Ibn Abbas His Death and Legacy

Muawwiah is the Governor of Sham

Muwwaih was the cousin of Uthman

The wife of Uthman sends to Muawwaih the shirt of Uthman and her finger

When people saw the shirt of Uthman they all broke down into tears

Muawwiah swore to pursue the killers of Uthman 

Az Zubair and Talha coming from Madinah 

Uthman was killed at time of hajj

A large protest happens saying to Ali go take care of killers of Uthman

Ali said he will pursue the killers 

Those that attacked Uthman attached the campsite 

Battle of the Camel happened in Basra, Iraq 

When Ali left Basra Talha and Zubair died in that battle Ayesha lived 

First time Sahaba fought each other 

Ali sent Ayesha back into Madinah 

Ibn Abbas was made Amir of Basra

Ali and Muawwiah engage in fight over power 

Battle of Saffin 

Ibn Abbas is still respected by everyone 

After Ali passes away Ibn Abbas continues with Al Hasan 

Al hasan makes peace with Muawwiah which brought golden age in ummah

Ibn Abbas goes in behalf of Hasan and speaks with Muawwiah 

Muawwiah is ruling over the Ummah in peace

After the passing of Muawwiah things start to go under again 

Ibn Abbas commands a presence over Sahaba which concerned Muawwiah 

When they don't like something Muawwiah says they go to Ibn Abbas

Ibn Abbas openly diagrees Muawwiah 

Ibn Abbas maintains a good relationship with Ayesha and visited her at her death

Ibn Abbas said o mother of the believers you are leaving this world to meet the truthful forerunners Prophet, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, 

It starts to go down under when Muawwiah points his son Yazeed to rule 

All the Abdillah refuse to give their pledge to Yazeed 

Ibn Abbas retreats to Makkah then Taif and leaves politics 

Ibn Abbas goes to Hussein and says you are more beloved to me than myself 

He could not remain silent knowing Hussein would be killed 

Hussein was told people call him to Iraq 

Ibn Abbas suggests for him to establish himself in Yemen 

Yemen is safer and people of Iraq will support you there too

Hussein carried on and was betrayed and was assignated 

Ibn Abbas respects and loves Ibn Zubair 

Ibn Abbas lived to see many of the next generation 

He avoided the entire political scene

Ibn Abbas developed a disease at age 70

Treatment was to hit the eye to get in out and you had to sit straight 

Ibn Abbas was told he could not do sujood for two weeks

Ibn Abbas could not give up his sujood 

Ibn Abbas went blind and he did not come out of his house for two days

Ibn Abbas sat and recited the ayah and counted the blessings of Allah 

Ibn Abbas would still give his classes but he would be assisted by someone 

Ibn Abbas heard people arguing in haram 

He tells them Allah loves people are are driven by silence with fear of Allah

Busy yourself with tasbeeh and do not bring your arguments to this place 

He dies at the age 70 in Taif 

His Janaza was led by Muhammad bin Hanifa the son of Ali 

one of the biggest janazas

Ibn Abbas is put into his grave and bird was seen that entered into the grave of Ibn Abbas and it never came out 

A recitation of Quran was recited from the grave of Ibn Abbas last verses of Surah Fajr 

Amr bin dinar said there was absolutely silence after that recitation 

Mujahid went over every ayah with Ibn Abbas twice 

Muhajid was Hadith narrator

Iqramah bin Abdullah was freed slave and student of Ibn Abbas

Saeed bin Jubair was greatest of Tabeen and students of Ibn Abbas 

Depth in Tafseer of Ibn Abbas 

Imam Shafi follows Ibn Abbas 

594 narrations in Sahih Bukhari of Ibn Abbas

321 narrations in Sahih Muslim 

Abu Dawood 316 Narrations

At Tirmiadhi 295 narrations 

Al Masai 412 narrations 

Ibn Majah 325 narrations 

most impressive of resumes for Ibn Abbas