Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

Imam Ahmad's nickname was Imam of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah

He was a Mujadid 

Allah gave honor to this religion through Abu Bakr and Imam Ahmad

When people refused to pay zakah in time of Abu Bakr 

Imam Ahmad went through fitna with deviant Khalifah 

Who almost did away with important aqeedah of this deen 

Imam Ahmad was a proof that Allah established against the people of this earth

Ahmad sacrificed himself for Islam 

Imam Muzani wrote a virtue on Khalifahs

He said Islam shined on 4 days

Abu Bakr on day of apostsy

Umar on the day he became Khalifa

Uthman on day his house under siege

Ali on the day of battle of sifeen

Imam Ahmad on the day of fitna 

He said anyone who loves Imam Ahmad loves sunnah 

Whoever hates Ahmad hates the Ummah 

Imam Ahmad was born in year 164 AH in Baghdad 14 years younger than Imam Shafi

In Bahdad at that time it is the capital of the Khalifah 

the center of philosophy and fitna 

Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Hanbal bin kilal ibn Shaibani

He is from the tribe of Shayban

the deepest in lineage of tribes of Arabs

strong tribe in Arabs and a very noble tribe

the tribe guards its neighbors

there were more ulema and judges from this tribe 

Ahmad never would take pride in his lineage 

One time Ahmad's students said you are from the true Arab 

Ahmad looked away and said we are all poor people in the sight of Allah

His father was Muhammad bin Hanbal and general of army that opened Khursan

His grandfather was Emir in the Ummayah Khalifah 

When Abbasi came to power he was beaten and had head shaven

His mother raised him by herself because his father died when he was 2

His mothers name was Safiyah bint Maymuna bin Abdul Malik

Ahmad would talk about her very fondly

She would leave him notes in his clothes encouraging him 

She would take him to the masjid before anyone else was there 

She would wait outside until all the men left than she went in and got him

She would take him to all the halaqa 

People would spend money on people to teach their children adab 

Imam Ahmad had such nobility and manners 

People asked who taught him Adab

His mother taught him that Adab no one else 

She would take him to masjid before fair and take him back after isha

Imam Ahmad was based out of Basra in Iraq 

His father decided to move the family to Baghdad where Ahmad was born

His mother said to Ahmad do not travel by sea 

He honored that request until the age of 40 years old 

Ahmad told the people this is the not sunnah it is between him and his mother

Ahmad did not marry until the age of 40 years old when she passed away 

People would send proposals to Ahmad and he would turn it away

At age 40 he married Ayesha bint Al Fadl

He had a son by name of As Saleh 

He Kunya was Abu Abdullah

He stayed married to her alone for 30 years

Ahmad and his wife never had a argument

on their wedding night Ahmad gave her a khutba 

They exchanged really nice words 

One time there was an argument and Ahmad was wrong 

She passed away when she was 70 years

He married another woman named Rehana and had Abdullah

Then he married Husun and had Hassan and Hussein who died at birth

Then He had three other kids 

Saleh and Abdullah became Ulema

Sayed became the judge of Kufa

Ahmad memorized the Quran at the age of 10 years old 

He wanted to bring income to his house

He had beautifully handwriting so people would hire him to write letters 

One time Ahmad's uncle worked for the Khalifah and informed him

He told Ahmad to write this letter and he finished Ahmad crumbled it

His uncle said why and he said I do not agree with this oppression 

His uncle said this young man has more taqwa than us 

179 AH he seriously dedicated himself to studying Hadith When Malik passed away

Ibn Bashir taught Imam Malik Ash Shaibi and Imam Ahmad 

Ahmad went to him and spent the last 4 years of his life

He collected from him 3000 Hadith 

Ibn Bashir was always in a state of tasbeeh 

He never asked him a question out of fear of him except two times 

He passed away when Imam Ahmad was 20 years

Al Qadhi Abu Yusuf teaches Imam Ahmad the student of Abu Hanifa

He gathered Hadith from him 

He spent 2 years with him 

186 to 203 AH Imam Ahmad traveled the world 

He went to Basra, Makkah, Madinah, Yemen, Shaam

He met the major scholars around the world 

he travelled walking most of the time

He was too poor to afford camel or horse

He made Hajj 5 times 

3 of those 5 Hajj he did walking from Baghdad to Makkah 

Sometimes he gets lost on the way to hajj

In Makkah he met Sufyan ibn Hunaian a great scholar

Ahmad would focus on scholars of Hadith 

Ahmad came in late one time 

He showed Ishaq his teacher Ash Shafi

Ahmad meets Shafi in Makkah for the first time

Then later in Iraq 

Ahmad did not wait for people to validate his teachers 

He would just go learn from who he thought would benefit him the most

There are 20 Hadith from Shafi he learned 

The beautiful chain of Hadith was Ahmad narrates from Shafi who narrates from Malik who narrates from Zuhuri who narrates from Abdul Rahman ibn Kab who narrates from his father who narrates from the Prophet

