Surah Al Fatihah Ayah 4

In the first half of the Fatiha Allah is talking

Now in the second half of the Fatiha we are talking

It is a direct conversation with Allah we have in our salah daily

No one is between you and Allah

You must must have your own relationship with Allah

The Prophet tells his own daughter to fear Allah because Prophet will have no control over her on Day of Judgment.

Each and every person stands on its own before Allah

Prophets came to connect Allah with the people

Every person in the world is being honored because Allah who is the most important being is talking to you and we are talking to Him, What an Honor!

Iyyaka Na’budu

  • It is only to You (Allah) that we willingly give ourselves in slavery and worship
  • Allah gave us a mind and a heart
  • We make decisions based on our thinking
  • We make decisions because our heart is compelled towards them
  • There are parts of our life that only have to do with our emotions
  • There are parts of our life that only have to do with our thinking
  • Alhamdulillah is a statement of information and emotion
  • We thought about who Allah is
  • We give it serious consideration
  • But as we think about it our emotion were also rattled
  • We were shaken in our minds and our hearts
  • So we reached a conclusion with our heart and mind that we will enlave ourselves to Allah
  • Fatiha is like starting again with Allah
  • Why we are a slave of Allah
  • This is the fundamental truth that we must visit over and over again
  • We have to understand Why we are Muslim? And think
  • Fatihah is screaming that people refresh their commitment with Allah
  • In salah we make a promise to Allah to be a slave
  • We remind ourselves every few hours
  • It is a hard commitment
  • But we do not have the ability to be the best slave
  • So we need help

Wa Iyya ka Nastain

  • Allah’s help is already with you
  • We just need to ask Allah
  • We know Allah as
    • Alhamdulillahi Rabb ul Alameen
    • Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
    • Maliki Yomi Deen
  • We are a slave anyway so it is better to be a slave of Allah
  • No one will be as loving and caring as Allah is
  • Now that we are Allah’s slave, we are worthy of His help
  • Allah mentioned slavery first then help
  • We fulfilled our purpose then Allah gave His help
  • First you do the job then you get the benefits

The First Half of Fatiha is for Allah and second half is for us

Iyyaka Nastain

  • Only Your help do we seek
  • Example 1
    • Your are driving your car and you have a flat tire
    • You are sitting on the side of the road
    • Somebody drives by and stops there car
    • You ask for help
    • You sit in the driver seat and then watch them fix the tire
  • Example 2
    • You had a flat tire
    • You are sitting on side of the road
    • Someone drives by and stops
    • You ask for help as you are trying to fix it your self
  • In example 1 the guy asked for help without putting effort in
  • In example 2 the guy asked for help after exhausting himself in effort
  • Nastain is help after exhausting yourself in effort
  • You start the effort
  • If you do not put in the effort then you are not worthy of the help from Allah

Who gets the help of Allah?

  • There are two extremes
  • One extreme is that
    • Allah does everything and I do nothing
    • Blame everything on Allah
  • Another extreme is I do everything and Allah did nothing
    • I did the all the work
  • These two extremes are wrong
  • There are two parts Efforts and Results
  • Allah is asking us for our best efforts
  • Results will always be in the hands of Allah
  • Allah will not give results to those who don’t show any effort
  • Because you gave effort, the results will come from Allah

We ask for help

  • In the Fatihah we do not mention what we need help in
  • It is because the list is too long
  • We need Allah’s help in everything
  • Example
    • Imagine you are falling off a cliff
    • Hanging on with one hand
    • You do not say
      • Could you help me I am hanging from this tree and about to fall down the bottom of this cliff
    • Instead you just scream HELP!!!
  • It is because we are desperate
  • When we are desperate we are short on words
  • We just found Allah and we desperately need His help
  • The number one thing we need is Guidance from Allah
  • Out of all the things we ask is Guide us to the straight path