Ibn Abbas His Role in Politics

Ibn Abbas went into battle as well

He went to Egypt and Tunisia 

He did not take part in internal strife 

He saw himself as a peacemaker

He made good relation with all the Sahaba 

Uthman appointed Ibn Abbas Amir of Hajj 

When Uthman was under siege 

Ibn Abbas was with the Hujjaj then they heard Uthman was assignated 

Ibn Abbas was advised to be remain separate from killers of Uthman 

Ali would consult Ibn Abbas throughout his Khilafah 

Muawwiah Commanded that killers of Uthman be pursued right away 

One group of people left everyone who were Khwariajite who were ruthless 

They pray a lot and fast a lot but Quran does not go beyond their throat 

They will kill Sahaba too 

Ali wanted to keep things as calm as possible 

Ibn Abbas said let me go talk with Khwarijhitte 

Ibn Abbas went and put on his best clothes from Yemen 

Abu Zumain said Ibn Abbas was extremely handsome and had an great smile

Ibn Abbas saw him and mocked him and said why are you dressed so nicely 

Ibn Abbas saw 25,000 people reading Quran like buzzing flies and eyes were red

They appeared so religious 

Ibn Abbas said Prophet only were clothes from Yemen and dressed better than me

They said what do you want Ibn Abbas 

They say do not talk with him because Quresh always like to argue

They said I take what I heard from Ali and I take to Ali what I hear from you

He said what is your problem with Ali

They said Ali places Men to judge in matters of Allah

Second point why did Ali not take prisoners of war 

Ali sure remove the title of Amir Muminoon 

First answer Ali appointed Men to Judge and Allah says let 2 just man judge 

Second answer he did not take prisoners of war because Ayesha was on other side 

Third answer Ali removed the title because title was removed from Prophet too

Ibn Abbas brought with him 2,000 people 

Ibn Abbas was against people classifying others as Kafr 

Ibn Abbas was in charge of Basra