Black & Noble

What it means to be noble in the sight of Allah?

Surah Hujarat Ayah 13

O Mankind we have made you male and female nations and tribes so that you may know one another and the most honored among you is the one with the most taqwa and Allah is all knowing and all aware

So we learn from each other and benefit from one another 

Allah assigned nobility in which no one can see it except Allah

Only Allah knows what's in our hearts 

Taqwa is in the heart 

Allah uses the name Al Kabir with knowing the unseen 

Allah is with you wherever you are 

Prophet condemns racism because it assumes a certain rank 

Iblis pride was a racist attitude 

Prophet tended to mention the spiritual flaws of racism 

Prophet said Yusuf is the most noble in terms of lineage 

the generous man son of the generous man the son of the generous man the son of the generous man

Prophet said people are like gold and silver precious stones 

The best of them in the says of ignorance is the best of those after Islam if they have good character and understanding of the deen

Arabs were known for their hospitality 

Condemnation of racism occurs when Prophet enters Madinah 

And again when he conquers Makkah

Prophet said during the conquest of Makkah O mankind Allah has removed from you the slogans of ignorance 

The national anthem of any country has elements of pride and racism 

The people are the children of Adam and Allah created Adam from dirt 

There is no good in any of us except through taqwa and Islam 

Before sending the Prophet Allah despised the people of the Earth except for a few people from the People of the book

The community of the Prophet included many different dialects of Arabs and people from different cultures 

All the sahaba were different and even illiterate 

The Quran binds people together all around the world 

Everyone reads the Quran the same way 

The Quran is the rope of Allah that we hold on too 

Prophet loved the sight of all people with different races reciting the Quran

We have amongst us those who are red, black, white, and yellow and reading the same book

Recite it before there comes a people who will straighten it like an arrow is straightened 

They will receive the reward for it in this world but not the next 

Meaning there will come people after the sahaba and righteous generations who will recite better than you but they would be racist

Tajweed is good and you should beautify your voice with your Quran 

Bilal is the first muaeddin had a difficult time reciting certain letters but the Prophet loved it

There reward is in the hereafter 

the formalities will cause us to lose he essence of the religion 

If you come before Allah and you are related to the Prophet but your deeds d not match up to it then the lineage does you no good 

Spiritually is decided through your taqwa and hearts 

Prophet Suleiman was known to have black skin 

Prophet Ismail was known to be black 

Prophet Musa was resembling the people who were the two darkest tribes of the Arabs 

Despite the color of the skin they were superior in the sight of Allah

Musa was mentioned the most in the Quran and among the five greatest Prophets 

Ibn Umar narrates that Prophet said he saw a dark man who was very handsome 

He had hair that reached between his ears and shoulders 

He combed his hair and water was dripping from his hair 

This was Isa ibn Maryam

Then there was a man who had messy hair and blind from right eye he was dajjal

Another narration shows Isa as reddish complexion and long hair 

Ibn Masud narrates Prophet said he saw in dream a man with dark skin and long hair very beautiful 

Ibn Khattab narrates Prophet said Isa did not have red skin nrather he had dark skin

It does not matter what the color of his skin was 

this is what wisdom of not portraying the Prophets

Adam means dark someone with dark skin 

The sahaba did not ask much about the color of the skin 

Dhul Qurnain was a black king 

There are Prophets Allah mentioned and those Allah did not mention 

There are 124,000 Prophets and among them 315 were Messengers 

To every nation there came a Prophet speaking the language of their people 

Prophet learns about Patience from Yunus and Yusuf

Prophets mentioned in the Quran were told as a guide for us

Messengers were greater than Prophets who came with new legislation 

In the Quran there are Prophets mentioned that are not Messengers 

Allah mentioned people in the Quran who are not Prophets 

Luqman is Abyssinia and had very dark skin he was not a Prophet 

Luqman was familiar to the Arabs 

Allah called to mention Luqman because he was known to them 

Allah chooses to mention people who we can relate too

The people of the ditch mentioned in Burooj were Black 

Whoever fights for a cause only to advocate his tribe than whoever dies in that state is as if he died in the state of ignorance 

Prophet constantly mentions tribalism and nationalism to the days of ignorance 

Prophet wants to completely do away with it

Abu Zhar made a racist comment to Bilal and Prophet said you still have in you the traces of ignorance 

