HIs Death and Legacy Ibn Amr

Once the Ummah comes together under Hasan

Muawwiah appointed Ibn Amr as the governor of Kufa

Ibn Amr went into seclusion and worship Allah towards the end of his life 

Ibn Amr was very close to Hussein 

Hussein was upset with Ibn Amr for being in that battle and being on other side

That hurt Ibn Amr that Hussein was upset with him

Ibn Amr would try his best to get his attention

Ibn Amr was on the side of Muawwiah 

Hussein is the most beloved to Allah Messenger and angels

Ibn Amr wanted Hussein to forgive 

Hussein saw Ibn Amr and was quiet and he ignored him 

Hussein said how could you fight against my father

Ibn Amr said he did so because Prophet told him to be with his father

Hussein forgave him and kissed his forehead 

Ibn Amr divided his life into three phases 

An enemy to the Prophet was the first phase

the second phase was when he became Muslim 

the third phase he is not sure 

Ibn Amr asked Prophet who you love the most

Amr Al As said Prophet did a lot for you 

Ibn Amr said I don't know if Prophet did that for me out of love or because of my position 

There are two man who Prophet loved was Amr bin Yassir and Abdullah bin Masud 

Ibn Amr raised his hands and said O Allah forgive us 

Ibn Amr died while seeking forgiveness from Allah 

Ibn Amr said to his son when you bury me stand next to my grave for a good amount of time so I can feel your nearness 

Ibn Amr narrates that Prophet said you hear footsteps of people leaving your Janaza 

We don't know where Ibn Amr passed away 

Ibn Amr did not give oath allegiance to Yazeed and just stayed in Madinah 

Imam Ahmad said he was killed in the massacre in Madinah 

Ibn Amr students were Anas bin Malik, taus, Ata, some of the major companions