Introduction to the 99 Names of Allah

There are more than 99 Names of Allah 

99 Names of Allah are mentioned in the Quran 

We thank Allah for guiding us to His Names 

we would not know Allah without these names 

Allah says He has many beautiful names 

To Him alone belong these names 

Ask Allah through these names 

know the meanings of the name of Allah 

Allah has 99 names whoever memorized these names will enter Jannah 

You must commit to teaching the names to others in its fullest meanings 

You should search for these names in the Quran 

Make dua with name of Allah in reference to what you are asking for 

if you want Rahma than call upon Ar Rahman 

if you want to be guided call upon Al Hadi 

You should bring in yourself the quality of these names 

You must understand these names 

we must place every name in its right place 

believe in these name in its proper form 

The name Allah is the greatest name 

Allah started the Quran with this name 

After Allah is the Name Rabb 

If you know Allah then you know Him as Rabb 

Most of the duas of the prophets start with Rabbana 

Prophet started with the name of Allah in writing his letters 

Some Makkah people knew the name Allah but not Rahman or other names 

Not knowing Allah properly you could assign partners with Allah 

there are three different people that came to Kaaba and they were people whose hearts understood little but they were people who had a lot of fat on their stomach and they said do you really think Allah hears what we are saying 

Allah revealed ayah in Surah Fussilat you cannot hide what your own hearing and skin will witness against you on day of judgement 

As long as someone on the earth is saying Allah the day of judgement cannot come 

The name of Allah we do not take out Al so we say Ya Allah 

The word Allah come from worshipping Allah and only Allah is to be worshipped 

The name Allah is only for Allah and no one else can use this name 

the name Allah mentioned abundantly in the Quran 

the people of knowledge are those who fear Allah 

the name Allah cause fear and hearts tremble for the believers 

If someone knocks on door and before that you are relaxed 

then when the one who knocks is someone in authority your heart trembles and you sit up 

if you know who Allah is your heart will tremble with the name of Allah 

it is a change in attitude