Prophet had hope that it will go away but it will always remain 

there are four traits that will always remain

Boasting about ones ancestors deeds and virtues 

Defaming another person on the basis of his lineage and race or origin because you cannot undo your lineage 

Seeking to be given reign by means of the stars 

Mourning over the dead 

Racism has always existed and we will continue to fight 

Racism did not stop non Arabs to advancing the religion 

Within 100 years Islam was not limited to just the Arabs 

Islam was not attached to a particular race 

15% of the Ummah is Arab

the deen spread throughout the world 

If we turn away Allah will choose a different people 

Allah does not need a specific race to give his deen to

Surah Al Jummuah Allah says there are a group of people who have not come yet

Prophet put his hand on Salman Al Farsi and said it is him and his offspring 

Hasan Al Basri the greatest of the next generation non Arab

Abu Hanifa, Imam Bukhari non Arabs 

Racism is truly political 

When an authority is failing the leaders make the people fight over empty slogans

We are willing to kill each other over these flags and borders drawn by the British 

It starts with the Abyssinia 

Abysinnias trace their lineage to Suleiman 

In the 6th century the Abysinnians allied themselves with Romans

The Persians fought the Romans 

There was a alliance between Romans and Muslims 

Persian and the polytheist 

Geographically Abyssinia was alone as a Christian land supporting Romans

Abyssinia king was Abraha who led an army against a Jew the leader of Yemen 

Abraha persecutes the Jews and builds a church 

No one came instead they went to Makkah 

Abraha went to Makkah to destroy the Kaaba but Allah destroyed the army of Abraha

the tension between Abysinnians and Arabs were high

Abysinns were taken as slaves among them was the mother of Bilal 

Abysinnians were at war with the Arabs

In the Arab world at the time it was all about your lineage 

Being an Abysinnian slave was bad because it was still a fresh conflict 

Arabs nationalist were not happy with non Arabs in their ranks 

There was a jealous and envy for non Arab contribution 

Muwali were discriminated against by Banu Ummayah then later by Abbasids

Africans lead a huge rebellion called the state of Black People against the Arabs

the growth of fabricated Hadith literature that were racists 

Hadith was fabricated that Africans steal when they are hungry and commit zina 

Fabricated Hadith is that Arabic is the people of Jannah 

This Hadith has not chains 

And that Persian was the language of Hellfire 

Arabic is enough we learn it that it is the language of the Quran 

scholars wrote about the virtues of people 

We recognize the good of every people without assigning negative stereotypes to them

Saud Al Thalan  

Aswad and Adam was used to refer to as Black Abysinnians

Asmar means brown 

Asmar means white

Abyad means someone extremely pale 

Prophet said follow your leader even if he is Abysinnians slave and as dark as a raisin 

It is better to marry a black slave with a disfigured nose when her deen is good 

When you are called to commit zina who has great status and beauty than reject it 

In Bible Noah curses his son Ham and his black descendants 

Allah created Adam from different parts from the Earth and that's how we have different colors 

Luqman Al Hakim was named after Surah 

He had deep wisdom and advice 

he gave advice to his son 

Luqman is a dark skinned man with big lips 

someone with prominent appearance 

he was kidnapped and taken into slavery 

from Abyssinia lived 1000 years before Prophet

dawood met Luqman in gathering 

Luqman stayed silent because he said speech is meaningless unless you speak of Allah 

silence is meaningless unless you think about Allah 

silence is wisdom and very few practice it 

tongue used in zikr is best part 

tongue used in backbiting is the worst 

Luqman was freed from slavery due to his wisdom

Luqman believed in one God he was a Muslim 

Truthful speech 

fulfilling trust 

leaving that does not concern you 

he said do not judge by appearance 

if you see my big lips he said nothing comes out except truth 

if you see my dark skin my heart is light 

You must prove prophethood of someone 

There is no prove Luqman was prophet

Allah sent a prophet from amongst people 

Luqman was not amongst people 

Luqman was a very perceptive person 

he was a man of reflecting 

he would constantly stare at his surrounding 

Prophet quotes on wisdom of Luqman 

the best of all black people are Luqman Bilal and Miga and Nagasi 

Luqman cried over hereafter at moment of death 

luqman died and is buried in Palestine in city of Ramla where most prophets are buried 

