Juwairya Bint AlHaarith

Her Name was Bara 

She is from the tribe of Kuzay

The tribe Ismail married into 

Banu Mustalik a prominent tribe and powerful tribe near Jeddah 

Manat is the idol of this tribe 

They competed with Quresh 

Manat used to be their source of income 

this tribe is great enemy to prophet 

Battle of trench all tribes got together to finish off Muslims 

Towards the end of 5th year of Hijra 

tribes from inside betrayed prophet 

all of this was an exhausting expierence

6th year after Hijra they mount attach

Juwairya's father was great enemy of Prophet

Her former husband was enemy of prophet

Her father is mounting the army

Prophet sends a man to confirm what they are doing

Prophet mounts his own army and sets out

Prophet reached an area and stations himself there 

Many people fled they were not ready

Prophet sends Umar to invite them to Islam 

Al Harith starts attacking them but were easily defeated 

Hypocrites joined Muslims because it was easy victory

Juwairya was captive in prison 

She had a dream that moon came into her house before this 

Juwairya ends up in the hands of Thabit 

Her husband died in this battle or before 

prisoners of war are taken in and there are many ways out of it 

it has to be a reasonable price and if it is not it has to be made reasonable 

wives of prophets were inside the tents and Juwairya asked to come in

Ayesha saw her and she hated her 

She was a beautiful women with nice character 

Juwairya said I am the chief of my people 

She asked the prophet for a loan 

Juwairya said she had been reduced to this state because of the silliness of her father

Prophet said you are free and you can be my wife 

She accepted 

If prophet desired her than marriage was not necessary

But prophet had something else in mind

Sahaba thought all these prisoners were from Ahle Bayt so they set them free

Al Harith heard of Juwariya's capture

Al Harith seeks permission to enter and see the Prophet

Al Harith brought all best gifts and asked for his daughter back

Prophet said to Jawariya you may go back to your father and you are still free

no ransom or be my wife and there is no obligations

Jawariya decided to stay with the Prophet

Al Harith was shocked why she stayed

Al Harith hid his two best camels but Prophet knew and called it out

Al Harith became Muslim

The whole tribe became Muslim because of their leader

The tribe went back and Al Harith is still leader

Ayesha says I do not know of a single women that brought more blessings to her people than Juwariya

Prophet changed her name to Juwariya which means a young women and a beautiful red rose

Prophet gave Mahr 400 dirhams with her freedom in 6th year shaban

returning from this battle the slander happened

a revelation of Surah hujurat came down because of this tribe to confirm news

Waleed was sent to collect zakah 

He says to prophet they refused to pay zakah

Prophet sent Khalid with an army but when they got there they paid zakah and were still Muslim 

Juwariya was a very righteous women 

Prophet left Juwariya in morning in state of zikr and when he returned she was still in that state Prophet told her four phrases that equal this entire span of yours 

Juwariya was known for fasting and fasted on Friday too 

Prophet said do not fast Friday alone 

She only narrates 7 Hadith 

Ayesha narrates Juwariya and she said that she never argued with anyone 

Anyone that saw her was captivated by her 

Juwariya was to herself and in her Ibadah 

Juwariya passed away in Rabi Awal during reign of Muawiah