The souls of the believers are in birds and they hang from trees in Jannah 

Shafi left Baghdad with someone who has taqwa, understanding of fiqh and very knowledgeable and he is a authority in different fields

Ahmad is an Imam of Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic, Quran, Poverty, Spirituality, leaving doubtful, Sunnah

Imam Shafi considered Ahmad greater than him and told him if you know a Hadith write me a letter and tell me

Shafi considers Ahmad a teacher as well

Shafi would ride his mule and Ahmad would run to him with his pen and paper

Ahmad would learn from Shafi all night on their midnight stroll

Shafi stayed at Ahmad’s house

Ahmad prepared all the children

One of his daughters was interested in fiqh too

She heard what a great person Shafi was

Shafi came after Isha and Ahmad shows him his room

Shafi does not pray tahhajud

Shafi does not make wudu from home

Shafi ate to his fill

Ahmad’s daughter said this is the Shafi with not much salah or zikr

Ahmad asked Shafi and he laughed

He said Shafi debated with himself an issue of the deen and the answer came in deen

His wudu did not break

He ate a lot because he knew his food was the purest

Ahmad was very poor and Shafi tried to give him money

Ahmad refused over and over again

Shafi said let me get you a job

Ahmad said ok and he spoke with the Khalifah to be judge of Yemen

Ahmad said no

Ahmad made Hajj then after Hajj he went to Yemen on foot

He went while carrying people’s luggage to meet the scholars

Abdul Razzaq ibn Asmani a scholar from Yemen

He was a great scholar there

When they got to Hajj Abdul Razzaq was there

Ahmad intended to meet him at Hajj and follow him to Yemen

Abdul Razzaq said yes

Ahmad meets him in Yemen to learn from him

It takes him a few months to get to Yemen

He stayed outside the house of Abdul Razzaq

He came out after Maghreb

Ahmad ran to him

Abdul Razzaq felt shy and he hugged Ahmad

Ahmed collected Hadith from Abdul Razzaq

When ever Abdul Razzaq heard of Ahmad he would cry

Ahmad would not eat while with Abdul Razzaq

After Ahmad passed away people would show letters written by him and tell stories

Ahmad was wrapped in blanket one time because someone stole his clothes

Ahmad refused to take loan from people

Ahmad took clothes and in exchange he wrote letter

Ahmad had over 415 teachers

He had already attained ijaza from people to give fatwa


He became the mufti of Baghdad


He was well known around the world


He goes to Shaam and sleeps in masjid and finds out what lectures are there


In masjid guard tells him he has to leave I have to lock up


Ahmad argues loke a normal person


The guard takes his legs and pulls him out of the masjid


There was a man who had a bakery and invites Ahmad not knowing it is him


Ahmad watches him and he sees him baking bread


As he was baking his bread he makes tasbeeh throughout the night


Ahmad was fascinated and asked him how long as he done


Baker said Allah answers all his duas except that Imam Ahmad should see him


Ahmad said that is me


Baker cries and embraces him


Ahmad said Subhanallah Allah brought me to you dragging me by my feet


Ahmad memorized all the Hadith


Ahmad was teacher of Imam Bukhari


He was an Imam of spirituality and wrote a book about it


Ahmad’s circle was the largest in Baghdad


5000 people would gather in it at one time


The people would repeat what he said until it reached the end of the gathering


Ahmad would observe people of good adab


He made sure his students would not write his opinions only Hadith


But his students still wrote his fatwas

Ahmad loved the poor


Circles of Hadith were like the circles of elite


So Ahmad brought the poor people in the circles and weddings


Ahmad would order that the poor were served the food before the ulema and princes