Luqman never met the prophet 

first two hijras were in Abyssinia 

the great companions went to Abyssinia 

Ayah in Quran with Christians crying over Quran was about Nagisa 

Nagisa is a position whose is greater than others 

Nagisa has a famous saying Allah did not take bribe from me when he gave me back my kingdom so how can I take a bribe from my kingdom 

Nagasi father was the king 

Ashama was the only son 

the brother of the king he had 12 sons 

abysinnians were afraid 

people wanted assisnated the king 

so the monarch can go to the brother with 12 sons 

brother did not want nephew to know so he takes Ashama in 

then Ashama grew up and he was very intelligent that people were afraid he would found out what his uncle did 

people pressured his uncle to kill his nephew 

the uncle sent his nephew out to slavery 

he confides in his 12 sons to capture him and sell him to someone in a far away land 

they sold him with 600 Dirhams 

they set out on a boat away from Abyssinia 

there is no rain and they ask for rain 

the king asks for rain and he is struck with lightening and dies 

people get frustrated and then go looking for Ashama 

they go to the man attack man and put a crown on Ashama head 

Ashama is king of Abysinnia 

ashama ruled with great justice 

Ashama was prepared for the Prophet and his companions 

Ashama is the most competent king of Abusinnia 

Umm Salamah narrates what happens in Abysinnia 

they sent a message to Nagasi 

Nagasi received them and made them feel welcome 

Quresh wanted to stop muslims going to Abysinnia 

Quresh sends Amr Ibn Al As to bribe Nagasi into sending back Muslims 

Amr had skins of leather and they bribe them 

Amr said their are rebels who do not follow our religion or your religion 

send the Muslims back to us 

Nagasi has a meeting 

Anr tells him and generals agree 

Nagasi said he will never give up Muslims

Nagasi asks to hear from Muslims first 

Abu Talib wrote poetry in praise of Nagasi 

Nagasi brings in the sahaba 

with Amr and Abdullah 

Everyone bows except for the Muslims 

Muslims say we only bow to Allah 

Hagar was only 21 years and looked like Prophet 

he says we were a people in ignorance and shameless breaking ties of kinship strong would oppress the weak 

then Allah sent Prophet to free us 

he commanded to speak the truth and help people and abstain from bloodshed 

Jafar recited from Surah Maryam 

Nagasi and the bishops all cried 

Nagasi stood up and said what you brought and what Jesus brought are from the same 

He told Amr he will never give up Muslims 

Amr told Nagasi that they said Jesus nothing more than a creation 

Nagasi summoned the Muslims again 

Jafar said Jesus is Messenger and was born of virgin birth 

Nagasi privately took shahdah with Jafar 

People rebelled against Nagasi so they met at Nile 

Zubair was told to swim in Nile and observe what was happening 

the army of Nagasi won 

and Zubair shouted Takbeer 

Nagasi came back and established them 

Prophet sent letters to Nagasi praising and thanking him 

This letter is preserved 

Ashama replies to letter and accepts Prophet 

Nagisa holds wedding ceremony for Prophet and Umm Habiba 

Nagisa is representative for the Prophet 

Nagisa takes a paper with touheed written on it 

he asked generals what do you believe 

he said I believe nothing more than this painting to his paper in his pocket 

Prophet was told by Jibril Nagasi passed away 

Prophet said a righteous man passed away 

Prophet led Janaza for Ghaib 

There was light coming from his grave 

the movie lion king was inspired by Nagasi 

Bilal ibn Rabah 

Bilal was not the only black companion 

he was the best of the companions 

Bilal had dark skinned 

extremely handsome 

he had hazel brown eyes 

he had puffy hair 

his kunya Abu Abdullah 

he was born in Makkah and 10 years younger than Prophet 

His father was slave 

his mother was a princess and captured then sold to slavery when army of Abraha was destroyed 

