Imam Malik

When Allah takes one from the world Allah gives another

Each of the Imams are different and we love them all

Imam Malik is very different from Abu Hanifa

Imam Malik is in Madinah 

Madinah has the children of sahaba

Madinah was very political stable at the time 

Madinah was center of Hadith study 

Prophet says There will come a time when people will strike their backs of their camel to seek knowledge 

They will not find anyone more knowledgeable than the scholar in Madinah 

Imam Malik achieves the high position 

He was born 93 AH the same year Anas bin Malik passed away 

His name Malik ibn Anas Ibn Amr ibn As bahi Al Yemani

His mothers name is Alia bint Shareek

His father name is Anas ibn amr

both his parents are Yemeni

Prophet loved the people of Yemen 

His grandfather was Malik bin Abu Amr

Malik Bin Abu Amr moved to Madinah during Umar

Imam Malik's grandfather was student of all great Sahaba 

Imam Malik's grandfather was involved in writing of Quran

His grandfather buried Uthman bin Affan with Ali bin Abi Talib

His grandfather fought in conquest of north africa

His grandfather was advisor to Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Imam Malik's father was a scholar 

His uncle and aunts were scholars

Abu Sohail was uncle of Imam Malik and a teacher of Imam Zuhri who was first man to collect Hadith

Imam Malik's brother is also a scholar the same age as zuhri

His mother a very big influence in his life 

His father used to make arrows and Imam Malik learned it too

Everyone would go to Madinah to learn the deen 

Imam Malik likeness himself to Abdullah bin Umar

Ibn Umar settled himself to Madinah and avoided the fitnah 

Ibn Umar told Ibn Zubair to come to Madinah 

Imam Malik did not travel outside of Madinah except for Hajj

Prophet said whoever can die in Madinah should do so 

Prophet said he will intercede for him

Imam Malik never interacted with sahabi

He is from the third generation 

Pregnancy of Imam Malik lasted for 2 to 3 years 

He had very white skin and blond hair and blue eyes 

He was very handsome 

Imam Malik growing up was not very religious

He used to play with pigeons 

He wanted to be a singer 

His mother tried to talk him out of it

His mother would go out to the halaqas 

Imam Malik had the most female teachers and students 

She directs his pursuit of knowledge 

Imam Malik learned from his adab 

Imam Malik would practice his singing and wore earrings

His mother said you do not have the looks of a singer 

Imam Malik had a brother and their father asked a question 

His brother got the answer right and Malik was wrong 

His father said your pigeons made you get the answer wrong

That was when Imam Malik dedicated himself to seeking knowledge 

Imam Malik spent 7 years with Abdullah ibn Yazeed ibn Hurmus

Abdullah was a freed slave who was blind 

Imam Malik did not mix with any other scholar 

After 7 years he spent another 5 years with his teacher and others 

Imam Malik fell in love with his teacher

Imam Malik carried dates with him and he gave it to the children 

Imam Malik came to him very early in the morning 

Imam Malik would leave him until late night 

Imam Malik would wear cotton pants so he would not get cold 

Ibn Hurmes also recognized something special about Imam Malik

Imam Malik was famous for saying I dont know 

Ibn Hurmes used to say I dont know 

A scholar should teach his students to say I dont know 

Ibn Umar used to say I dont know 

Ibn hurmes met with the sahaba 

Ibn Hurmes would say closed the doors and would remind the people what was it like when sahaba were around 

