His Role in Politics Ibn Amr

There is not much interaction with Ibn Amr and other sahaba

Because he was always in Jihad with his father 

Amr Al As counted on his son 

Ibn Amr is the narrator of the battles 

Ibn Amr talks about the Persians we were 20,000 and Allah destroyed the other army

All the Abdullahs were with Ibn Amr in the Battle of Turk Istanbul

Amr Al As is the governor of Egypt

Uthman replaced Amr Al As with Abdullah ibn Saad 

Uthman sent Amr Al As to other parts in Africa

Ibn Amr narrates many of the fitna that fell on the ummah

Prophet frequently spoke about this to Ibn Amr

Prophet said other people feel safe from Muslims 

Ibn Amr narrates the Hadith on signs of last days 

Ibn Amr narrated Allah will take lives of Ulema 

Ibn Amr was sitting under the shade of Kaaba after time of Prophet and people joined him

Ibn Amr said I was with Prophet and we set up our tents then all of a sudden someone announced salah al jamiah 

Prophet said it is the duty of every Prophet to warn them and give good tidings 

Last part consists of trials and there are many trials

One comes which makes the one before look remedial 

Who ever wishes to be saved should die believing in Allah and should treat people the he wished to be treated

Obey your Khalifa and if another person claims to be khalifa you should fight him

Ibn Amr narrates that Prophet said how will it be when your condition will be left to the worst of people 

Before Prophet dies he grabs Ibn Amr and he said obey your father as long as you are alive 

Amr Al As is on the side of Muawwiah and Prophet did not want to see the two of them split 

Prophet said to Ali that you and Ayesha will have an argument and Ali said I am done Prophet said no just take her back to her house when it happens 

Prophet predicted that Uthman will be assassinated 

Prophet tells Zubair that him and Ali will be fighting and Zubair will be wrong 

Prophet picks up Hasan and says this son of mine is a leader and he will re unite the Ummah after the conflicts 

Prophet said the wrong army will call Amr bin Yassir who was on the side of Ali 

Ibn Am runs to the army and said you are the transgressing army 

Muawwiah tells Ibn Amr to stop this madman because it gets demoralizing 

Ibn Amr said Prophet said this to Amr bin Yassir Thant transgressing will kill him

Muawwiah said that Hadith does not concern me

Muawwiah said we did not kill him rather these people did