His Role in Politics Ibn Umar

Uthman tried to make Ibn Umar a judge

Uthman said do you disobey me

Ibn Umar said there are three types of judges

those who are unjust, going to hell, or heaven or hell

Ibn Umar said I will not judge

Uthman said your father was a judge

Ibn Umar said my father asked the Prophet then Prophet asked Jibril

Ibn Umar said who can I ask

Ibn Umar narrates Prophet said leadership is a trust and a regret

Uthman excused Ibn Umar and said not to share it with people then he will not find a judge

Ibn Umar is not in any army not Ali or Muawwiah 

Ibn Umar defended and protected the sahaba

A man came and said to Ibn Umar you know Uthman did not fight in Badr

Ibn Umar said yes and Uthman ran away from the battle of Uhud

Ibn Umar said yes and the man said how do you let a hypocrite lead us

Ibn Umar said as for Uhud Allah forgave all of them

As for Badr the Prophet old him to stay back because Prophets daughter was sick and passed away then 

Prophet gave Uthman a share from spoils of war

As for bayah under tree it was for avenging Uthman 

When Uthman was killed Sahaba offered Ibn Umar to be Khalifah

Ibn Umar had refused to be the Khalifah 

Ibn Umar escaped from Madinah and Ali was upset over this

Ibn Umar left Ali a letter and he said I am not leaving only to protect my self 

Ibn Umar told Hafsa to stay with him and do not be part of the politics 

to be safe of fitna

Ibn Umar stays silent 

Ibn Umar pretended that nothing was going 

Ali offered Ibn Umar to be governor of Sham

Ibn Umar said no and please excuse 

Ibn Umar got Hafsa to intercede on his behalf

Ali did not take it and that's when he left and sent Ali a letter

Ibn Umar made dua nothing keeps me from competing with people except fear of Allah

Ibn Umar hugged and kissed Hussein and tries to talk him out of going to Kufa

Ibn Umar did not want anyone to die for him so he takes out of politics