His Martyrdom and Legacy Ibn Zubair

Marwan bin Hakam dies 71 AH

and his son takes over who is a brilliant leader Malik

He manages to conquer Egypt and to bring Iraq under him

He surrounded the people in Haramain with people of Iraq, Eqypt, and Sham

He manages to capture Madinah

Ibn Zubair is the only one left in Makkah

It is because of his honesty 

Al Hajaj Bin Yusuf bin Sakafi takes on Ibn Zubair

He stabilized things but in an unethical manner by killing Sahaba too

He places Makkah under siege in year 72 AH

Hajaj had Arafah and Ibn Zubair had rest of Makkah

Hajaj fires catapults at them

Hajaj stops all food from going from Makkah 

Hajaj demolished the Kaaba and it had to be rebuilt once again

the army of hajaj was attacked with lightening 

Hajaj told them it could be Allah accepted them as martyrs

Ibn Zubair and his people were getting weaker 

the children of Ibn Zubair went to Hajaj secretly 

Ibn Zubair is left with 200 people at 73 years old 

Ibn Zubair could fight 1000 men 

Asma is alive over 100 years and almost blind and struggling in this siege

Ibn Zubair visits his mother 

Urwa narrates Ibn Zubair enters upon his mother while she is in pain and asks how are you 

She said I am in pain

She said when we die we will feel relieved 

She said O my son I don't wish to meet my lord until either you die as a martyr or Allah gives you victory 

He said O my mother the people have betrayed me

The only ones left are those who cannot carry any more

Ummayads promised him governorship under them

Ibn Zubair says what do you say my mother

She says O son of Zubair if you know you are on the truth then die on the truth 

If it is the world you seek then you are a wretched servant 

O my son for you to be struck by a sword in honor in better than being beat with a whip in humiliation 

She said I will only feel sad if you are killed in falsehood

He says to her I just wanted to know it from you 

Asma says comes closer to me so I can smell you for the last time

What is it you are wearing 

Ibn Zubair says it is my armor 

She said a brave servant will not need that 

He said I am afraid if I die they will make an example out of me

She says O my son a sheep does not feel it skinning after it is slaughtered 

Ibn Zubair goes out and dresses himself in burial clothes and wearing perfume

Asma made dua for Ibn Zubair to accept his deeds 

Ibn Zubair goes out and fights and everyone flees and no one fights with him 

Ibn Zubair prays Maghreb and he is attacked while in salah 

the people said takbeer and hajaj mutilated the body 

A fragrance came from body of Ibn Zubair

Hajaj tied dead cat to Ibn Zubair but it smelled good as well

Ibn Umar hears and says I remember people saying takbeer when he was born

and the people saying takbeer are not the same as those people 

Peace be on you O Ibn Zubair

I do not remember you except one who prays and fits and maintains ties of kinship

Asma wanted to make ghusl to Ibn Zubair

Ibn Abbas said to Asma martyrs are with Allah they don't need ghusl 

Hajaj stood there proud

He said to Asma do you want to talk

Asma said after what you did to Ibn Zubair

Hajaj said the hypocrite 

Asma said you may have ruined his world but he ruined you akhira 

Asma hugged Ibn Zubair and said is it not time for this great warrior to come down

the people were disgusted with Hajaj

The body was brought down and Asma did not ghusl

Asma died 2 weeks later in her salah in the year 73 AH 

the rest of the Abduillah died that same year 

Ibn Umar was he last of the Sahaba 

the sword of Ibn Zubair is still preserved today 

These people were so connected to Allah that they did not see tradegy as a tragedy