Hafsa Bint Umar

Hafsa refers a very elegant and beautiful bird and it can be powerful too

Hafsa has a very strong personality as well

Hafs refers to a lion's cub 

Prophet called Umar Abu Hafs 

She is the daughter of Umar bin Khattab

Zainab is mother of Hafsa 

Umar married multiple women and he had three Abdul Rahman sons

Umar did not bury his daughters alive

She was born in year 605 

She made Hijra to Madinah with her first husband Honais bin Hanafa 

Honais became Muslim early on in Makkah before Umar bin Khattab 

Hafsa was 10 years when she married Honais 

Honais died in Uhud and Prophet prayed Janaza on him and buried in Baqi

Uthman bin Masoon was paternal uncle of Hafsa also buried in Baqi

After Hafsa waiting period finished Umar loved for husband for her

Hafsa asked for the best of people

Umar first went to Uthman bin Affan 

Uthman lost Ruqah daughter of Prophet as well

Uthman said to Umar that he will think about it

Uthman comes back the next day and he is in salah and he takes his sweet time

Uthman says he is not interested in getting married right now 

Umar goes to Abu Bakr and Abu Bakr keeps dodging Umar 

Umar goes to Prophet to complain about them 

Prophet said Your daughter will be married to someone greater than Uthman

And Uthman will be married to someone greater than your daughter

Uthman would marry second daughter of Prophet

Hafsa would be married to Prophet

Abu Bakr and Uthman would be happy to marry Hafsa but they heard Prophet was interested in marrying her

Prophet wanted to solidify his companionship with Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali

Hafsa married the Prophet in 4th year Hijra with a Mahr of 400 dirhams

She was 21 years old when she married Prophet

Hafsa and Ayesha hujurat were next to each other 

You are in Hafsa's house when you said salaam to Prophet, Abu Bakr Umar

Hafsa had romance with Prophet and the Prophet would kiss her when he was fasting

Hafsa had a temper just like Umar and a very strong personality

Ayesha and Umer got along very well 

Sometimes Prophet would take both Ayesha and Hafsa to battle

One time Ayesha and Hafsa switched camels

Prophet was with Hafsa Ayesha saw and Ayesha felt jealous 

One time Wives of Prophet competed over Prophet and he did not do itikaf that year

He made itikaf the following year and extra 10 days 

One of the wives said what is that smell when he ate honey 

So Prophet said he will not eat honey

Allah revealed do not prohibit yourself 

Wives of the Prophet should make taw bah 

Umer said in days of ignorance we did not show regard to women

than Islam came and we gave them rights but did not let them be involved

then in Madinah things changed and in argument Umer wife responded back to him 

Umer rebuked Hafsa about raising her voice 

Umer said you are not Ayesha and I am not Abu Bakr 

Umer complained to Umm Salamah and Umm Salamah said back off 

Umer missed some time with the Prophet then he heard from his neighbor

There was a talk going on around time 

He told Umer Prophet has divorced his wives 

Umer goes to Hafsa and says did I not tell you not to talk back

Prophet was in seclusion 

Prophet allowed Umer to come in 

Umer said O Messenger we had upper hand women now it changed

Prophet smiled 

Umer said I warned Hafsa not to talk back

Prophet smiled again

Umer sat next to the Prophet 

Umer started to cry and said Prophet deserves more than this 

When he saw the marks on back of Prophet

Umer asked the Prophet if he divorced his Wives 

he said no but he did rebuke one divorce and took her back in

Jibril said take her back because she always fast and will be your wife in Jannah

Hafsa is a Hafiza of Quran 

She could read and write 

She was called the guardian of the Quran

The Original Mushafs went to Abu Bakr then Umer, then Hafsa 

Hafsa narrated the dream about three moons to Umer 

Hafsa cried a lot at the death of Umer and in her loudest voice 

Umer told Hafsa to calm down as he was passing away 

Hafsa played in minor role in politics but was prevented by it 

Hafsa maintained a neutral stance

Hafsa died at the age of 60 years old