Like Father Like Son Ibn Umar

He looked exactly like his father

Anas bin Malik said there are no two people with ikhlas except Umar and Abdullah

Ibn Umar was extremely tall he sat on horse and feet touched the ground 

He has a dominant appearance 

People would intimated by him because of his size 

People would look at Ibn Umar because he looked at Umar after Umar died

There is no father and son connection like Umar and Abdullah

He would spend a lot of time with his father 

They would advise each other 

They worked harder and more generously 

Abdullah admired his father and speaks glowingly about him

Umar was very rough on his kids 

Umar gave a salary from bait ul Mal for all muhajireen except Abdullah 

Umar gave 5,000 to Hasan and hussein because they were beloved to Prophet


there was a famine and Umar forbade himself from food until people can eat 

Umar said if my people are struggling and we are all struggling 

Umar saw his son eating watermelon and he took it from him

Ibn Umar was riding a nice camel and Umar said donate that

Ibn Umar agreed and did that

Umar would go around the city to see if there are any poor people

He takes a different son everyday 

They had a sense of social responsibility very an early age

Ibn Umar had a wife that he loved and Umar said divorce her

He told the prophet and the Prophet said listen to your father 

So he did that 

But Umar had a different reason and he is inspired by the angels

Quran comes down agreeing with Umar 

Umar is well known for his justice 

Umar had a bad feeling about wife of Ibn Umar

And the women died in evil so Umar was right 

Umar was strict with his son and Ibn Umar loved him

Ibn Umar saw his father be assassinated 

Umar establishes his Shura

Shura is Uthman Ali Talha Zubair 

Umar does not allow Ibn Umar to be shura member 

Prophet mentions the importance of treating those your parents used to love

Abdullah was riding and a random bedouin came and greeted them 

Ibn Umar got off his donkey and gave it to bedouin and gave his turban 

the sahabi next to him said why did you give him that much 

Ibn Umar said I heard Prophet say maintain ties with friends of your father

Ibn Umar said I saw this man have a good interaction with my father