Imam Shafi

Imam Ahmad narrates that Prophet said O Allah guide Quresh for the scholar that comes to them will encompass the world

Prophet was referring to Imam Shafi

Every 100 years Allah sends a reviver who renews the religion 

First was Umar bin Abdul Aziz and next was Imam Shafi 

Imam Shafi's teacher is Imam Malik and his student is Imam Ahmad

Imam Shafi lineage is the richest 

Imam Shafi's grandfather was Ash Shaib a cousin of the Prophet who looked like the Prophet

As Sahib was fighting in Badr and accepted Islam after

Imam Shafi was born 150 AH 

Imam Abu Hanifa died in year 150 AH

the same day Imam Abu Hanifa died Imam Shafi was born 

Imam Shafi was born in Gaza Palestine 

In the part of Asklan

the place of Hashem because the Great Grandfather of the Prophet died in Gaza

Imam Shafi father was from Banu Mutalib 

Prophet said Banu Hashem and Banu Mutalib are one tribe

His father passed away when he was 2 years old

Imam Shafi name is Muhammad ibn Idris

His mother is also related to the Prophet

His mother is Fatima bint Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib

His mother is from tribe of Banu Az from Yemen

She takes Imam Shafi to Makkah to connect him to Banu Hashem

And probably learn the religion 

She was a very patience women and a great worshipper 

She traveled from Gaza to Makkah

Imam Shafi said his mother told him we are poor people and have no money 

She will not remarry because he want to focus on him and his learning 

She dedicated him to knowledge 

Imam Shafi is in the same position as the Prophet was 

Imam Shafi looks for the halaqat and sits there

Imam Shafi goes back to his mom and said he does not want to go there

The teacher ignores him 

His mother says present yourself to knowledge by entering with Adab 

Listen as if you are not there 

Imam Shafi did that and memorized everything the teacher said 

Imam Shafi would go to the students and review his lesson with them 

Teacher would go on break and would teach the students then 

The teacher accepted Imam Shafi as a teacher's assistant at age 6

Imam Shafi had nothing to pay the teacher and the teacher said its ok

At age 7 he completed the memorization of Quran

His mother would go the dumpsters and collect the old government papers 

so Imam Shafi could write on it

Imam Shafi memorized the Muawatta in 9 days 

His mother pursues the contact with Imam Malik and other teachers 

Imam Shafi had a very beautiful recitation of the Quran 

Imam Shafi spends time with a Yemani tribe of Ibn Masood

To learn the Arabic language with them

He spent 17 years learning Arabic from them 

His language was very beautiful and perfect 

Imam Shafi said he spent amongst the best of the Arabs and learned language

He learned all of its poetry and dialects 

He mastered Archery, Horse Riding, and Arabic language 

He was an expert archer but his knowledge far exceeded that 

He masters everything 

He would get bored because he finished it too quickly 

When he left the gatherings of knowledge he found himself obsessed with Hadith

He wrote every Hadith he can 

At the age of 15 he was licensed by the Muft of Makkah to give fatwa

The Mufti was Muslim ibn Khalid from Africa

Imam Shafi looked younger than his age and not much of a beard 

Imam Shafi teaches the Fiqh of Fasting during Ramadan while sipping water

Imam Shafi excuse is he has not reached puberty yet 

And it was too hot and he was teaching 

He did not like people asking about his age

Imam Malik would say Mind your own business if he was asked his age

If you ask scholars age then people would say he is too young or just like us

Imam Shafi memory was photographic 

His Kunya was Aba Abdullah 

Someone advised Imam Shafi to learn from Imam Malik

He goes to Madinah at age 20 

He is in awe of Imam Malik

His mother sells everything in Makkah to send Imam Shafi to study with him

His mother asks the Amir to write a letter of recommendation 

Imam Malik turns away Imam Shafi because he does not tolerate the nonsense of the governors 

