In Service of the Messenger Ibn Masood

Some of his nicknames are

The keeper of the secrets of the Prophet

the keeper of the 2 sandals of the Prophet

the possessor of the 2 small legs

Prophet entrusted him with his secrets

He left being a shepherd to tend to the Prophet

He would take the Prophets sandals and hold them under his arms

He had really small legs

He is one of the weak people of Makkah

He is the first person to recite the Quran publicly in front of the Kaaba

Surah Rahman

Then people jump on him and beat him up  

Abu Jahl steps on his collar bone and broke it

Sahaba asked him why did you do it?

He said the enemies of Allah have never been lighter upon me then today 

He said I wish I can go out again tomorrow and do the same thing 

And they can do to me whatever they want 

Prophet told him enough 

He memorizes Surah Rahman and recites it publicly 

Prophet had with him 6 people 

Saad ibn Abi Waqas Ibn Masood Bilal and 3 other people

Allah revealed do not turn away the believers who invoke their leaders those who call upon Allah morning and evening all they want is Allah's pleasure

That was the happiest day of Ibn Masood's life because Allah testified for them

Allah testifies to their sincerity 

Allah tells the prophet to stick with these people

Ibn Masood is not from a noble tribe

He was very dark skinned

We was very skinny and short

When he was standing the person sitting would be the same height as him 

He was very poor

Ibn Masood would never dye his hair

He wore a very clean thobe and would scent it with the best scent 

Prophet sent Ibn Masood to get a sewak and the wind blew him into the tree 

His legs were exposed and the Sahaba laughed 

Prophet was angry and said those legs will be heavier than the mountain of Uhud

Ibn Masood would carry the pillow of the Prophet 

He would get the sewak of the Prophet 

He would wake up the Prophet

and cover the Prophet when he wanted to make ghusl

He would guard the entire area so no one will see the Prophet

Abu Musa Al Ashari came from Yemen and they taught Ibn Masood was from Ahle Bayt 

Because he walked in and out with the Prophet 

He was called the young man from Ahle Bayt 

People considered him from Ahle Bayt because of how close he was to the Prophet

Prophet told Ibn Masood that you can enter my house any time 

Prophet said he can walk into any conversation 

Ibn Masood had a privilege no other sahabi had

Hudaifah had knowledge on who the hypocrites were 

All Sahaba was afraid that it could be them 

Hudaifah said Umar is the door between peace and fitnah 

When Umar dies the door to fitnah will be broken 

Hudaifah was asked who is The closest to the Prophet in guidance is 

Hudaifah said it is Ibn Masood 

To the point that he will hide from the people in Prophets house 

Ibn Masood was from the protected companions and the closest 

He is the most beloved to Allah

Prophet told Ibn Masood if you see the hijab of the house you can pull it up and come in

Prophet laid down on the garden and Ibn Masood stood next to him with a cup of water

Prophet said who told you to do that

Ibn Masood said no one 

Prophet said you did well and you have been granted Jannah

Ibn Masood is with the Prophet from the very beginning 

Ibn Masood measures time by the revelation of Quran

He says from my acceptance of Islam to Surah Hadid has time not come to soften your hearts was 4 years 

He was there when Prophet was tortured with camel guts thrown in sujood

The former master of Ibn Masood dumps that camel meat on Prophet

Prophet told Ibn Masood not to defend him in public so he told fatima

Fatima wipes the meat away and starts crying

Prophet makes dua against them and they all dies at badr

Ibn Masood was very happy with acceptance of Islam of Umar 

He was there the night the Prophet split the moon 

He goes with the Prophet to meet the delegation of Jinn who came to accept Islam

He was the only one with the Prophet meeting the Jinn

the tree told Ibn Masood that the Jinn have arrived and were listening to the Quran 

The Jinn told the Prophet to prohibit his people not use bones to clean themselves 

Az Zubair and Ibn Masood were brothers 

Ibn Masood led the Janaza led Az Zubair

Ibn Masood was in every battle with the Prophet

He did not flee from Uhud

His effect was minimal and was barely surviving

Before Badr started he had two kids next to him 

One of the Kids said O uncle tell me which one of those is Abu Jahl

Their mother told him do not come home until you kill Abu Jahl

The kids slashed him and knocked him on the ground 

Then Ibn Masood climbed on top of his chest looked his in the eyes 

Abu Jahl said you have climbed a difficult mountain 

Abu Jahl asks him who is winning the battle 

Ibn Masood responds and says the victory is to Allah and His Messenger O enemy of Allah

Abu Jahl said if only someone other than you would kill me 

Ibn Masood killed him and finished him away

Ibn Masood's spoils of war was Abu Jahl's sword

the sword was bigger than him

Islam shamed Abu Jahl and honored Ibn Masood 

During Uhud Ibn Masood stays next to the Prophet

Ibn Masood said I will never forget the Prophet wiping blood off his face asking forgiveness for his people 

During Fath e Makkah he walks with the Prophet into Makkah and into the Kaaba knocking the idols and saying truth has come and falsehood has vanished 

He witnessed the migration to Abyssinia twice and made migration to Madinah

He is Distinguished by Quran