His Death and Legacy Ibn Umar

Ibn Umar moves into the house of Hafsa

It is where the Quran is gathered 

He spreads and teaches Hadith

He acts upon the Sunnah

Ibn Umar had made 60 hajj

father of Umar bin Abdul Aziz was appointed governor of Egypt

Ibn Umar invests his time in children especially Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Umar bin Abdul Aziz imitated Ibn Umar

Anas bin Malik said I did not find anyone pray more like Prophet than Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Umar bin Abdul Aziz became governor of Madinah 

Hujaj was sent to besiege Makkah and Madinah 

Ibn Umar was told did Allah say fight them

Ibn Umar said that was for Prophet to establish the deen

Not for who gets to rule Muslim government 

Khawarijites were worst people because they took ayat of enemies of Allah and applied it to the Muslims

Ibn Umar loved Ibn Zubair and prayed behind him but did not follow in political tension 

Ibn Umar said if I hear the Azan I will come

But If I hear come to kill your brother I will reject that 

Ibn Umar dismantles these groups ideologically 

Ibn Umar condemns people for going to extremes 

A man came from Iraq and he said what is the ruling of Mosquitoes blood

Ibn Umar said look at these people they killed Hussein but they worry about the blood of the mosquito 

Ibn Umar goes blind at 86 years old 

Ibn Umar is not sad about anything in this world except three things

He missed his days of fasting

He missed his tahhajud

He wished of he fought with Ibn Zubair and Ali

Ibn Umar regretted his silence went too far 

Ibn Umar calls his daughter who was engaged and he requested her to marry her fiancé today 

Because he did not want to meet Allah with an unfulfilled promise

He dies at the age of 86 years old

73 years after Hijra 

He is the last sahabi in Makkah 

When Ibn Umar left this world he was the best

Nafe is the teacher of Imam Malik

Imam Malik would take all of his opinion of Ibn Umar 

Imam Malik narrates from Nafe from Ibn Umar from Umar from Prophet

This is the purest narration