al Fatihah Ayah 2


  • Rahman comes from same root word as Rahm
  • Rahm means the womb of the mother
    • Where you don’t have to worry about anything
    • There are no problems
    • Everything is completely taken care of
    • The child is completely wrapped up under the care of the mother
  • Allah has 70 times more Rahma than our mothers
  • Our Heart is pumping blood constantly
  • Allah is taking care of us all the time, constantly in countless ways
  • We are just as ignorant of Allah’s Rahma as the child in the womb
  • Allah takes care of us this way out of unconditional love and care
  • When the mother delivers her baby it almost kills her and she loves it even more
  • Our mother goes out of her way to take care of us
  • Ar-Rahman has three qualities
    • Allah is extremely loving and caring
    • Allah’s love and care is happening immediately
    • Allah’s love and care is temporary, could be taken away
      • Something can take it away
      • Like Extreme hunger can be taken away with food
      • Like extreme thirst can be taken away with water
      • We can disobey Allah which can take away His love & care for us


The two qualities of Ar Raheem

  • Allah’s extreme love and care for us is permanent
  • Allah’s extreme love and care is not happening now but for later



  • We are really hungry
  • We go home and we are anxiously waiting for the food
  • The wait is unbearable
  • Within those five min your wife says what do you want to eat tomorrow
  • We say I don’t care I want food right now
  • Then after we eat We say so what about tomorrow lets eat this or that
  • We need our immediate needs taken care of first
  • Then we can think about the future


Allah takes care of our immediate needs first

Then Allah takes care of our future

Ar-Rahman takes care of the present

Ar-Raheem takes care of the future

These two names of Allah work hand in hand one after the other

Allah knows we are impatient human beings and want everything right now

So Allah mentions in this order Ar-Rahman then Ar-Raheem


Ibn Abbas says Ar-Rahman is for everyone in this world and Ar-Raheem is for the believers in the next world


There are two kinds of oceans

One with high waves and one with calm waves

You cannot imagine them both at the same time

The Quality of Ar-Rahman is an Ocean with high waves

And the quality of Ar-Raheem is an ocean with calm waves

Allah is both qualities at the same time

The Rahma of Allah is beyond human comprehension


Allah is our Master and the Quality of this Master is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem

Now tell me any other master who is extremely loving and caring like Allah

You will not find anyone now and forever

We are not even capable of being loving and caring to our own selves

Because we harm ourselves and we cannot take care of ourselves

We need Allah


Usually you serve the master 24/7 and it only benefits the Master

We serve our Master Allah 24/7 and it benefits us only and Allah does not need anything

Everything Allah tells us to do is for us and not Him

Obeying Allah brings us peace and happiness in life

Allah wants our life to be easy and to lighten our burden so He gave us law