He hated praise


He wished to be in a complete isolation


Ahmad was praised one time and he said what did I do


Rather he said what did he do for me


Ahmad would pray 300 rakahs a night


When he was sick he split it in half


Ahmad would write down any one who asked to make dua


Then at night he would make dua for them


One day mother of a man was sick and he asked Ahmad to make dua


He told him your dua is better and your mother dua is even better


But Ahmad made dua anyway for his mother and she was cured


Ahmad revived leaving that which is doubtful


Someone backbited Ahmad and asked for his forgiveness


He forgave him as long as he does not do it again so he avoids the sin


The fitna starts with Al Mamoon who is the son of Haroon Rasheed


Ahmad lived through 8m Abbasi Khalifah


This fitna about creation of Quran was started by Jaad ibn Dirham


The idea was Allah does not speak


Denial of Allah’s attributes


Hesham ibn Abdul Malik excecuted Jared


Than Jahl ibn Sufyan brought the idea back into the Ummah


The group is called Jahmiyyah who made it popular


Haroon Rasheed sent order to kill Jahl


Then Mamoon took over and found Jahl


Mamoon was convinced by Jahl


Mamoon comes across a scholar from another deviant group


Ahmed ibn Duaad


For a few years Mamoon did not come out with his belief


Then he comes out publicly


Ahmad bin Hanbal refutes the idea


Imam Ahmad did not want anything to do with government


Mamoon had the statement written on gates of Masjid


Mamoon says to guard to force upon the people this deviant group


He would kill those who refused it


Some scholars went into hiding and felling Iraq


Out 700 scholars only 2 refused to give in including Imam Ahmad


Rabi ibn Suleiman student of Shafi who accompanied Shafi


Shafi handed him a sealed letter and sends him back to Iraq


He has to give it to Ahmad and brin back the answer


He went back to Baghdad with the letter and Ahmad was found at Fajr


After Fajr he gave the letter


He said it was from your brother Shafi


Ahmad broke the seal and read it


His face changed colors and his eyes fled with tears


After he read it he put his hand on his chest


Shafi said in the letter he saw Prophet in a dream


Prophet told Shafi in the dream to write this letter


And to give him Prophet’s salaam


He will be tested and told Quran is a creation


Prophet said do not respond to them and Allah will raise you to a high place


Ahmad said go to Shafi and give him my salaam


He said He will not give in and to keep making dua for him to have sabr


Ahmad was asked about Quran and he said it is the word of Allah and not the creation


They chained up Ahmad in a humiliating way


They spit at him and cursed him


The other scholar who said no died along the way


It was just Imam Ahmad going to see Mamoon


A Bedouin said stay on the truth you will die anyway


Ahmad received words on consolation


The guards said to Imam Ahmad Mamoon is waiting with his sword


Imam Ahmad made dua that Mamoon would not see him and he will not see Mamoon


Mamoon died in natural causes


Mamoon appointed his brother to carry on what he was doing


Mutasim was his brother who was an idiot brutal and wild


Mutasim assumed Khalifah and he was asked about Imam Ahmad


Mutasim left him in jail for three years


Imam Ahmad is visited by everybody and they tell him to give up


His uncle even comes to him and says hide your belief


He said your scholars have done it already


Imam Ahmad was very sad to hear this


The 700 scholars are concealing the matter


Imam Ahmad said he betrayed by Yahya the scholar who concealed it


Ahmad grabs his uncles hand and said look outside


Outside were all the people waiting for Ahmad to say what they wanted him to say


He feared Allah punishing him for giving up on this matter


Ahmad’s son came and had no shoes


Ahmad said to his son be patience Allah will give you something better


Mutassim had Ahmad brought to him


They grab Ahmad’s beard and threw him to Mutasim


Mutasim said I am just asking for one word


Ahmad said prove to me that statement is from Allah


Mutasim got mad and beat Imam Ahmad


Imam Ahmad was encouraged by the prisoners


The drunk man said if I can survive prison and torture for a sin you can survive it with love of Allah


Imam Ahmad gave dawah to other prisoners


All the prisoners were scholars by the time they left


Ahmad refused to drink from the oppressor


Ahmad was given strength by Allah for his torture


Ahmad made dua not to allow his shalwar to fall and show his private


One of the guards saw the cloth would never come off


Every Jummuah Ahmad would clean himself and make ghusl and beg the guard to let him know


Mutasim looked at some of scholars and said if he should let him go


They were all afraid


Mutasim brought a deviant scholar to debate Imam Ahmed


Deviant shaykh said did Allah not say He created everything and Quran is a thing


Ahmad said Allah also said He will destroy everything so you are saying Allah will destroy Quran


They said did Umar not say that Allah created zikr


Ahmad said no he said he revealed the zikr


Ahmad said Allah wrote down the zikr


Imam Ahmad said Allah will bring out the truth and it will show in one of ours Janazas


