His Unmatched Piety and Humility Ibn Umar

He was impacted by the Quran and had a deep fear of Allah 

He was part of the battles

Taus mentions I never found anyone who fears Allah more than Ibn Umar 

He did not find anyone more knowledgeable than Ibn Abbas

Ibn Umar made Hajj every year 

Ibn Umar would fast frequently art home but not as a traveller 

Ibn Umar cried out of fear of fire and he remember people of hellfire wanted a sip of water but it would be denied for them 

Ibn Umar would cry while reading Quran

Ibn Umar was a person of Jannah 

If Ibn Umar missed Isha in Jamah he would prayed the entire night 

Ibn Umar gave a lecture and read Surah Mutaffifeen 

Ibn Umar then kept repeated the hard and cried over the ayah

Ibn Umar cried over ayah of hell just like his father 

Ibn Umar was on a journey and a lion came on the path and Ibn Umar had tawakul in Allah and cast lion away 

Ibn Umar recited Quran every day in his salah 

Best of this Ummah is the first of it

Umar took 14 years to memorize Surah Baqarah 

they acted upon every ayah they memorized 

Ibn Umar is know for his humility 

Ibn Umar narrated most of Adab Al Mufrad and it was about him

Haya and Iman go together if one is removed the other is removed to

Prophet said none should make his brother stand up and take his place 

Ibn Umar was O best of people and son of best of people

Ibn Umar said I am not the best of people nor the son of the best of people

Ibn Umar was praised by someone and he through dirt on his face 

a person went on journey with Ibn Umar to serve him

But Ibn Umar served him instead

Ibn Umar almost cursed a slave so he felt bad and freed him

Ibn Umar even showed Adab to his ex wife 

Ibn Umar was always the first to say salaam to people 

Ibn Umar would go to the marketplace just to say salaam 

Ibn Umar did not like to answer questions 

Ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas would sit and all the Hujaj would gather around them

Ibn Umar referred people to Ibn Abbas 

the often answer for Ibn Umar was I don't know 

Knowledge is in three types

The book that is forever speaking Quran

the established Sunnah

I don't know 

Ibn Umar never answered a question except if it was what Prophet said

Ibn Umar lived a very humble and simple life just like his father

Ibn Umar's house value did not equal that of a shop

Ibn Umar never ate to his fill 

Ayesha said the first innovation was people eating to their fill 

Ibn Umar wore harsh garments and rough

Ibn Umar received a nice garment but he did not wear it fearing being arrogant