Surah Al Fatihah Ayah 3

The First three ayat of the Fatihah is where Allah introduces Himself to us

Praise and Thanks belongs to Allah because He is…

  1. Rabb ul Alameen
  2. Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
  3. Maliki Yomi Deen

When some one is extremely and always loving and caring then people do not take them serious. People think they are off the hook.

Allah is too Kind and we think it is an open license to do whatever you want

People might take advantage of Allah’s love and care for us


  • There is a master and a slave
  • The master tells the slave you are free to do anything just do not cross this fence
  • The master says to the slave If you cross the fence then I will punish you
  • So the slave lives his life then one day he goes close to the line
  • The slave sees the master watching and the master says nothing
  • The slave plays around the fence and accidently trips and falls on the other side of the fence
  • The slave gets up and looks at the master
  • The next day the slave goes near the fence and pretends to fall on the other side
  • The master says nothing
  • The next day the slave has one foot on one side of the fence and the other foot on the other side
  • The master says nothing
  • A few weeks later the slave spends all his time on the other side of the fence
  • the master says nothing
  • Years go by then one day the master calls the slave
  • The master says remember when I told you not to go to the other side of the fence
  • The slave says yes I remember
  • So the master says I recorded all the times you crossed the fence and decided to punish you now all at once


  • The human being makes a relationship with Allah and calls Him Master
  • Allah tells us here are some lines do not cross them
  • The human being sometimes accidently crosses the line and sins
  • Then the slave immediately repents to Allah
  • The slave then realizes Allah is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
  • And nothing happened to him at the moment
  • Then the slave falls more into sin realizing Allah is very Kind
  • When people remind him or her not to sin
  • They say Allah is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Allah introduced to us in the Fatihah that He is the only King and owner of the day of judgment when we will be judged for our deeds so we should not take advantage of Allah’s Extreme love and care for us

The first name Allah introduced us to was Rabb

And Rabb includes the Name Malik or Master

Rabb also includes other qualities of Allah like gift giver

Malik only means Master and Owner

So Allah said in Fatihah the following

  • Alhamdulillahi Rabb ul Alameen
  • Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
  • Maliki Yomi Deen and not Rabbi Yomi Deen

Because on the Day of Judgment we will only worry about Allah’s ownership

Do not think about the gifts anymore on that day

Rahman is being remove from conversation now

Malik – Master or Owner

  • An owner owns small things
  • Knows every small detail
  • Can control the small picture

Malik – King

  • A king controls big things
  • Owns the government
  • knows all the big decisions
  • does not know about the small decisions
  • a king can control the big picture

Allah is the Owner, Master, and King of the Day of Judgment

The Day of Judgment

  • big things will happen
  • the mountains will crumble
  • the oceans with boil
  • the sky will rip open
  • small things will happen
  • every little deed of the human will be counted

Allah takes complete control of Judgment day with the Names King and Owner, where the big things and small things come together


  • it means day
  • it is a unit of time
  • humans have experience of ownership
  • but humans do not own time
  • Humans can own things but not time
  • Allah and only Allah takes ownership of time
  • Allah can slow down time and speed it up and stop it
  • The Day of Judgment can be 50,000 years for the disbelievers
  • The day of Judgment can also be a split second for the believers
  • Allah owns the day and everything in that day like the day of judgment

Ad Deen

  • When everyone and everything will be dealt with
  • When every issue will be dealt with
  • Every thing owed and every debt will be paid off
  • The completing of the record so we say Alhamdulillah

 The Concept of Justice

  • Humans desire justice especially for other people
  • This world is unfair
  • People do a lot of good and a lot of bad is done to them
  • People do a lot of evil and they get away with it
  • A guy kills 100 people and he can only be killed once in this life
  • Justice does not exist in this world
  • Justice will be served on Judgment Day
  • You will be rewarded and punished based on your actions


 Negative                                 Neutral                                               Positive

 Punishment                           Justice                                     Love and Care

Allah does not compare His Love and Care with His punishment but rather He compares His Love and Care with His Justice

Whatever Allah does is positive, good, and neutral and not negative or any form of punishment. We get what we deserve and justice is served or we are rewarded and given a bonus from the Extreme Love and Care of Allah, This is the Reality of Allah, The Fairness of Allah that leads people into punishment.   We pray for Allah’s love and care and not His justice. Anyone who receives Allah’s justice is done and who ever is questioned once on Judgment day is done.

Traveling in the Airport

  • There is extra security
  • A lot of precaution is taken now
  • It is a reminder for us that we will be judged
  • Sometimes the security guards overlook you
  • Similarly it happens on Judgment day for those given an easy audit
  • We ask Allah gives us an easy audit and direct access to Jannah and not to question us
  • Some people get their book in your right hand or your left hand
  • The people of Jannah get their book in their right hand
  • The people of Jahannum get their book in their left hand and behind their back
  • The Right hand is in front of you and you can see your book
  • The left hand is behind you and you cannot see your book
  • May Allah give us our books in our Right hands

The Entry to Jannah

  • You have your book in your Right hand
  • You flip through the pages and find your best good deed
  • You show it to the angels
  • And the angels say yes we know you can go
  • You say really and they say yes its ok
  • You are shocked because you had some mistakes too
  • But it was overlooked
  • So you enter the doors of Jannah
  • Then you say look at my book I knew I was going to make it to Jannah
  • May Allah reunite all of us in Jannat ul Firdaus

Allah tells us in the Quran O Human Being who or what has deluded you from your Generous Master. I was Extremely Loving and Caring with you and you decided to take advantage of my love care for you and sin against yourselves. You only remembered Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem and forgot Maliki Yomi Deen. How could you do that to yourself.

In these first three ayat of Surah Fatihah is the introduction to Allah