Ibn Abbas The Scholar of the Nation

Ibn Abbas is recognized at a very early age

He documents the Hadith and asks the Sahaba 

There is not a single Ayah except He asked the Prophet about it

He becomes an Imam for the people at a very young age

He led the prayers while Prophet was alive too

Ayesha saw this that his shalwar was following down 

After the Prophet he is a teenager now

He was an incredibly handsome man 

Tall Handsome and known for having a great presence 

People feel humbled by his appearance 

He had broad shoulders and was very fit 

He dyed his hair with henna 

Ata was one of the students of Ibn Abbas 

He said Ibn Abbas face was as bright as the full moon 

Saad bin Abi Waqas an uncle of Prophet said I did not see anyone quicker to understand anything who is wiser than him and had more sabr than him except Ibn Abbas

Ibn Abbas did not get angry with anyone and a very soft person 

Abdullah bin Umar testified about patience and knowledge of Ibn Abbas

Ibn Abbas was called Tarjuma ul Quran and Scholar of the Ummah 

Ibn Abbas was an ocean of knowledge 

Ibn Abbas gave tafseer of Surah noor and it was very beautiful 

If Romans and Persians heard his words they would be Muslim 

There was no one amongst the Arabs that was like him 

He was dressed very nicely with beauty and perfection 

He was a great speaker 

Taus only sat with Ibn Abbas because all other Sahaba agreed with him

Umar bin Khattab raised Ibn Abbas after the Prophet 

Umar gave him a sense of confidence 

Ibn Abbas cried during Qiyam ul layl and often cried 

Prophet cried as well as Umar and Ibn Abbas abundantly 

Umar appointed Ibn Abbas as a khateeb for Jumuah at a young age 

Umar asked Sahaba about Surah Nasr

They said it is about doing tasbeeh and istighfar 

Ibn Abbas said it is hinting the at death of Prophet

Umar asked about Laytul Qadr

Sahaba said to look in last 10 nights

Ibn Abbas said it can be any one of the last 10 nights but preferably last 7

Because Allah mentions everything in 7 stages 

Umar said what you said is known but what about 7 plants

He said 7 Sanabil 

Umar said for Ibn Abbas to speak the same time as Sahaba 

Ibn Abbas pulled out so much profound meaning from the Quran 

Ibn Abbas perfected everything 

Ibn Abbas sat in the mimbur and gave an in depth tafseer of Quran after Prophet

Ibn Abbas is way older than his age and asked a lot of questions and a heart that understands 

Umar asked Ibn Abbas do you not understand anything

Ibn Abbas said I do not understand three words in Quran 

One time young men put their head in water to see who can hold their breath the longest 

Umar bin Khattab walks by and asks what are you doing

Ibn Abbas says you are too old for this 

Umar walks up and sticks his head in water and beats them 

Umar did not like when children memorized Quran so fast

Ibn Abbas went home and felt depressed because Umar was angry with him 

Umar went to Ibn Abbas and took his hand and said what happened 

Ibn Abbas said if I made mistake I repent to Allah

Ibn Abbas said if they memorize too quickly then will lack understanding

If they lack understanding the ummah will be in conflict

If the ummah is in conflict and then the ummah will be disunited 

When that happens they will start to kill each other over the Quran 

Prophet said I do not fear neglecting memorization of Quran

But I fear you accusing your neighbor of disbelief 

Ibn Abbas hates to make Umar upset because he loved him so much

The closest person to Umar when he was stabbed was Ibn Abbas 

Umar asked Ibn Abbas who stabbed me 

Saeed al Khudri said there used to be crowds in front of Ibn Abbas house

Ibn Abbas broke up the days in different subjects to control the traffic 

Ibn Abbas would even reply to questions in poetry 

Ibn Abbas surpassed everyone in everything 

Ibn Abbas has one younger brother Obaidullah 

Obaidullah realized Ibn Abbas was something special 

Obaidullah served the students of Ibn Abbas 

Sahaba said the children of Al Abbas took all the ajar of Madinah 

One feeds the souls and one feeds he bodies 

Their house was always filled with people 

His majlis became very famous 

It was a very great gathering with great fear of Allah 

Scholars of fiqh Quran all sitting there and Ibn Abbas more knowledgeable than them

There was never anything but good there 

When Ibn Umar was asked a question he directed people to Ibn Abbas 

the Fiqh of Ibn Abbas was like Prophet Abu Bakr Umar and Uthman 

Ibn Abbas differed with Sahaba regarding sacrifice 

Because he resorted to Prophet first 

Ibn Abbas had a very easy fiqh

Ibn Abbas held himself to a standard of taqwa and took a more conscious opinion

He made ease for other people 

Ibn Abbas said for every issue he asked no less than 30 Sahaba 

Prophet chose the easier of the two decisions 

Ibn Abbas had deep perception when he looked at you he knew which fatwa you needed 

Ibn Abbas was sitting and was asked a question if a man killed someone will Allah forgive him and he said yes

Same day someone asked the same question and he said no 

First person had killed someone and was despairing 

the second person was looking for an excuse to kill someone 

Ibn Abbas did not like people people quoting him out of context 

Ibn Abbas was very observant of the sunnah 

Ibn Abbas told muezzin to say pray in your homes when it was raining 

Ibn Abbas prayed 22 rakah of taraweeh 

Ibn Abbas combined prayers