His Relationship with the Messenger Ibn Masood

Once the Prophet gave a Khutba and asked Abu Bakr to speak

Abu Bakr stood up and spoke

Then he told Umar to stand and speak 

Prophet approved of what both said 

A third person was asked to stand but he was not mentioned 

Because Prophet did not like what he said

Fourth person to stand was Ibn Masood

Ibn Masood said O people Allah is our Lord Islam is our Religion Quran is our Guide House of Allah is our Qibla He is our Messenger we are pleased with what Allah and His messenger love and hate what they hate 

Prophet said Ibn Masood has spoken the truth

Ibn Masood did not have time for marriage

Ibn Masood said we used to go to battle with the Prophet and did not have any wives

They said O Prophet should we not castrate ourselves 

But Prophet forbade them for doing so 

Alqama is one of the greatest of the Tabeen and great student of Ibn Masood

He met him during Hajj and spoke to him in private during Uthman time

We were once sitting in the masjid and some young men wanted to get married 

Prophet heard and sat between them 

He said o young men whoever is capable in getting married let him do so

and whoever is not let him fast for it will be a shield 

Prophet married Ibn Masood to Zainab Bint Abi Muawwiah 

Zainab is from a noble tribe 

She had a high social status and she was very beautiful

she was a very charitable women 

Bilal said Zainab is requesting your permission  

Zainab said I want to give some charity who should I give it

Prophet said give it to your husband and children 

Ibn Masood narrates several Hadith about trusting Allah

Prophet said of someone is affiliated by poverty and complain and it will not end

But when he complains to Allah Allah will make him independent 

When someone begs from the people he will come on day of judgment with scrapes

a person with atleast 50 dirhams should not beg 

Prophet would sleep on a straw mat and would have marks on his body

Ibn Masood suggested to offer Prophet softer bedding

Prophet said no I do not want it

Abu Amr Ah Shaibani was asked What is the best deed 

Ibn Masood told him Salah at its time or beginning time

After that kindness to ones parents

then jihad for the sake of Allah 

Ibn Masood said that one time Prophet tapped him and told him whom the fire is unlawful for

Prophet said it is haram for everyone close to the people friendly courteous and easy to deal with 

Prophet said follow after me Abu Bakr and Umar and be guided by the guidance of Amr Al yassir

And hold fast to the advice of Ibn Masood 

This was the Prophet's last words 

Prophet left this world loving two people Amr bin Yassir and Ibn Masood