Introduction to Reconstruction History

This is of critical importance

The world is in tremendous change

With convergence of covid 19 and death of George Floyd

Relationship from white Americans and black americans

We are part of this society

This course is a living history and experience

What is the purpose of history?

  • History is an intrical part of the Quranic understanding
  • One third of the Quran are stories of the past
  • In every Islamic curriculum should be history section
  • In Tafseer you look at
    • When was it revealed
    • Why was it revealed
    • Why did grammar developed especially Arabic
  • Understanding history is important to gain perspective

I can’t breathe

  • Physically
  • Spiritually - Touheed
  • Psychologically
  • Economically – interest free
  • Politically - counselling

In these stories are wisdoms for those who are thinking and reflecting

Tell them the stories in order that thy may reflect

Quran is telling us to reflect and think

Our study of History is to understand the principles of human experience

These are the rules and laws of Allah and it is fixed

Rise and Fall of civilizations are inevitable

We want a balanced understanding of history to advance our study

We are impacted by Euro Centric thought

We are centered on European thought North to south

We are trapped on a particular mode

Southern Countries brought knowledge to northern countries

Middle East and Far East Asia is relative

China is only far east from Europe

In China it is the center

Map making is a type of distortion centering in Europe

We must be Makkah centric based on revelation

Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover America

How can you discover a place that is already inhabited?

We must learn to deconstruct information

Go to the original sources

Indigenous people lived in the Americas for 10,000s of years

Columbus was discovered in America in 1492

Columbus did not know where he was

He thought he was in India

He bumped into the islands thinking he was in India

Ferdinand and Isabela were expecting to receive gold

Columbus returned gathered information and went back

Muslims were part of the people who built the Americas

Waves of Muslims came from across the Atlantic and Pacific

Those who know their history than you will not know your future

History gives us perspective and the ability to see fully

We need to have the proper understanding of who we are and where we came from

Muslims came to Americas from all over the world

There are many masjids

We need valuable lessons to move forward