Mutasim was told to beat him publicly


They tried to rip his shirt off


Imam Ahmad had a shirt with blessed hair of the Prophet sewed on to it


Ahmad made dua for it not to be torn off


They took off his shirt and they said what is this


He said it is the blessed hair of the Prophet


They said we will burn him with shirt on but then they said no

They flogged him very severly


People screamed duas at him


A doctor came and said if an elephant was beat this much it would have died


After 19th beating Ahmad went into Coma and he woke up during 25th of Ramadan


His skin was falling off and his legs were broken


Imam Ahmad did not feel any of the torture


Imam Ahmad continued to fast despite he was sick


Ahmad made dua to Allah for relief


Ahmad cried and remember the torture of Abu Hanifa


Ahmad had to have several surgiers


Mutasim said he saw a dream that there were 2 lions and they were gonna tear me apart


Then two angels guarded the lions from attacking him


They took him to Ahmad’s cell and asked Ahmad what do you say about the Quran


He said the word of Allah but not created


Imam Ahmad goes back to the Sahaba to the Prophet all in his dream


Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

Abdul Razzaq As Sanani


Imam Al Zuhuri

Urwa ibn Zubair

Ayesha bint Abu Bakr

Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah


The Preserved Tablet




Allah said all the above have spoken the truth in his dream


Mutasim lets Imam Ahmad go


Imam Ahmad said do you forgive them and he said yes


The torture lasted for several years


Imam Ahmad said if I get back at them than I was not truly patience


227 AH Mutasim passes away


Another oppressor comes to power and he is on the same ideology


Ahmad al Kuzayi was on the Madhab of Imam Ahmad


Wasiq asks him what do you say about the Quran


Ahmad said it is word of Allah


Wasiq crucifies Ahmed ibn Kuzaiy


Imam Ahmad went into hiding for 4 years


Imam Ahmad almost died out of hunger


Prophet said all what remains in this world is tests and trials


Imam Ahmad was found and Wasiq dies


Mutakil takes over 232 AH and he is a righteous man


He tells Imam Ahmad is free to go


Mutakil publicly apologizes to Imam Ahmed and the deviant ideology is gone forever


Imam Ahmad fears the test of blessing more than fitna


He said he was afraid things will be too easy


Ahmad made dua O Allah if you will accept if someone will sacrifice themselves for the disobedient ones make my sacrifice as a ransom for them


Mutawakil sends money to the sons of Imam Ahmad


When Imam Ahmad found out he did not eat at their house


Imam Ahmed goes back to teaching


Imam Ahmad compiled his Musnad

Imam Ahmad lives the rest of his life under Mutawakil


Mutawakil praises Imam Ahmad and continues to support his sons


Imam Ahmad was a famous scholar of Ahle Sunnah wal Jamah


One of his Halaqas reached 50,000 people


Oner of the largest gatherings in Baghdad


As Ahmad reached the end of his life


Some one asked him to take a break


Ahmad said I will stay writing and studying until my grave


When Ahmad fell ill he just wanted to pray Qiyam ul Lail


When he got to his salah he lost in his legs


He would lean on his son


He prayed sitting down


Ahmad never maoned and complained when he was in pain


The crying or the moaning of those who are sick is from complaining to Allah


Not from people of patience


Ahmad had a child 50 days before his death and he named him happy (Saeed)


He had another son named Muhammad


Waseeah of Ahmad was that he wanted to buried from his own finances


And nothing from the government


Ahmad said there is no rest until you take your first step in Jannah


Shaytan came to Ahmad in a dream and said I gave up on you


Ahmad passes away on day of Jummuah 12th Rabi Awwal 241 AH at 77 years old


His Janaza there were 100 people from Banu Hashem who did his Ghusl


The muslim world came from all over


Ahmad passed away he had largest janaza in Islam


Atleast 1.3 million people prayed his janaza


10,000 non muslims accepted Islam because of the funeral of Ahmad


The truth will show in our janaza


Ahmad bin Dua no one wanted to wash him or pray on him


Imam Ahmad killed the deviant movement


Ahmad had three hairs from hairs of the Prophet


One was put on his tongue and one on each of his eyes


Because he did not see or say anything but the Sunnah


Allah had forgiven Ahmad and took him to Jannah and gave two sandles of gold


Its because he said the Quran is the word of Allah


O My Lord Everything is in your power upon everything

Forgive me for Everything

So you don’t ask me about anything


His biography is over 700 pages


Ahmad has multiple students


There were over 70 books published on his Fiqh


He was able to interact to all schools of thought


His grave in his Baghdad


Usool 1 the text Quran and Sunnah with no differentiation


Usool 2 opinions of the sahaba with some consitions