Imam Malik is constantly reminded of the sahaba 

Second teacher is Nafe the freed slave of Ibn Umar 

Nafe spoke very broken arabic and spoke with a very heavy accent

When he quoted the Prophet or Ibn Umar there was no errors

Nafe narrated something Prophet said and said that's what Ibn Umar did

Nafe died when Imam Malik was 24 years old 

Nafe did not answer many questions as he got older 

Nafe kept to himself and was extremely quiet 

Imam Malik followed the sunnah 

Imam Malik was in awe of Nafe and terrified of him

There were no trees around the house of Nafe 

Imam Malik's parents saw his son and felt sorry for him 

His mother complained to his father

His father said leave him for he is memorizing Hadith of Prophet

Imam Malik asked Nafe what did Ibn Umar say about this 

the family of Umar bin Khattab had influence on Imam Malik

Another teacher of Ibn Shiab al zuhri 

Al zuhri was commanded to colect Hadith 

His wife said I will not be jealous marrying 3 other wives 

al zuhri spent a lot of time with his books

Al zuhri died in his library 

Imam Malik takes the love of Hadith from him

the day of eid in Madinah was when everyone took a break 

Imam Malik went to Al zuhri's house on eid 

Imam Malik said I just want to learn 

Al Zuhri laughed and said even on the day of eid

Imam Malik said learning Hadith is my Eid

Imam Malik wrote down Hadith and memorized 30 Hadith on the spot 

Al Zuhri said Allah has made you a vessel of knowledge 

Another teacher is Imam Jafar

Imam Jafar taught him how to pray salah properly 

Imam Malik saw him while he was praying fasting or reading quran

Imam Jafar was always in the state of wudu while speaking about the Prophet

Imam Malik did the same

Imam Jafar did not get involved with that with no benefit 

Imam Jafar was from the worshippers scholars and ascetics 

Muhammad ibn Mukanzar was another teacher

Muhammad could not speak about the Prophet without crying

Muhammad never met the prophet

Ibn Umar also used to cry at mention of the Prophet

Imam Malik taught from the area where Umar would teach 

He learned from Nafe

Imam Malik witnessed the Khalifah of Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Imam Malik was a biographer of Ibn Abdul aziz

Anas said Ibn Abdul Aziz's salah resembled that of the Prophet

He learned from Amr bin Abdullah ibn zubair

He was hasty in giving fatwas 

He waited for 70 teachers to give him permission

He had a great fear of Allah

Imam Malik would constantly say whoever wants his heart to be open for guidance and whoever wants to be saved from pains of death let him make sure his actions in private and greater than his actions in public

Imam Malik was very dedicated to hiding his private deeds 

Imam Malik prayed on a very soft rug so no one could see his mark of sujood 

He made sure no one was in his house while he is praying 

True knowledge is not memorizing a lot of Hadith rather knowledge is a light that Allah puts in the heart of a believer

Imam Malik had great love for the sunnah greater than the other Imams

the sunnah is Noah's ark whoever boards it is saved and whoever does not is drowned 

Imam Malik moved into the house of Abdullah Ibn Masood right in front of the masjid 

He would walk around Madinah barefoot 

He did not want his shoes falling on the same spot as Prophet

Imam Malik would make ghusl and put on best clothes then talk about Prophet

Imam Malik said he dresses nice to respect to the Hadith of Prophet

Imam Malik did not like talking about the Prophet while walking 

Imam Malik only took Hadith from worshippers and Ulema

You had to be living the Hadith

Imam Malik introduced the system of presenting the Hadith having his students read Hadith and Imam Malik correcting them 

Imam Malik liked to eat Bannanas because Prophet ate it and it is fruit of Jannah 

Abu Muawwaih ad darr wardi had dream of Imam Malik

He saw Imam Malik while sleeping in Rawda that Prophet rose from his grave and he was leaning on Abu Bakr and Umar then I stood up O messenger of Allah where did you come from

