Examples in the Quran

Allah translates other speech to Arabic in the Quran

  • Firawn did not speak Arabic
  • Musa did not speak Arabic
  • Lost in translation
  • Translating cannot get the perfect translation
  • The words and emotions and complete scene is translated
  • Allah now left us the legacy of translation
  • Salman al Farsi wrote a translation of Fatiha in Persian
  • Same one is used until today

Surah Ali Imran and Maryam

  • Zachariah will not speak for 3 days
  • Zahariah will not speak for 3 nights
  • The angels repeated themselves
  • Imran is about bring this into the day
  • Light and hope making things transparent
  • Maryam is about dark texture
  • Dua made at night
  • It depends on the mood of the passage

Summary of the Life of the Prophet – Surah Ar Rad

  • Allah sent water from the sky
  • Then the valleys started getting flooded
  • Then the flood waters started carrying the foam
  • Another kind of foam is when you light fire and melt gold
  • To purify it from the impurities
  • You want to mold it to make something beautiful
  • As far as what benefits people it will be stationed in the earth
  • And what does not benefit people will not last
  • And that is the example that Allah gives

Example Explained

  • The Quran came from the sky
  • It went into every home
  • The disbelievers rose up and were separated from the believers
  • The filth is deeply inside within the community
  • Allah purified the believers
  • Allah called the sahaba gold
  • Allah called the disbelievers filth
  • Gold is Jannah
  • Utensils are victory in this world
  • We remember the entire seerah next time we see rain
  • How Islam is to be carried to the world today?
  • We cannot go to war against disbelievers until they fully knew Islam