Indian Crisis

Pharaoh divides the people of Musa

he caused firms tyranny and justice 

Allah wanted to bless those who being persecuted 

Allah had a plan that those people who being persecuted would be in charge and they would be leaders 

they would inherit from Pharoah 

in this story there is example of every tyranny 

Modi separated the people and divided them like pharoah 

this is the eccesqnce of racists 

and racism’s 

this is the same as hitler movements 

Indian Hinduva which says this land is only for their version of Hinduism 

they killed Ghandi although he was Hindu 

Zionism which says there is one group for a land 

white nationalism a racism ideology shut down the borders banning others from coming 

all groups are the same but they hate each other 

they all come from same ideology as Pharoah 

do not be complacement what happens there will not happening here 

Ask Allah for protection against fitnah

to be in fitnah is very dangerous 

Make dua to Allah to take you back before fitnah arises 

Fitnah is there to test to see who really believes and who does not 

who was telling the truth and who was lying 

we should strengthen our imaan 

Jannah is not for free 

If you want A high level of Jannah there is a high price 

Do not desire to meet the enemy 

you don’t know how strong you will be 

when the fitnah does come be firm 

Seek Allah’s refuge 

strengthen your imaan 

whoever wants to be saved die in a state of imaan 

We cannot be lazy with our Islam 

 We must be better muslims 

we must do good deeds 

worshipping Allah increases imaan 

we do what we can what is reasonable and logical 

it varies between time and place 

our religion is not about turning the other cheek 

we should do something after worshipping Allah