Ayesha Bint Abu Bakr

Prophet mentioned Ayesha as a very filling dish 

A very superior kind of woman

Ayesha is a very complete woman

Ayesha's father is Abu Bakr

She grows up in the house of Iman

Her father Abu Bakr's real name was Abdullah bin Uthman

Her father was the first man to believe

Abu Bakr had 4 wives 

Ayesha's mother was Um Ruman who accepted Islam early on

Ayesha's mother died 6th year of the hijra

Prophet buried the mother of Ayesha and called her woman of Jannah

Ayesha was only wife of Prophet born after Prophethood

Ayesha was born Muslim 

Ayesha saw her parents memorizing the Quran and crying while reciting it

Part 2 35 min

Ayesha remembers Abu Bakr leading them in salah 

She recognized the position of the Prophet right away 

Prophet sees a Dream and Jibril has a cloth 

The cloth is removed and it is Ayesha

Jibril says this is your wife in this world or the next 

Prophet saw the dream several times 

Prophet did not share the dream

Khawla suggested to the Prophet marriage to Ayesha 

The daughter of the most beloved of Allah's creation to you

Khawla went to the house of Ayesha and tells her mother good news 

The proposal of Prophet for Ayesha 

Um Roman was very excited and waited for Abu Bakr to return 

Abu Bakr comes home and he was happy and confused 

He was confused because He felt Prophet was a brother 

He asked the Prophet if it is ok

Prophet smiled and said you are my brother but Ayesha is halal for me

Ayesha was engaged from before Jubair

Jubair rejected the religion and he was very proud 

Jubair insulted the religion and also supported it

Abu Bakr goes and sits at the house of Jubair 

Jubair's parents said we cannot continue this marriage proposal 

Abu Bakr was showing some remorse than he was relieved 

Ayesha was engaged to Prophet

Once she reached the age of maturity she will be married 

During the Hijra she knows that she will marry the Prophet

Prophet would come to Ayesha's house during engagement time 

One time Prophet came at Zuhr time a bit odd time 


Prophet told Abu Bakr that Allah told him to make hijr

Abu Bakr said can I be your companion he said yes

Ayesha said I did not know tears of joy until I saw my father cry with joy

Asma, Ayesha, Um Roman travelled together through Hijra

It took time for the hujurat in Madinah to be built 

They stayed at different people's houses 

Prophet's Marriage to Ayesha happened in Madinah in 2nd year of Hijra 

Settling home and Ayesha reaching age of maturity 

This marriage was clearly acceptable at this time

Women would reach their age of maturity between 7 to 9 years old 

Because of the warm climate and the living conditions 

No one criticized it and everyone was happy 

When they first reached Madinah Ayesha got sick and some hair came out

This was when she reached her age of maturity 

Ayesha was playing with her friend and her mother called her

Then she was dressed up and she realized the time had come 

She was prepared for marriage and Prophet came at time of Zuhr 

Ayesha was very confident and smart 

She does not fit the profile of being abused or not wanting to marry

Ayesha loved the Prophet and was jealous sometimes 

Ayesha said if the women of Yusuf saw my Muhammad they would cut their hearts

Ayesha was anticipating marriage and very excited 

A bowl of milk was sent and Prophet drank from it then Ayesha drank from it

Then people sent more gifts 

Ayesha describes the harshness of the conditions 

Ayesha would comb the hair and apply the perfume

She would wash his clothes

She would put sewak their and thobe 

Ayesha tried but Prophet would do his own chores 

Sometimes an entire month would pass and their was no food

They used to eat black water and dates 

Sometimes people would send some milk or food to their house 

Their bed was one mat

They slept on that, prayed on that guest would sit on that

Ayesha would spread out her legs and pull them back when Prophet made sujood

She was happy with Prophet would treat her

Prophet would always eat with Ayesha 

Ayesha would eat and drink first 

Prophet would eat and drink from same spot 

Prophet would be intimate would Ayesha even during her monthly cycles 

Prophet would put his head on Ayesha's lap and recite Quran

During Etikaf Prophet came and let Ayesha comb his hair then he went back

Neighbor invited the Prophet to come eat and Prophet asked Ayesha too

He said no I cannot then Prophet declined

He insisted three other times then he finally said yes

We know so much about the Prophet because of Ayesha 

Ayesha leaned against the Prophets on his shoulders

Prophet said are you satisfied and she said no 

Then finally she said yes its ok

Ayesha was testing him 

Woman gathered talking about their husbands 

Ayesha talks about the Prophet 

Prophet said I am to you like Abu Zahir except that I would never leave you

Prophet said We are as a tight knot 

Ayesha was not married before Prophet

Prophet never missed a moment with her 

Prophet was out in Ghazwa and raced with Ayesha 

Prophet never hit any of his wives 

Prophet knows when Ayesha is angry with him

She said Lord of Muhammad and Lord of Ibrahim

Ayesha says even when I am angry with you I still need your company 

Do not read into that 

Prophet never condemned them for having that jealousy 

Ayesha gets jealous and breaks the plate in front of guests one time

Ayesha narrates every argument with Prophet and she was always wrong 

One argument Prophet asked for someone to come speak on our behalf 

Ayesha suggests her father 

Prophet says you may start but Ayesha says no you start so I know you tell truth

Abu Bakr got angry then Prophet stopped him and sent him out

Then Prophet said to Ayesha see I saved you 

Then they both laughed and Abu Bakr heard and said let me in for good times too

Not just the bad times

Woman of Makkah and Woman of Ansar were completely different 

Woman of Ansar were very outgoing 

Woman of Makkah were shy and introverted 

Ayesha grew up with the woman of Ansar 

Prophet loved the personality of Ayesha 

Ayesha was mentioned as As Siddiqua Bint Siddiq

She was known as Habbitatu Habbi Allah 

She was known as Ayesh

She was called owesh

She was called Umm Abdullah because she cared for Abdullah bin Zubair

She wanted to be a Umm something 

She was the most beloved to the Prophet 

The most beloved to Prophet Ayesha, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali

Prophet was just to his wives but he could not control his heart

So he made dua to Allah to not to blame him for what he cannot control 

Sahaba sent gifts to Prophet when he was with Ayesha 

Ayesha, Sawda, Hafsa, and Saffiyah were together 

other wives led by Umm Salamah 

Umm Salamah went to Prophet that they were uncomfortable about gifts

Umm Salamah said tell sahaba not to send gifts on this day

Prophet said do not let me say such 

Revelation does not come to any other house except house of Ayesha

Ayesha is very righteous woman 

Then they send Fatima bin Muhammad to Prophet 

Prophet put his hand on her shoulder and he said do you love what I love

She said yes so He said love this woman because I love her

Zainab bin Jahsh comes in and she explodes on her

Ayesha was angry and waited for Prophet's permission

Then Prophet said go ahead and she silenced her

Prophet told Zainab that is the daughter of Abu Bakr

Ayesha means full of life

It is a perfect depiction of her character 

She was the most beloved life of Prophet

She went with Prophet in all battles from Uhud onwards and helped 

Around 4th year Hijra Prophet Married 2 women after Ayesha 

Prophet would cast lots to see who would company Prophet from wives

Ayesha would often go

One time her necklace was missing and she told Prophet

Prophet told all the companions to look for it 

Prophet refused to move on until it was found 

There was not much water 

At night Prophet fell asleep on the thigh of the Prophet 

People complained to Abu Bakr and he gets angry at Ayesha

In Morning Allah revealed Ayah on Tayyamum 

Companions were happy and they said it was not the first of blessings that came

from the family of Abu Bakr 

the necklace was right under her camel

Then the Great slander happened against Ayesha 

Ayesha lost something or she went to relieve herself and got left behind

Ayesha waited back hoping they will come back

Then Safwan came and saw Ayesha there and brought her back to Madinah 

No word was spoken he only put his camel down and took her to Madinah

Safwan had great effort and a lot of adab

They came to Madinah in broad daylight because they had nothing to hide

Abdullah bin Obaid saw this and spread the rumor 

He just put the idea in peoples heads then it spread like wildfire and got worse 

Everyone starts speculating and adding there own spices in story 

Ayesha was sick for over a month and had no idea of the gossip

The only way she found out was because Prophets mood was different 

the people who spread the rumor 

Mistah, Hamna bint Jahsh who taught she did favor to Zainab, 

Zainab completely disregarded and ignored the gossips 

Hassan bin Thabit supported Prophet but he spoken everything and repeated 

Ayesha found out by Mistah's mother when they went to relieve themselves 

Umm Mistah curses her son and Ayesha gets shocked 

Umm Mistah tells her the whole rumor 

Ayesha was overwhelmed with the accusation and she got sick again 

Ayesha asked to be sent to her parents house 

Her parents said slander will get exposed anyway 

Ayesha would cry every night in her parents home 

Prophet stayed quiet because no revelation came and Jibril did not come down 

It was a very odd time and it was period of couple of months

Prophet consults with Usmah bin Zayd and Ali bin Abu Talib

Usama said we only know good about Ayesha dismiss gossip

Ali said we only know good things but you can marry again and divorce her

Ali says asks her servant 

the servant says I know nothing bad about Ayesha except she cannot cook

She fell asleep while cooking and the goat ate the doe

most people did not say anything 

some spread the rumor and some had good intentions and some had evil

We asked about Safwan and people said we only know good about him

Prophet said who will do away with the one who did harm to my family

Saad bin Muadh said I will take care of him in which ever tribe even my own

Then a small tribal argument breaks out 

Prophet left and went home 

Prophet went to visit Ayesha 

Prophet said to Ayesha if you are innocent that Allah will reveal it

If you are not then seek forgiveness Allah will forgive you