Bilal is very close to his mother 

he witnessed her get beaten 

this toughened him up 

Bilal was called son of a Black women 

Bilal is in the house of Ummayah 

Bilal hears Umayyah curse the prophet 

Bilal hears prophet calling to touheed 

Bilal accepts Islam 

Ummayyah tortured Bilal 

Waraqah bin Nufail would passed but Bilal and he head him say Ahad in Ahad 

Waraqah said indeed it is one 

Waraqah said if you kill him I will make a shrine over him 

prophet was shocked with what Bilal was going through 

abu Bakr went to Ummayyah and bought Bilal and freed him 

Umar told Bilal you are our Master 

Bilal only knew Ahad so he just repeated that 

Bilal accepted Islam as first 7 


Abu Bakr 



Amr bin Yassir and his mother 

Prophet is forerunners of Arabs 

Bilal was for runner of Abysinnia 

Salman was forerunners of Persia 

Sohaib was forerunners of Romans 

Bilal witnessed every journey and battle with Prophet 

Sahaba humbled themselves before Bilal 

Bilal sees Umayyah in Badr and kills him 

Abu Jahl was killed by Ibn Masood 

Two people had dream about the azan 

they saw a spirit visited him and was wearing two green garments 

he taught him the azan 

Prophet appointed Bilal to give the azan 

and he also appointed Abdullah Ibn Umm Makhtum 

Bilal would seek permission from Prophet to give Azan 

Prophet told Bilal soothe us with azan 

Bilal made some mistaken but Prophet loved his sincerity 

Bilal was treasurer of Muslims 

Abu ZAR one time called Bilal you son of a black Womens 

Abu Zhar was black too

prophet said you still have in you traced of ignorance 

he did not have the tarbiyah of prophet 

Bilal was the only man to give azan in Makkah on top of Kaaba 

Bilal faced racism when looking to get married 

Bilal married the sister of Abdul Rahman Ibn Oaf

the brother of Bilal was Abu Ruwayaha 

Bilal interceded on behalf of sahaba getting married 

Bilal saw Prophet in his dying moments and cried 

Bilal could not given azan anymore 

Bilal saw prophet everywhere in Madinah 

He asked Abu Bakr to send him our to battle 

Bilal said if you freed me for duniya I will stay but if it was for Allah let me go 

Abu Bakr let him go 

Bilal was at conquest of Jerusalem 

Bilal gives azan again at Jerusalem 

All sahaba cried and remembered days with Prophet 

Bilal is the first man to give azan in Makkah Madinah and Al Quds despite him being black 

Bilal will have the longest necks 

Bilal stayed in state of wudu and if it broke he made wudu and prayed 2 rakah 

at time of his death his wife said what trade gy 

Bilal said what joy I meet Prophet 

he died at age of 64

Abu Zhar was black and from tribe who robbed people 

He was very dark skinned and a black Arab 

he said his shahdah and was beaten 

he is recognised for his spirituality 

Abu Zhar wore a garment and his slave wore the same garment 

Abu Zhar said there was once a argument with a man who he made fun of him 

Prophet said slaves are your brothers 

Abu Zhar would free slaves 

Abu Zhar was ghareeb and strange 

he worship was unparalleled 

he lived alone and died alone and will be raised alone 

he was the most truthful man 

Zaid bin Harith is 10 years younger than Prophet 

He is short flat nose and very dark skin 

Zaid would accompany his parents on different journeys 

he was kidnapped and sold into slavery 

for $400 dirhams 

Zaid was sold and bought by Hakim bin Khuram 

the nephew of Khadija 

he was born in Kaaba and became muslim 

hakim gifted Zaid to Khadija 

and Khadija gifted Zaid to Prophet 

Prophet became attached to Zaid 

Everyone called him the beloved of the prophet

banu kalb see him years later

his father comes to get him

Prophet calls for Zaid

And he would release him for no money

Zaid want happy to see them but stayed with prophet

his father was shocked and said you prefer being a slave

Zaid says I have seen something special in this man

the prophet took Zaid at the Kaaba and said this is my adopted son  

Harith was happy 

Zaid was known as Zaid bin Muhammad 

Zaid was paired with Hamza when making Hijra 

Hamza trusted Zaid with his waseelah 

Zaid is one of the first to accept Islam 

Zaid accompanied the prophet in Taif

Zaid married Um Aymen 

Zaid married Zainab bint Jahsh 

Zaid divorced Zainab 

Allah removed the term taking out lineage 

He was called Zaid bin Harith again 

Zaid was married to two other women 

zaid was killed in battle 

Zaid is only companion mentioned by name in Quran 

Bakra bin Thaliba or Umm Aymen 

Prophet called her his mom after his mom 

she was a Abysinnia slave purchased in same market as Zaid 

She was bought by father of Prophet 

she accompanied Aminah 

she heard the death of Abdullah 

she was the first to hold Prophet 

when Aminah died she was there for Prophet 

She stayed with Prophet his entire life 

she did not marry until prophet got married 

she was given glad tidings if Jannah 

she was married to obaid Ibn Zaid from tribe in Madinah and had Aymen 

he passed away 

the prophet said who wants to marry a women of Jannah 

Zaid said he will marry her despite being 23 years younger and was previously married 