Imam Shafi knocks on door of Imam Malik and reads the letter of governor

Letter mentions the lineage of Imam Shafi

Imam Malik takes the letter and throws it to the side

Imam Malik said have we reached the position where knowledge it takes through connections 

He became angry 

Imam Shafi enters into the house of Imam Malik 

At this time Imam Malik is very old

Imam Malik asks Shafi how much you love knowledge 

He said how a child loves his mother

Imam Malik knows your personality 

Imam Malik looked at Shafi and said fear Allah and abandon doing anything Allah has prohibited 

Imam Malik said Allah will elevate your rank 

Allah place a light in your heart 

Do not darken your heart with disobedience of Allah

Imam Malik said come back tomorrow and sit in the first row 

the next day Shafi comes and sits in the halaqa 

Imam Shafi ran out of ink so he used his spit

Imam Malik heard his Muawata and other 

Imam Malik loved his Arabic and fell in love with Shafi

Imam Malik said I never had a scholar more brillant

Shafi was his best student 

Shafi dressed a certain way and his mother sees him

His mother said what did you learn

He said I learned Adan and knowledge and she said you learned nothing

Imam Malik said I come back with good manners and knowledge 

Shafi's mom is like Malik's mom

His mother embraced him and hugged him 

Shafi would quote his mother 

His mother said do not trust a man whose words changed between two Jummahs

Shafi spent 6 years with Imam Malik

Imam Malik sponsors Imam Shafi

Imam Malik had a lot of fun with him

They both had the quality of seeing a person's personality boy looking at them 

They would figure out what is troubling a person 

once a man passed by and they disagreed on one man

Shafi asked the man and the man said I was a shepherd then carpenter

Both of them were right

Shafi was shy to disagreed with Malik in front of him 

A man came and said to his wife if you are not more beautifully than the moon I will divorce you 

Imam Shafi said this is your first revokable divorce

Shafi followed the man and said you are not divorced and man is created in the best creation and your wife is more beautiful than the moon

Imam Malik heard and was happy and Shafi was right 

Imam Shafi stayed with Imam Malik for 6 years until his death 

Imam Shafi was 29 years old when Imam Malik passed away

Shafi held Imam Malik in very high esteem 

He did not disagreed with him much 

He said this is what my teacher said

Shafi was known for his Qiyam and Qiraat 

He would give life to the night 

Shafi used to recite the Quran once a day 

In Ramadan would recite the Quran twice a day 

Shafi was walking and accidentally saw the leg of a woman

He got angry at himself 

He goes to Wakir bin Jarra 

Wakir had an amazing memory and Shafi admired him

Shafi complained about his memory loss and Wakir said knowledge is light of Allah and light of Allah is given to a sinner

Shafi did not like arguing and raising his voice 

A lot of people of jealous of him 

He blew the people away and went to Shafi 

Shafi changed the persecutive of people 

Shafi said purify your ears from backbiting

the one who hears evil is a partner in that evil 

Shafi would make dua that he did not win debate

Shafi wanted the truth to be realized but not because of it

Shafi wanted his knowledge to be realized but not his name

Shafi never lost to a debate 

One man stood up and said are you Shafi and he said you are an evil sinner

Shafi said O Allah if he said what is true forgive me and if it is not than forgive him 

Shafi hated using the word liar 

Shafi debated with Abu Musa and won and stunned the other man

Abu Musa got up and did not say salaam

Shafi ran to him and said can't we be brothers even if we don't agree on an issue