Then Ayesha's tears dried up and said what do you mean if I am innocent

She got angry at him now that Prophet does not believe her 

Ayesha says to her parents to respond to Messenger

Her parents said We don't know what to say

Ayesha said all I can say is beautiful patience and she turns her back on them

Then Ayesha heard a sound and saw the Messenger 

Allah revealed 16 ayat of Surah Noor for Ayesha 

Her Parents said won't you thank Messenger 

She said no I will thank only Allah

Abu Bakr stopped giving charity to Mistah but Allah said you should not stop it

Forgive and overlook don't you want you want Allah to pardon you

Abu Bakr even increased his charity 

Allah absolved himself of the slander by saying Subhanak 

the only other thing Allah does that with is shirk

Allah defended Ayesha Himself which He does not normally do

Ayesha said she did not want anything except Allah and His Messenger in Jannah

Ayesha is the only women besides Khadija that Jibril gave salaam too

Her two parents were muhajireen

She was a Hafiza of Quran from the Prophet

No one stood with Prophet and prayed at night except for Ayesha 

Ayesha would repeat Ayah over and over and cried and made dua

Ayesha is praised for her charity and was extremely generous 

Ayesha and Asma gave everything they had 

Ayesha had nothing to give except a date so she did that

Ayesha fasted all the time 

One time Ayesha was fasting and before Asr she gave away barley 

That was there Iftar and she believed Allah will provide for them 

Ayesha broke her fast with water and prayed Maghreb 

Then someone knocked on the door and gifted them with goat 

Ayesha teached the ummah and freed slaves 

She had freed 62 different slaves 

Ayesha was very humble with the companions 

Ayesha was asked a question and she said go to Ali he is more knowledgeable 

After Khaibar Prophet and Ayesha were asleep and wind blew

It exposed some old dolls from childhood 

Prophet saw horses with wings 

He said what is this she said horses with wings

She said don't you know Suleiman horses had wings 

Prophet laughed with Ayesha

One time Ayesha complained with headache

Prophet said its good because if you got die first than I will bury you 

Ayesha laughed and said you just want to marry more women 

In last days of Prophet he stayed in house of Ayesha

Prophet died in lap of Ayesha and his saliva mixed with hers with miswak

He died on her night, on her chest, in her house

Ayesha saw three moons in her dream

She went to Abu Bakr and he said you will have three best people buried in your house

Ayesha is one of the 7 muftis of the sahaba 

Ayesha was the most knowledgable of the people 

She was the best of them in everything 

Ayesha knew Fiqh, poetry, and medicine 

When prophet got sick she heard what doctors said and attained that knowledge 

Ayesha was a better speaker and more eloquent after the Prophet 

Prophets character was beginning of Sarah muminoon

Prophets Qiyam was like in Sarah muzzamil 

Ayesha clarified about the Prophet 

Prophets witr was 11 or 13 rakah 

Ayesha debated with a lot of people

She did not call them liars but just clarified Hadiths

She was for woman's rights 

Abu Bakr passes away and is buried in Ayesha's house

Ayesha wanted to be buried there too

But when Umar was dying he sent a request to Ayesha to be buried 

Ayesha accepted the request 

Umar son asked again to be buried and she accepted 

Ayesha was shy with Umar even after death 

Allah revealed the innocence of Ayesha and people continue to recite it

Allah purified Ayesha

Ayesha was most beloved to the Prophet

Allah revealed Tayyamum because of Ayesha

Ayesha was never married to anyone but the Prophet

Her parents were both Muhajiroon 

Allah declared her innocence from above the heavens 

Jibril proposed on behalf of Ayesha 

Ayesha bathed from the same container as the Prophet

Prophet prayed while Ayesha was laid in front of him

Revelation only came in the house of Ayesha 

the Prophet died on the chest of Ayesha

Prophet was buried in Ayesha's room

Ayesha was 66 years old when she passed away 

in the time of Muawiya and in the month of Ramadan 17 or 19

Abu Huraira led the Janaza of Ayesha