His Role in Politics Ibn Zubair

The majority of his life was in the fitna

Ibn Zubair takes the most aggressive approach 

He was one for the battlefield and always felt a sense of justice

He was very close to Uthman 

Uthman was very lovable and he was very soft and lenient 

Angels were shy from Uthman 

Ibn Zubair was devastated when Uthman was killed 

Ibn Zubair went out with Talha and Ayesha 

They made their way towards Ali 

Ibn Zubair met his father when Uthman got assassinated 

Ibn Zubair stood with Ali and reminded of the moment when Prophet said do you love Ali 

Ibn Zubair said yes of course 

Prophet said you will one day fight against Ali and you will be wrong 

Ibn Zubair gave allegiance to Ali

Ibn Zubair said his father came and said look at me

His father showed his legs filled with wounds 

His father said all these wounds were fought for the Prophet 

Ibn Zubair says his father called him saying one will be killed as an oppressor or an oppressed one 

Az Zubair felt he will die as an oppressed so he told his son to pay off his debts 

Ibn Zubair sold all his property and paid of his debts 

1/3 for his sons, 1/3 to pay debts, 1/3 for Abdullah's sons

Az Zubair said if you cannot pay off my debts than seek help from my master

Ibn Zubair said who is your Master and he replied Allah 

Az Zubair was killed in his salah 

Ali found out and said glad tidings for the killers of Zubair he will be in hell fire

Ibn Zubair payed off his debt and he had nothing left

Then He called O Master of Zubair then things started to open up

Ibn Zubair is constantly finding out about all this wealth 

Zubair owed $2,002,000 dirhams

Ibn Zubair went to his uncle and asked for some help

Ibn Zubair said who will buy this land and he said O master calling to Allah

Then someone came and bought the land for $1,000,000 dirhams

Then he payed off half the debts

One time Ibn Zubair is in charge of Makkah 

Ayesha gets a gift and she sells it

Ibn Zubair passed a comment that he will take her money and manage 

Ayesha heard and said I will never to speak to Ibn Zubair again 

Ibn Zubair heard and he felt so overwhelmed 

He sent people to her to accept intercession 

She did not accept the intercession 

Ibn Zubair goes to the elders of Sahaba to speak with Ayesha

They walk in the Hujarat 

Ibn Zubair goes behind the curtain and grabs Ayesha and starts crying 

Sahaba tell him to forgive 

Ayesha said I can't I took an oath 

Ayesha forgave him and freed 40 slaves to compensate for the oath 

Ibn Zubair and Ayesha had a very solid relationship

When Ayesha was passing away she sent her will to Ibn Zubair

She said bury me in Baqi with the other wives 

Ibn Zubair prayed the janaza of Ayesha and carried out the burial

Ibn Zubair was quick to revolt against the tyrant 

Ibn Abbas said No one has more right to Ibn Zubair

Ibn Abbas said Ibn Zubair is a pure chaste person 

Ibn Abbas said There is nothing ing between me and him

Ibn Abbas and Ibn Zubair would compete in zakah

Ibn Abbas and Ibn Zubair would argue over figh matters

Ibn Abbas and Ibn Zubair were business partners 

Ibn Zubair and Ibn Umar were also business partners 

Ibn Zubair said I don't know who is more generous Ayesha or Asma 

Ibn Zubair is leading the salah like the Prophet 

Ibn Abbas said look to Ibn Zubair for salah of he Prophet 

All the Sahaba has same opinion but different approaches 

Hasan makes peace with Muawwiah 

Hasan died 9 years later

the Ummah is progressing 

Islam is spreading throughout the world 

Muawwiah feels his life is ending 

Muawwiah consults the people around who to rule next

The people of Sham had Muawwiah has leader since the time of Umar bin Khattab

Muawwiah is capable to lead the people of Sham 

Sham had become a place of prosperity

Muawwiah decides to appoint Yazeed in 57 AH

7 people stood against 

All 4 Abdullahs, Ayesha, Hussein, and Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr 

Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr took the harshest stance and said he will kill Yazeed if he rules 

Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr unfortunately died shortly after so he did not do anything