He said I came for Imam Malik and showed him the straight 

Another man had the same dream about Imam Malik 

He wrote letter to Imam Malik

Imam Malik saw the letter and cried and kept letter under place of sajdah

Imam Malik memorized the letter 

Imam Malik would teach next to the grave of the prophet 

Imam Malik had a strong endeavor 

Imam Malik had a very nice house and furniture

He ate meat everyday 

He hated a scholar taught without Juba and turban 

Imam Malik lived a very comfortable life

Imam Malik would sponsor his students 

one of his greatest student he sponsored was Imam Shafi 

it was not easy to get into halaqa of Imam Malik 

Imam Shafi had a difficult time to get into his halaqa 

Hesham bin Amr is one of the students of Imam Malik from Sham

Hesham's father sold their house to learn from Imam Malik 

Hesham came and entered the gathering 

He said to Imam Malik teach me Hadith 

Imam Malik said you should read a Hadith to me

He started to argue with Imam Malik 

a student took him outside and hit him 

Imam Malik finished his halaqa and Hesham said you committed a oppression

Imam Malik said what can I do for you to forgive me 

Hesham said I want a Hadith for every time I got hit

Imam Malik gave him 15 Hadith 

Imam Malik said am I forgiven 

Hesham said tell him to hit me again and give me more Hadith

Imam Malik laughed and Hesham became a student 

Imam Malik was born into the Ummayad period 

and he witnessed the Abbasia rule

he witnessed the rule of Haroon Raheed who was a righteous man

Haroon sent a messenger to Imam Malik to teach his kids at his house

Imam Malik said no only in the masjid 

Haroon sent bags and gold to Imam Malik

Imam Malik sent the gold back 

Haroon ordered a big chair to be placed on Jumuah 

Imam Malik pays no attention to him

His khutbah was one Hadith whoever lowers himself for Allah Allah will honor him

Haroon sat on floor and started to cry 

Kaaba was being rebuilt over and over

Haroon was asked Imam Malik about changing Kaaba to rectangle 

Imam Malik said no leave it alone Kaaba should not become a toy for the rulers

A women was making ghusl and she made comment this is thigh of fornicator

then her hand was stuck to her body 

Imam Malik said whip her then her hand got free 

Imam Shafi says I learned from Imam Malik the importance of wudu and tayyamum 

Abdur Rahman ibn Qasim spent 20 years with Imam Malik 

He learned 1 year of Ilm and 19 years of adab 

Imam Malik's adab was greater than his knowledge 

He had the quality of I dont know

A man came from Morocco to ask Imam Malik 40 questions

Imam Malik answered 36 with I dont know

The ulema of Morocco will know the situation better than him

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Umar criticized Imam Malik's lifestyle

He said just focus on being alone and doing good deeds 

Imam Malik responded by saying Allah has divided the good deeds like our rizq

A person can pray more and not fast as much 

or fast more and not pray much 

Imam draws nearness to Allah through his knowledge of Prophetic Hadeeth 

Imam Malik responded with a lot of adab

Imam Malik was walking in the street and he was on his way to masjid

He met a drunk man who screamed out Ya Allah 

Everyone ignores this man

Imam Malik went to him and took his Juba kneeled down and cleaned the mans out

he put the man around his shoulder and walked him to his house

he did not want to humiliate that man 

nor did he want Allah's name to be mixed with saliva 

Imam Malik saw a dream and heard voice saying to him we have purified you like you purified your brother

In the masjid he saw that man cleaned up and ready to learn Hadith from him

he said that he saw the same dream 

The pride that he had was for the Prophet but not himself 

Imam Malik wanted the religion to be honored 

Imam Malik is more serious than Abu Hanifa 

Imam Malik did not like to debated argue with the people

Imam Malik came across a man who wanted to debate with him

the man said the one who wins the debate will be followed

Imam Malik said debating will keep switching your view

that man kept changing his position then died as non muslim

How does Allah rise over his throne?