they have Usmah bin Zaid the first commander of the army after death of Prophet 

she witnessed the death of her son Aymen 

he was killed in battle 

she witnessed the death of Zaid and Prophet 

she witnessed the death of Usamah 

it was a sunnah to visit her 

Sahaba would visit her 

Um Aymen cried because revelation has ceased to come from the heavens 

Prophet would play with Hasan and Hussein and Zaid the same 

Usamah bin Zaid was 17 years when he was commander of army 

sahaba complained about the age of Usamah but not his skin color 

Usamah was a successful leader 

Usamah was loved and respected 

Umar would give Usamah a greater share than his own children 

Umar said because prophet loved him and his father more than us 

Mihja Ibn Saleh is a slave who Umar bin Khattar freed 

Mihja was motivated to worship 

he worshipped like Umar 

first ayat of ankaboot were for Mihja

first shaheed of badr 

he was killed by arrow 

Ali Yassir 

Yassir Ibn Amr was Yemeni and moved to Makkah 

he married the slave Summaye 

they give birth to Ammar bin Yassir 

they were first martyrs of Islam 

Ammar hid from prophet because he cursed him 

prophet said you were forced to say 

if they ask you again say it again 

Ammar will be on side of truth wherever he may be 

obadallah ibn Samad was black and huge 

and muscular had a great appearance 

he wrote down the Quran 

he was married to Um Haram 

the paternal aunt of Anas bin Malik 

prophet was sleeping and he woke up laughing 

he saw group of people from my ummah travelling by sea spreading Islam 

Umm Haram travels with her husband as they travel to cypress then she dies there and buried there 

under Khalifa of Umar Amr becomes Egypt’s governor 

the Egyptian ruler was hold up in his fortress 

Amr Al As asks to speak with ruler 

ruler sees Obadallah and says take this black man away from me 

Sahaba responded and said this person is the best of us he is our leader and has been appointed over us 

black and the white are the same to us 

ruler said how can you accept this 

Sahaba said he is the best amongst us 

ruler said come forward but speak gently for your blackness alarms me 

Obada goes forward and says I have 1000 black man even blacker than me 

saad Ibn Aswad was black and discriminated against when looking to get married 

Saad went to Amr door and asked for his daughter hand in marriage 

his daughter over heard and said go and call him back 

prophet reprimanded him 

saad married her and then battle starts 

saad proceeds to fight and he is martyr before he gets to see her 

prophet sees saad in the battlefield with his head on his lap and crying 

prophet cried then looked up then smiled and looked 

prophet cried because he was killed 

he looked up and saw him at the fountain 

and smiled 

he saw him enter Jannah and saw his spouse and looked away 

Jaybeeb was black man and name means the deformed one 

he was short and poor and not a very nice appearance 

his lineage was unknown and he had darkest skin 

Julaybeeb would sit amongst the women to avoid being bullied 

Prophet would pay special attention to Julaybeeb 

Prophet asked marriage for his daughter 

for Julaybeeb 

father speaks with her mom 

her mother screaming Julaybeeb the whole night 

she swore that he will not marry her 

the daughter and said what is going on 

will you reject a command of the prophet 

she accepted the marriage 

Julaybeeb married a beautiful girl with great lineage 

Prophet finds Julaybeeb dead after he killed 7 of the enemies 

prophet picked him up and he said O Allah this one is from me and I am from him 

prophet dug his grave and placed Julaybeeb 

Abu Bakraha who was the freed slave from Taif by prophet he was great student and scholar 

the scholar amongst sahaba in Basra 

he and his son becomes governor of Basra 

Umm Zafar came to prophet saying I keep getting seizures 

Prophet said Allah can cure you or you can be patience 

she decided to be patience 

the bodyguard of the Prophet from the Ansar and governor 

Ali bin Talib has dark skin 

the women who cleaned the mosque of the Prophet Umm Mihjar Prophet prayed her janaza 

Saeed Ibn Jubair 

Ibn Abbas freed slaves and turned them into ulema

Nafi the slave of Umar responsible of fiqh of imam Malik 

first mufti in Makkah black blind and half paralysed 

Ibn Batuta was black 

Tariq Ibn Ziad was great conqueror and black