Shafi would very calmly address his issues

A man made dua out loud in sujood in Madinah

He said O Allah kill Shafi so people do not forget the knowledge of Imam Malik

Imam Shafi heard and said A man is making dua I die 

If I die then he will die too

He said to say to the one who seeking that from the past 

He says the one who made this dua against me has the same destiny as me

Tell the man to stop and protect himself 

Shafi protected the Madhab of Imam Malik 

Shafi has personality like Abu Hanifa

Shafi used to joke with his students in his halaqa 

A man sent his son to buy wood that is 30 yards long

His son said its length is 30 how side should it be

Shafi said the wood should be as wide as my tragedy and having a son like you

They laughed 

Shafi was sick and someone said may Allah strengthen you

Shafi laughed and said no you are trying to kill me

Shafi said asked Allah to give me strengthen against my sickness

Shafi would give a riddle before the halaqa to wake up his students

How does Allah punish fire with fire

Shafi asked for some clay and threw it at him

He said why did you do that

Shafi said did it hurt he said yes and he was made from clay

Shafi was very charitable 

His face turned red out of embarrassment when he had no money to give to a beggar

Shafi would travel a lot the entire muslim world

He is from Palestine and goes to Makkah then Madinah 

Imam Malik sponsored him 

Shafi would asked his mother's permission for every journey 

After Madinah Shafi goes to Najran the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen

He was appointed as a Judge there

the governor of Najran wrote a letter to Haroon Rasheed and said Shafi is a closet Shia and is planning a revolution against him

the governor arrests Shafi 

Shafi is from Ahle Bayt and he would talk about Ahle Bayt in his poetry 

Shafi said Ahle Bayt are my reason and purpose for living 

they are my connection and I hope I meet them on day of judgment holding my book in my right hand

Haroon Rasheed has never met Shafi because he has not been to Iraq yet

Shafi is in chains with 8 other people

Muhammad bin Hasan the student of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik sees Imam Shafi

Shafi speaks and gives a clarification defending himself

He talks about his connection to Haroon Rasheed and love for Ahle Bayt

Haroon Rasheed was very impressed 

Haroon says to Shafi you are free and work with Muhammad bin Hassan 

This was the greatest favor done to Imam Shafi and it broadened his scope 

Imam Shafi would say you might hate something but it is better for you

He got a free ride to Baghdad

Now Haroon gives him 50,000 dinars 

Imam Shafi gave it all away 

Haroon thought maybe he was like Imam Malik 

the guard came and gave the guard the money to give to Shafi

Shafi smiled and said I did not accept it from Amir why would I accept it from you

Shafi stayed in the house of Muhammad bin Hassan

Shafi defended the Madam of Malik

Shafi and Muhammad would have debate all night 

People would hear their debates publics 

the positions of Imam Malik and Abu Hanifa

Shafi left Baghdad with all of Muhammad bin Hassan knowledge 

Shafi gained an appreciation for Abu Hanifa's fiqh in those three years

Shafi would lead the salah in the Hanifa way in Baghdad 

Shafi settled in Makkah and people flocked to meet him

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal went to study with Shafi too

Imam Ahmad studied Muawata with 17 scholars

He was not satisfied until he studied with Imam Shafi

the Shafi Fiqh was taught at the Haram in Makkah in front of Kaaba

195 AH Shafi goes back to Baghdad for another 4 years at ager of 45 years

By then Haroon Rasheed passed away and his son assumed the Khalifah

His son was Al Amin

198 AH Am Mamoon assumes the Khalifah and he introduced a deviant ideology

the Mutazial they believed the Quran is created and Allah does not know future

Imam Ahmad dedicates himself to Imam Shafi from 195 to 198

Imam Shafi merged the two schools of Imam Malik and Abu Hanifa

Imam Shafi wrote first book on Usool Fiqh 

Imam Shafi clarified abrogated Hadith 

Imam Shafi reviews his book 400 times 

Imam Shafi Madhab is very organized because he is the only Imam that wrote his own Fiqh

