Islam in China

Islam has been in China since first century of Hijra 

Sahaba did not travel to China 

Early Ummayids merchants reached China to do business 

Islam spread through military and business expeditions 

People would impressed with character of the Muslims 

Largest Muslim countries in the world is Indonesia and Malaysia accepted Islam through Merchants 

Maldives is Muslim country because a Muslim made dua and people were impressed tsunami did not hit 

China was composed of small dynasties and kingdoms 

A major kingdom was Tang Dynasty 

Tang Dynasty allowed a Muslims to come to China in 1067 and to business 

Xian is the first city in famous Silk Road and ends in Syria 

Silk Road is largest trade route 

when time for Salah came the Muslims closed their shops and prayed 

the people complained to the emperor 

the emperor was impressed and built a masjid for them 

That masjid is still standing until this day which is 1,000 years old 

the descendants of this group are the Hui Muslims 

China has designated 56 ethnic groups as being Chinese 

10 of them are predominantly Muslim 

Han Chinese are the dominant Chinese 

Mandarin is from the Han 

All the 53 put together are less than 10%

Hui Muslims and Han look the same and speak the same 

There are 12 centuries of Islam in China 

Chinese Muslims played a heroic role and fought to defend China 

There are more than 40 million Muslims in China 

Beijing Shang Hai are very clean 

public transportation is top notch 

China seems very much advance than us 

China has the fastest train in the world 

there was never a traffic in China 

Always zooming on the freeway 

Not a single car speeding or changing lanes eratictky 

the streets were clean 

Allah says go travel in the land and see 

In every city there were Halal restaurants and masjids 

Prophet said Islam will reach every home in the world 

the western most Muslims met eastern most Muslims met 

Chinese Muslims had a certain blend of Islam in China 

They have there own calligraphy it looks Chinese but it is Arabic 

the masjid in China has elements of Buddhist temple but it is a masjid 

For Islam to flourish in a land it has to adopt to the culture of the land for long as Islam allows it 

Every nation has its own culture 

We need to minimize our judgment 

There was a dragon outside a masjid which was given as protection from Emperor for the Muslims 

the dragon was the emperor’s seal and no one could use a dragon 

if you see the dragon outside any property the emperor is saying do not mess with this property 

for the last 17 years China is a communist country 

it caused the government to control every aspect of citizen life 

the government had taken charge of the masjids 

the government appoints and trains the imams 

non of imams spoke arabic or memorized Quran 

they don’t even have the tajweed we do 

The Chinese government allowed them to speak with anyone that’s walks in the masjid 

but not outside the masjid 

they can only have halaqas in their homes not in the masjid 

in East Turkmenistan China invaded this province and made it a part of China 

the people there are more Turkish than Chinese 

Uyughurs have been humiliated and colonised 

 Now they are fighting back 

Han Chinese went to East Turkmenistan to control the people 

They are not allowing them to pray or practice Islam 

the government to wipe out the people by force 

Mass incarnation likes of which not seen since Nazi Germany

This is not the inquisition in Spain 1492 

Muslimahs are forced to marry Han Chinese 

There is no larger city than China 

no body speaks English in China 

the level of knowledge in Islam is very minimal

they we’re disconnected from the world 

you cannot pray in public in China