Ayesha dies a year later as well

The other 5 are left 

Muawwiah leaves them alone and there is no violence taking place 

60 AH Muawwiah feels ill and he reinforces the bayah to Yazeed all around the Ummah 

The Abdillah and Hussein avoid it 

The Ummah starts with Prophethood then Khalifah then righteous kings 

Muawwiah is a righteous king 

After Righteous kings are tyrants then Khalifah with accordance to Prophet 

Abdillah and Hussein are in Makkah and Madinah

Muawwiah sends Ad Duhka that if you see Yazeed beware of people of Iraq 

In Iraq governors are constantly being replaced and it was very volatile

Do not mess with them and if they ask you of anything do it

Satisfy the people of Iraq

Muawwiah said Take hold of the people of Sham like I did 

Beware of 3 people of Quresh Hussein, Ibn Zubair, and Ibn Umar 

Muawwiah passes away and Yazeed takes

Yazeed becomes Khalifah and takes his fathers advice 

Waleed bin Utbah is the governor of Madinah and he is sent a letter from Yazeed 

Yazeed tells him to find Ibn Umar, Ibn Zubair, and Hussein and have them give bayah to me

Waleed calls Hussein quietly 

Hussein says I will do it publicly 

Hussein then tells Ibn Zubair and Ibn Umar what happened 

All of the them except of Ibn Umar flee from Madinah 

Ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas did not agree with Yazeed but did not take any political action

Ibn Zubair and Hussein revolt against Yazeed in Makkah 

Ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas came back from Umrah when Hussein and Ibn Zubair told them about what happened 

Hussein gets letters from Kufa in Iraq that we give you our support

Ibn Zubair sets up in Makkah 

Hussein considers these letters and he sends Muslims Ibn Akeel ibn Abu Talib to Kufa and told him do not take the main route

Hussein will come later if what people of Kufa said is true or not

Muslim bin Akeel gets to Kufa he starts to meet with people 

Numan ibn Bashir is the governor of Kufa and he leaves him alone

Yazeed founds out about the revolt and Muslim takes bayah from 15,000 to fight Yazeed 

Yazeed sends Obaidullah Ibn Ziad to Kufa to replace Ibn Bashir

Muslim bin Akeel goes into hiding

Ibn Ziad said if anyone is sheltering those against Yazeed will die

Ibn Ziad sends a spy and founds out where Muslim is 

Ibn Ziad calls Hani bin Urwa and tells him do you have muslim with you

Ibn Ziad asked to get Muslim bin Akeel

Ibn Ziad hits Hani and locks him in the room 

Muslim bin Akeel heard and tells Hussein to come right away 

It was initially intended not to be violent 

Muslim summons his people and they all abandon him 

Ibn Ziad brings a whole army and Muslim runs and hides in the house 

Muslim came out and was caught and was killed along with Hani

Hussein is telling Abdillah what is going on

All the Abdullahs stop Hussein from going to Kufa

Ibn Zubair said lets do it from Makkah

Ibn Abbas said lets do it from Yemen 

Hussein was massacred in Karbala

News got out that Hussein was killed and the whole Ummah united against Yazeed 

Ibn Zubair declared Khalifah and revolted against Yazeed in 60 AH

Makkah automatically gives him Bayah and so do the people of Madinah 

Yazeed finds out and sends an army to Makkah

On the way to Makkah they hear of a revolt in Madinah 

They redirect to Madinah and a Massacre happens where a lot of Sahaba were killed

They killed 5,000 people in Madinah 

Muslim bin Ukbah led that revolt and he dies shortly after

Hussein ibn Numair is now in charge

Around the world people gives bayah to Ibn Zubair as they hear

Khawaritte align themselves with Ibn Zubair 

Hussein ibn Numair decides to kill Ibn Zubair 

Ibn Zubair was strong in Makkah 

So they shoot catapults in Makkah 

Ibn Zubair sets up tents around the Kaaba and they attached Kaaba too

Ibn Zubair was in salah and caught on fire so people took out fire

Ibn Zubair rebuilds the Kaaba in its original rectangular shape with two doors 

Yemani corner and Hajra Aswad were original corners of the Kaaba 

Muawwiah was young and religious 

As he was dying the people told him to find a successor

He wanted to appoint someone like Umar like Abu Bakr did

But there was no one like Umar

He wanted to appoint a shura like Umar but there was no one like that

So Muawwiah died with no successor

The only Khalifah left in Makkah is Ibn Zubair

Ibn Zubair did not want anyone to be in his army who insulted the sahaba

After Yazeed died Muslims came to Ibn Zubair to give bayah

The whole world is under Ibn Zubair now

Some remnants of Banu Ummayah give bayah to Ibn Zubair 

Ibn Zubair was the only Khalifah to rule from Makkah

Ibn Ziad talks Banu Ummayyah to revolt against Ibn Zubair

Banu Ummayah gives bayah to Marwan bin Hakam

Marwan Bin Hakam fights for Khalifah in Sham

Banu Ummayah had keys to Bait ul Mal and bought people off

Banu Ummayah reclaimed the Khalifah in Sham

Now there are two Khalifahs

There are the group of people in Iraq called the repenters  

71 AH during Hajj there are 4 groups of Muslims