Dialogue in the Quran

Surah Al Shu ara

  • The Dialogue between Musa and Firaun
  • No doubt about your Master is truly in Authority
  • Your Master is always Loving and Caring
  • Allah Authority will manifest against Firawn
  • Allah’s Love and Care will be with Musa
  • When your master made a call to Musa
  • Go to the wrong doing nation
  • Right now musa is on top of the mountian talking to allah
  • Which wrong doing nation
  • The nation of firawn
  • Don’t they have any taqwa
  • The problem is Musa is a fugitive who ran away from murder
  • What Irony
  • When he left he had to make sure nobody saw him
  • When he goes back he needs to make sure everybody saw him
  • Musa says…
    1. Master I am afraid they will call me a liar
    2. My chest becomes tight and I get frustrated
    3. My tongue stops moving and I have a stutter
    4. Then send the message to Haroon also
    5. They have a crime listed against me, they may kill me
  • Musa realizes his life means nothing compared with the Mission he is given
  • Allah says…
  1. No Problem
    1. It is not like how we say no problem
    2. Everything is taken care of
  2. Then both of you go with our Miraculous signs
    1. Allah took care of all his concerns
    2. And gave him what he did not even ask for
  3. No doubt We will be listening alongside all of you
    1. Allah will send a legion of Angels with you
    2. Allah will also listen to all the people
    3. We will be listening closely and carefully
    4. Allah listened carefully What about us?
  4. Both of you go to Firawn
    1. They had to start with Firawn
  5. Go to Firawn and say to him We are the Messenger of Master of all nations and send all bani Israel along with us
    1. Both Musa and Haroon are inseparable Messengers
    2. Musa is on the Mountain
    3. He has to go to Firawn
    4. It is a long journey

Musa And Haroon walk in and say you are not the king

If you know what is good for you you will do as I say

What happens when you talk like this to a king

Musa makes to points to him

Firawn responded Did I not raise you as a newborn and spent many years here

  • Allah fast forwarded to when they speak to Firawn
  • We get straight to the point
  • So Firawn puts Musa in his place

Firawn says You did that thing you did and you were from the deniers (kafireen)

  • Firawn addressed one of the points
  • He completed changed the subject

Musa says

  • Yes I did that thing I did, Musa did not expose himself
  • And I was confused at that time
  • And I ran away from all of you when I used to be afraid you
  • After running aways Allah made me a Messenger
  • Musa stayed on point and back on topic
  • By the way thanks for the favor you did for me
  • Did you provide me that housing so it justifies slaving the Israelites
  • Musa changes back the subject and makes him look stupid

Everybody in the court is listening to him

People working under Firawn are getting a laugh

Firawn says

  • What lord of the worlds?

Musa says

  • Master of all the skies and earth and whatever is in between
  • If anybody wants to be convinced
  • Musa defied the King, talkback to the King,
  • Pharoahs believed in the sun God
  • Pharoahs are the sons of the sun
  • Allah is the Master of all the skies and earth
  • Musa mentioned another God 3 times
  • Nobody is offended because they do not truly believe Firawn is Rabb
  • Some people are enjoying this and curious
  • Firawn is angry because nobody is angry

Firawn says

  • Are you people not listening to what he is saying
  • Why don’t you defend him?

Musa says

  • He is your Master and the Master of all your ancestors
  • They believed their ancestors were sacred
  • Musa stays calm
  • Firawn becomes angry
  • The tables have turned
  • Musa is winning the conversation
  • Allah is moving the balances of power inside the court room

Firawn says

  • To his people this Messenger of yours is crazy
  • Because it felt like they believed in him
  • Stop listening to him

Musa says

  • He is also the Master of the east and the west
  • If you people understand
  • They believed that Pharoahs were Rabb of east and west
  • They owned the Egyptian land
  • Musa says Allah owns the Egyptian
  • Musa says get rid of this idiot and worship the true God
  • Firawn realizes it is becoming dangerous for his kingdom

Firawn says

  • If you take any other God besides me I will make sure to throw you prison
  • In prison among others
  • To instill fear in the room

Musa shows them some signs because anymore talking he will be arrested

When you have a debate with someone if he responds with a threat of force you have accepted the defeat of your arguments

Firawn admitted that he was wrong

Everybody in the room knows that Firawn has been defeated

Musa says

  • You will arrest me even if I show you a clear sign

Firawn says

  • Go ahead show me what you can if you are truthful

Musa threw his staff then it turned into a massive python

  • Python large enough to swallow a goat
  • Fangs sticking out ready to bite
  • Looks so terrifying it looks like a jinn
  • It is moving around very quickly

Musa owned people’s ears and now their eyes

Musa puts his hand in his arm under his arm and it turned white

All the attention is on Musa and no attention is on Firawn

This is really bad for Firawn

Firawn says to his generals because he is worried they will be impressed

  • This no doubt is a knowledgeable magician
  • I think he wants to get all of you kicked out of your land
  • It is the first time he called his land anybody else land
  • He thinks rivers flow beneath my feet
  • So tell me what to do
  • It is any indication that Firawn became weak
  • He makes his generals feel special
  • Maybe some of them got emotional

They say

  • Let this go
  • Let his brothers go
  • Make a huge gathering
  • Bring the best of magicians
  • They will defeat Musa


In the meantime Musa went to the nations to preach the message

One of the people in the room tells some people

It spreads and the next day all of Egypt knew

Firawn reputation went down

Musa reputation went up

Magicians realized this to

Firawn’s election is going down

He is not so great


Soldiers told people we are going to defeat the threat of this nation

Come with your family

Bring a flag with you

Are you coming or not?

A pretend form of patriotism


Magician’s looked better than Firawn

People might end up following the Magicians


Magician’s say to Firawn

  • Are we getting paid?


Firawn says to the Magicians

  • Yes you will be paid
  • You will be from among those close to me
  • He gave them cabinet positions


Musa says

  • Throw whatever it is you are going to throw


They threw their ropes by the Authority of Firawn we will be the ones who will win

Musa threw his staff

Then all of a sudden it swallowed all of what they had immediately

Then the Magicians fell into sajdah

Magicians had imaan inside and the imaan gushed forth after this expierence


Magicians get up from sajdah and say

  • We believe in the Lord of all people


Firawn says

  • I know you believe in me
  • Keep going come up with round 2


The Magicians say

  • No stupid we believe in the Master of Musa and Haroon


Firawn gathered all the people to gather and come out

He spent millions of dollars in this campaign

Then he lost

He forced everyone to come out and listen to the Magicians

Magicians said lets belief in Musa


Firawn says

  • You believed in him before I gave you permission
  • He is your big chief
  • The one who taught you magic
  • He made this up for the crown 
  • You people will soon find out
  • First I will cut you’re your limbs from opposite sides
  • Then I will hang you and crucify you altogether
  • He is worried about leaving an example for the public


Magician’s say

  • No problem
  • We will return to our master anyway


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