His Death and Legacy Ibn Masood

The fitna started to boil for Uthman while Ibn Masood was still alive

Ibn Masood declared that he had no personal issues with Uthman 

Ibn Masood only spoke good of Uthman

Ibn Masood narrated many Hadith about the fitnah 

Prophet said there are young people foolish in minds and Quran does not go past their throats 

Prophet pointed towards Yemen and said Iman is towards this side

And harshness and cruelty is towards Najd 

the two horns of devil will arise from there

Prophet said fulfill the rights upon you and avoid harming people in end times

Ibn Masood asked Allah for him to leave the world before the fitnah starts 

He died 39 years before the Abdillah 

During that time Ibn Masood got sick and while he was sick Uthman came to visit 

He said what is causing you this sickness 

Ibn Masood said my sins 

Uthman said what do you desire

He said I want the mercy of My Lord 

Uthman said Should I get a doctor for you

Ibn Masood said the doctor is the one who prescribed my sickness (Allah)

Uthman said should I give you wealth 

Ibn Masood said I do not need anything from this world 

Ibn Masood said the shahdah and passed away

Az Zubair led his Janaza 

He passed away right before it happened 

There is no one left who has more knowledge than Ibn Masood 

Not knowledge and not Ibadah 

Ibn Masood's legacy is the Quran 

Kufa became the city of Quran 

Kufa produced the scholars of Quran and manufacturers the Quran

The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it 

Alqama recited just like Ibn Masood 

In the science of recitation there are 10 recitations

All these recitations are from Kufa and Ibn Masood that taught them 

Ali came to Kufa and said Ibn Masood filled this city with knowledge 

Because of Ibn Masood 1500 companions took residents in Kufa

70 of them are veterans from Badr

Ibn Masood turned the city into a center for learning

Ibn Masood's students were Alqama and Masuk

They were the greatest students 

Umar Ali Ibn Masood Mouadh Abu Darda Zaid bin Thabit 

Knowledge stopped with these above 

Alqama met all the companions 

In Kufa Alaqma and Masuk teach Ibrahim and Shabi

the teacher of Imam Hanifa 

Imam Hanifa takes his fiqh from Ibn Masood 

Fiqh is more important to you as food

Ibn Masood was greatest with knowledge 

Alqama came and watered the crops

Hamad nurtured it

Imam Hanifa grounded it

Abu Yusuf made dough from it

Shaibani baked the dough 

Muslims have been eating the dough ever since