His Relationship with Umar Ibn Masood

Umar bin Khattab plays a significant role with Ibn Masood

Ibn Masood is more of a teacher to Umar

When Umar become Khalifa he tried to Appoint Ibn Masood governor

then he tried to make him treasure 

He said no to both position 

Then Ibn Masood tried to offer him a salary 

Ibn Masood said why are you distracting me with this dunya

Umar was sitting in a gathering and Ibn Masood walked in

People stared at him for his height and belittling him

Umar stood up and welcomed Ibn Masood

Umar offered his spot and served him and honored him 

As Ibn Masood walked out Umar posted at him and said he has a lot of knowledge and fiqh 

Umar saw someone dragging his clothes under his ankles 

Ibn Masood told him to raise his izar

the man said you should raise yours 

Umar took his stick and hit the young man 

He said are you talking back to Ibn Masood 

Umar was building a house Ibn Masood and someone said is that enough for him

Umar threw a brick at him 

Umar sent several Sahaba to Kufa but they turned them away

Umar sends Ibn Masood to Kufa even though he needed him

Ibn Masood goes to be the governor of Kufa 

When Ibn Masood got there the people of Kufa loved him and did not complain

One man came late to salah then Ibn Masood removed him 

Ibn Masood taught the people Quran

Umar asked for reports for Kufa and he heard people are memorizing Quran

Ibn Masood saw one time at night people 

He asked where are you coming from

They responded with Quran both times 

Umar asked them what is the greatest part of Quran 

They all responded with Ayat ul Kursi 

What about justice 

They responded with ayat in Surah nisa

What is the most comprehensive ayah

Ayah in Surah Zilzal

Which ayah gives you hope

they said Surah Zumar Ayah 53

When they answered that Umar said do you have Ibn Masood amongst you

They said yes and Umar got happy and looked for Ibn masood

Umar kissed Ibn Masood on the forehead 

Umar sits down and asks him questions 

Umar says he is like a teapot full of knowledge 

Umar loves him and gives him this position 

A person comes from Kufa who says someone writes Mushafs from their memory 

Umar got very angry and asked who is this 

He said it was Ibn Masood 

Umar calmed down and said it is ok 

A person came from Kufa to ask Umar and Umar said you are coming all the way from Kufa to me when you gave the keeper of the secrets there