Surah Al Fatihah Conclusion

Praise and Thanks

  • If you just have praise thanks is missing
  • If you just have thanks praise is missing
  • Allah puts both in Fatihah
  • Hamd is a balance

Love and Justice

  • If you just say Ar Rahman and Ar Raheem people will take advantage
  • So you need to add Justice
  • Maliki Yomi Deen balances it

Allah and us

  • The first three ayat are about Allah and the last three ayat are about us
  • The middle ayah is about us and Allah

Noun and Verbs

  • The first half of fatihah is noun base sentence because it is about Allah and Allah is permanent
  • The last part of the Fatihah is all verb based sentences because it is about us and we are temporary
  • The middle of the Fatihah is mix of noun and verb sentences because it talks about us and Allah

Fatihah in 3 sections

  • The first three ayat are about Allah and first part of middle ayah concludes it
  • The second part of middle ayah talks about us and rest of Fatihah is about us

Knowledge and Action

  • The first three ayat are about knowledge
  • The middle ayah is about action
  • The last three ayat is acting upon knowledge and not acting on it

Al-Alameen is of these three categories

  • Those who Allah favored
  • Those who had wrath upon them
  • Those who are lost

Surah Al Fatihah and Surah Al Nas

  • Fatihah begins with something positive
  • Nas begins with something negative
  • Fatiha says Master of the People
  • Nas says Master of the People
  • Fatihah has Allah’s Love and Care
  • Nas has Allah being owner of People
  • Fatihah talks of 2 bad people
  • Nas talks of two bad people

Problems in Society

  • Social Conflict
    • Conflict between Men and Women
    • Men say give us more rights
    • Women say give us more rights
    • There is some oppression done by man or women
    • A male judge will favor the man because he is biased
    • A female judge will favor the women because she is biased
    • Allah is neither Man or Women so He can resolve the conflict
  • Economic Conflict
    • Conflicts between Employer and Employee
    • Employer say less pay and employee says more pay
    • Employer say less vacation and employee says more vacation
    • Employer says more work and employee says less work
    • Allah is neither Employer nor Employee so He can resolve it
  • Political Conflict
    • Conflicts between Government and People
    • Government says more taxes and more control from people
    • People say less taxes and less control from government
    • People want to be free
    • Governments want control and cause anarchy
    • Allah is neither Government nor people so He can resolve it
  • Internal Conflict
    • Conflicts between Body and Soul
    • Body says more exercise and soul says more sleep
    • There is greed and there is justice
    • Conflict between good vs evil inside us
    • If you listen to the body the soul dies
    • If you listen to the soul the body dies
    • Allah has neither a body nor a soul so He can resolve it

This is Allah’s Guidance for us to resolve all these issues we have

Only Allah can have fairness

Until you come back to Allah the conflict will continue

So who will be the Judge who will be a balance for everyone