Consistency in the Quran

Surah Al Qasas

  • Musa’s Mother heart is overwhelmed with emotion
  • Allah calmed down the heart
  • Both words for heart are used
  • Allah calms the heart for all people
  • Allah moves you forward
  • So you can let go of the past
  • Allah gives strength to your heart
  • The relationship of the heart is like that with Allah and with people

Misran vs Misra

  • Misran means country side
  • Misra means Egypt
  • Musa helped the Isrealites cross the water and escape from firaun
  • They received shade from sun, food, and water in the desert
  • Isrealites were ungrateful and said is there only one kind of food
  • Can we have different kinds of food
  • Musa said go to Misran you will have different kinds of food
  • By asking for that they are asking for Misra all over again
  • The food they were asking were from slavery
  • The one kind of food is from freedom
  • The elite from Ancient Egypt eat these foods in this order
  • They missed the food from slavery
  • It is like saying can we have slavery Egypt
  • Why don’t you go to another Egypt I mean country side

Bad about Egypt

  • You are humiliated
  • You are stuck, you and your children
  • Every year they receive rage upon them

By asking for Egypt you

  • Will be humiliated
  • Will be stuck
  • Will have rage upon you

Surah Al Saff

  • Musa and Isa came to Isrealites
  • When spoke spoke he said O my people
  • When Isa spoke he says O Isreal
  • To be from a nation your father must be from them
  • Musa had a father
  • Isa did not have a father