Ibn Abbas His Personal Life

Ibn Abbas had the lined under his eyes like Umar because of his crying

Ibn Abbas got up for Tahhajud every night and read Surah Qaf and repeat Ayah 

Ibn Abbas loses his son after coming back from a journey he fell off camel

He said To Allah we belong and to Him we return than he prayed 2 rakah

He smiled and said we did what Allah told us glad tidings to the patience 

Quran serves as his source of comfort for him

Um Fadil his mother passed away and Al Abbas his father passed away 

Ibn Abbas was very depressed 

Ibn Abbas received a beautiful advice that the Prophet said

A bedouin man came and hugged him and said What is better for you than Al Abbas is the patience you will have 

Allah is greater to you than Al Abbas 

Ibn Abbas felt comfort after that 

Ansar asked something from one of the governors 

then governor gave them what they wanted 

Ibn Abbas said when he speaks there is no breaks in his tongue he says that which is in his heart and removes any form of doubt he achieved his high rank there is no shortage or high rank 

Abu Ayub Ansari was in great debt and he went to Muawwiah but it was not enough

Ibn Abbas said I will do for you what you did for Prophet

Abu Ayub said he needed 20,000 dinar and Ibn Abbas gave him that 

Ibn Abbas was doing itikaf in last 10 nights of Ramadan 

A man walks in and looks disturbed and sees he is in debt and needs money

Ibn Abbas leaves itikaf and people asked him why

He said whoever fulfills his brothers need its better for him than 10 years in itikaf

whoever stays in itikaf for 1 day 3 ditches are removed from Hellfire each one the distance between the east and he west

To look after a Muslim family is dearer to me than Hajj over and over again 

Ibn Abbas really loved people and his students are all freed slaves 

Ibn Abbas would comb his hair beard and hair and then go into his house

He only had one wife 

People made fun of him 

He said I like to look good for her like I want her to look good for me

I make sure to fulfill all her rights for her even though I may not get all my rights

Prophet said on day of judgment Allah compensates missing rights