Surah Al Fatihah Ayah 6 & 7

The path of those who are relaxed while they are walking on the straight path

  • A path that is smooth and luxurious
  • Like going up a escalator
  • Allah made it easy for them
  • They made the effort and Allah made easy so they could get results and progress
  • The result of going up this path is from Allah

Who you favored

  • It is past tense
  • It is best to take advice from those who already traveled this path
  • And not the one who is traveling the path
  • These people graduated
  • Allah told us they graduated
  • Every story in the Quran is relevant until the day of Judgment
  • Every story will help you continue on the straight path
  • Their stories are my companions on this Journey

Who are these people on the straight path?

  • Prophets
  • Those who confirmed truth in the Prophets
  • The Martyrs
  • The Righteous

The people who Allah favored are only found in the past and a verb is used

The people who have wrath upon them and who are lost are a timeless problem you will find them in the past, present, and future and a noun is used


  • There are two boys waleed and imad
  • I am about to go upstairs for a phone call
  • They are looking at cookies
  • I tell Imad don’t eat the cookie
  • Waleed cant eat them either but you are in charge don’t eat them
  • He says ok no problem
  • When I come back from my phone call I see Imad and Waleed eating the cookies
  • I am angry at Imad because I told him not to eat it
  • Imad knew what was wrong and he did it anyway
  • When someone does something wrong after knowing they did something wrong I have the right to be angry at them
  • When someone did something wrong and they did not know because they were confused, they did something wrong but they were lost
    • They should have asked me not Imad
  • Both are guilty only one I am angry with
  • The other I am not as angry but I still hold him responsible

Prophet told us that those who had wrath upon them are the Jews that are mentioned in the Quran but not all the Jews

And those who were lost are the Christians that are mentioned in the Quran but not all the Christians

Allah gave us case studies in the Quran and if you want to study those who had wrath upon them look to the Jews in the Quran and if you want to study those who are lost then look to the Christians in the Quran

Allah showed us the good path and the bad path

The Jewish Tradition

  • A very scholarly tradition
  • They study 12-16 hours for years
  • They write volumes of books
  • They are very well read
  • They changed the word of Allah even when they knew it
  • They disbelieved the messenger even when they knew it
  • They have lots of knowledge and still do the wrong thing
  • Allah does not mention Himself with them because He is angry with them
  • Not only is Allah angry at them but so are
    • Their students
    • The angels
    • The believers
    • Those who are lost
  • So those are the ones that receive anger

The Christian Tradition

  • Those who are lost
  • They do not want to know
  • We have to learn and educate yourself