His Mastered the Fiqh of Imam Malik and Abu Hanifa

All scholars would benefit of Imam Shafi 

He gained respect of all schools of thought

Mamoon took power 

Shafi sees the fitnah growing and decides to move to Egypt

Mamoon offered to appoint Shafi as Judge

Shafi knew he was deviant Judge so he moved

Shafi left Iraq to Imam Ahmad

Shafi leaves the people of Iraq that Allah never forgets the oppressor

It is a difficult journey from Iraq to Egypt

In Egypt Shafi becomes very wealthy and also dies there as well 

199 AH Imam Shafi moves to Egypt to avoid the fitna in Iraq

In Egypt Imam Shafi was welcomed by many students and scholars 

Old and New Shafi Madhab 

Imam Shafi had 80 fatwas in Iraq and kept 16 of them for Egypt 

Shafi refines his ideas by encountering the people of Egypt

Imam Shafi knows all four Madhabs

Imam Shafi had relatives from his mothers side in Egypt and he stayed with them

to follow the sunnah of the Prophet 

Amr ibn Al As conquered Egypt and he built masjid there

Imam Shafi taught at that masjid 

Imam Shafi writes Kitab ul Umm 

He revises his legal theory a final time 

He meets his favorite teacher who was a women Nafisa bint Al Hasan 

She was the daughter in law of Imam Jafar As Sadiq 

She is the granddaughter of Hasan ibn Ali

Her family moved to Egypt

She was a master of Fiqh and Hadith 

She was a worshipper and known for he righteous

She was the most charitable person in Egypt and helping those with special needs

She made Hajj 30 times 

Shafi reviews Umm and Risala with her 

He took from all the scholars of Egypt, Makkah, Madinah, Iraq, Yemen

He encountered each and every school of thought in the ummah 

Imam Ahmad would always make dua for Shafi because he was like what the sun means to the world 

Ismail ibn Yahya Al Muzani who was a student of Imam Shafi

Ismail was very brilliant 

Ismail said to Shafi to prove that consensus of the Ummah is must

Shafi gave a long answer then Ismail became his student 

Shafi said Ismail would beat the shaytan in a debate

Shafi took with him two students to Egypt from Iraq

Imam Shafi is beating everyone is debates 

His Madhab became superior and he wrote over 100 books

Egypt became a center of rich debate 

the ones who hated Shafi the most were the fanatical followers of Imam Malik

they called him a sell out and names and they slandered him

Imam Shafi debated with many people

Imam Shafi was beat up at one point 

Now the fanatical Madhabism starts 

the second time he was beat may have caused his death 

He passed away in 204

AH at age 54 In Rajab 29 on day of Jummuah 

On his deathbed he has a beautiful poem

To you O my Creator I raise my Longing even if I find myself to me a wrongdoing and when my heart became constricted and my heart became narrow that I take hy hope in your forgiveness as an escape my sins seems very great but your forgiveness is greater than my sins You are and are still the one who forgives sins you grant and forgive out of your benevolence 

When he died everyone knew how much Nafisa loved her

His body was taken to her house so she can pray a separate Janaza in her house alone 

He never got to meet Imam Layth but he is buried next to him outside Masjid Amr Al As

Imam Shafi would carry a stick all the time to remember that he is always traveling in this world and that death is coming 

The most organized and balanced of all the Madhabs

Quran and Sunnah are one and the same like Imam Malik

the consensus of the companions 

he liked the Madhab of Ibn Abbas 

He used Qais as a source of legislation 

He disregarded the choice of what his heart feels 

Qunoot in Fajr Salah 

Imam Nawawi wrote greatly in the Shafi Madhab 

Imam Nawawi explains Hadith in opinion of Shafi

Imam Gazali was Shafi

Imam Zahabi is a Shafi 

Ibn Kathir is Shafi

Imam Bayhaqi is Shafi 

Ibn Hajar tried to prove Bukhari was a Shafi 

Biography of Shafi was written early on by Dawood Az Zahri 

He was a student of Shafi then took a hard core approach 

Bayhaqi wrote the biography of Shafi 

Imam Nawawi thanked Imam Shafi in beginning of every work

Salahuddin Al Ayubi was Shafi 

It was spread to Egypt, Abbyissina, Southern part of India, Indonesia and Malaysia

It spread to Yemen and Sri Lanka