His Constant Charity Ibn Umar

Ibn Umar loved the Sunnah and He loved the poor

It was very unique and noticeable 

Prophet asked Allah for having the love of the poor

Ibn Umar never sat on table to eat food unless an orphan sat with him

Ibn Umar had empathy for people

There was a man who kept on having daughter so he wished his daughters were dead

Ibn Umar got angry on him and said do not say that

Ibn Umar used to free slaves 

Ibn Umar freed a child of Adultery 

Ibn Umar had compassion for people 

Ibn Umar hated animal abuse

Ibn Umar forbade animals fight each other 

some people tied hen then Ibn Umar came and they ran away

Ibn Umar said why would you do that Prophet cursed such people 

Salim said Ibn Umar never turned away a beggar 

A man had leprosy and Ibn Umar sat and ate with him

Ibn Umar was riding a camel then he stopped the camel got off and gave it in sadqah because he felt an attachment to it

A dinar is 6 grams of gold 

Ibn Umar gave a dinar to a beggar

Ibn Umar said if Allah accepted one sajdah I would be happy

Nafe was a slave and became a great scholar 

Nafe was offered 10,000 dinar 

Ibn Umar freed him but chose to stay with Ibn Umar 

Ibn Umar loved to free slaves 

If Ibn Umar saw a righteous slave then he would really free him

Slaves would try to be very righteous

Ibn Umar was told these slaves are just deceiving you

Ibn Umar laughed and said that's ok its between them and Allah 

Ibn Umar had freed over 1,000 slaves and they attended his janaza 

A beggar knocked on the door and Ibn Umar gave him his food 

Even though Ibn Umar was sick and he asked for the food 

Ibn Umar told his wife give the beggar the food

His wife really wanted Ibn Umar to eat so he paid the beggar 2 dirhams and same back to Ibn Umar with the food

the beggar knocked again and said I am still hungry

Ibn Umar said just give him all of the food 

Ibn Umar was about to eat grapes and beggar knocked on the door 

Nafe said eat some grapes though but instead Ibn Umar gave it to the beggar 

Nafe went to give it but gave money instead and brought grapes back to Ibn Umar

then the same man came back and asked for sadaqah 

Ibn Umar said just give him the grapes 

A slave was herding sheep and Ibn Umar said sell me one sheep and don't tell owner

the slave said no what will I say to Allah

Ibn Umar said this was a word that frees you in this world and it may free you in akhira