We believe in it but do not ask about it

Imam Malik's greatest teacher was Amra bint Abdul Rahman

Amra was great Muhadith and spent time with Ayesha and Umm Salamah

the greatest female student of Imam Malik was Fatima

She memorized Quran and Imam Malik collection of Hadith and his fiqh

She prayed tahhajud with her father

Imam Malik had a son who was not very religious

Muhammad Al Hasan Shaibani the student of Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik

Imam Malik took gifts and money from the government and maintained his integrity

Imam Malik would always admonish the leaders 

Imam Malik came in and asked fro a glass of water

Mahdi went chasing him 

Imam Malik said you cup is made of silver

Mahdi had all silver removed and donated

Imam Malik only returned when all silver cups were removed 

Abu Jafar wanted one fiqh for everyone 

Abu Jafar came to Imam Malik and asked him to write book

Imam Malik ignored him 

Then he asked him to organize all Hadith together

Imam Malik did that 

Malik to Nafe to Ibn Umar to Prophet (Golden Chain of Hadith)

2000 narrations in that and printed 100 times

Imam Malik came that to 70 scholars 

they all agreed upon it 

This became the text of all four Madhab 

This text was sent to Andulus 

this was the most authentic book at that time 

Then Sahih Bukhari took its place 

17 in Madinah and 2 in Makkah and 10 in Egypt and 27 in Iraq and 13 in Andulus and 2 from Kawaran (area in North Africa) and 2 from Tunis and 7 from Sham

they memorized the text

it spread all over the world very quickly 

Haroon Rasheed wanted to hanged the text on the Kaaba 

Imam Malik said no and said Allah allowed the difference of opinion 

Imam Malik was born in the Khalifah of Waleed bin Abdul Malik

Imam Malik was born in 93 AH

He was born when Hajaj was reeking havoc 

He saw the Khalifah of Suleiman 

He witnessed Khalifah of Umar bin Abdul Aziz 

He witnessed the revolt of Zaid bin Ali 

Imam Malik maintained a neutral stance in Politics 

Khawarrite had a revolt in 129 AH 

Umar bin Abdul Aziz tried to negotiate with them and made peace

They rose again and Imam Malik did not get involved much 

Imam Malik said leave them and Allah will take care of them 

He witnessed the Abbas rule in 132 AH 

Imam Malik is now 39 years old

Imam Malik is 52 years old during Abu Jafar rule

Then Imam Malik speaks 

Imam Malik stayed in Madinah because he did not want to get involved 

Imam Malik speaks out against Abu Jafar and gets tortured 

Imam Malik was shaved and dragged by animal 

Imam Malik stayed on his stance 

Imam Malik did not make dua against Abu Jafar because he was from the family of the Prophet 

Abu Jafar passed on and the Abbasia Khalifah was most beautiful

Haroon Rasheed gained respect of Ummah and opened it up for Ulema 

Imam Malik continued to teach after wards

Imam Malik stopped coming to masjid because he developed a urinary incontinence 

Imam Malik is buried in Jannah ul Baqi 

Imam Malik's teachers are the children of the Sahaba 

His Madhab was spread through the Muawwata 

and it spread through a book called Mudowana 

A scholar from Tunisia write the book and spread Madhab 

Sanoon which means a fast bird 

At age of 74 years old salon accepted a post on two conditions 

If anyone of your family members can in trouble will be prosecuted 

He did not accept a salary 

Al Asad ibn Furath was student of Imam Malik

He was afraid Maliki Madhab would wipe out Hanafi Madhab

Maliki Madhab starts with Quran

Then it has the sunnah 

Then the consensus of the companions 

Then the practice of the people of Madinah 

Then Al Qais 

Then the Egyptians and his students there

Then the scholars of Iraq

then the scholars of Morocco 

Al Baqhira or the hidden treasure a book about Maliki Madhab

it summarized all Maliki Madhab 

Mukhtarsar Al Khaleel another book from Maliki Madhab 

The Waraqkat of Juwainee a book about the Usool of the Madhab 

the most famous opinion of Madhab is hands to the side in salah 

Imam Malik leaves out narrations in his Muawata he does not agree with

Imam Malik does not restrict fasting 6 days of shawwal to the month of shawwal 

Imam Malik dislikes a man folding his hands in salah because it is not a obligatory action 

Maliki Madhab spread to North Africa and Andulus and small pockets in Hejaz