Learning Moderation in His Personal Life Ibn Amr

Anas ibn Malik said we were sitting in the company of the Prophet and Prophet said someone will enter upon you from Ansar who is from people of Jannah 

That person was walked in the masjid after just made wudu and his sandals in his left hand

the next day the Prophet said someone will enter the masjid who is from the people of Jannah and it was the same man

A third day comes and the Prophet say the same thing and he enters again 

Ibn Amr finds out what he did to be a person of Jannah 

Ibn Amr follows the man and her says to him can I stay with you for 3 nights and the man agrees 

Ibn Amr is really excited what the special Ibadah is 

Ibn Amr saw that the man did not do anything extra and the man does not pray tahhajud and he does not fast extra days or does not read extra Quran

After the 3 days were over Ibn Amr asked the man what he did for Prophet to say he was a man of Jannah

He said before he goes to sleep he forgives everyone 

Ibn Amr starts to understand the deen better and to implement it in moderation

Prophet said a person says subhanallah walhamdulillah Allah hu Akbar 10 times each after each prayer attains Jannah

Before going to sleep say Subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdullilah 33 times, Allah hu Akbar 34 times 

the best act in Islam is to feed poor people and give salaam to those you know and don't know 

Ibn Amr narrates the virtue of Good Deeds from the Prophet 

Ibn Amr narrated On Judgment day the Qari will be asked to recite Quran and degree is raised 

Ibn Amr narrated that Prophet said Fasting and Quran will intercede for a person on the Day of Judgment 

Ibn Amr wants to please Allah the way Allah wants him to do so

There is a shift in tone of the words of Ibn Amr when he is younger and when he is older 

Ibn Amr said if you were to know about the day of Judgment you would beg Allah for forgiveness until you lost your voice and you would pray until your back broke 

He said if one of you saw a person in Hell you would die from that sight 

Ibn Amr said do not hate the worship of Allah 

Prophet told Ibn Amr to be easy on himself 

Ibn Amr said he wished he would take the advice of Prophet 

With the Prophet Sahaba only thought of the akhira but when we are away from Prophet we get distracted with the duniya 

Iman rises during Ramadan and Hajj but what happens later it often crashes down 

Ibn Amr preferred a very humble lifestyle 

On the day of Judgment most people entering Paradise are the poor people except the rich person giving charity left and right 

Ibn Amr had a lot of patience giving advice to people and he was not judgmental of people 

Ibn Amr held the hand of a person who was drunk and he gave him advice