Loving the Messenger and His Way Ibn Umar

Ibn Umar grows up with the Prophet

Ibn Umar fell in love with the Prophet the first time he saw him

He would always follow the Prophet around

He never went through a childhood phase

His life was with the Prophet 

Most of the narrations where Prophet is with Abu Bakr and Umar is by Ibn Umar

Ibn Umar was the most disciplined youth of Quresh 

Ibn Umar had his own relation with the Prophet

Prophet asked Umar where is your young man 

Umar says I left him at home 

Prophet said go and get him 

Umar goes back and tells Abdullah he was shocked 

Ibn Umar was star truck around the Prophet 

Ibn Umar has access through this father Umar and his sister Hafsa

Ibn Umar narrates that Prophet prayed sunnah at home and farm in Masjid

Ibn Umar and Ayesha narrate them 

Ibn Umar prayed salah with Prophet in masjid and at Prophets house

Prophet gives advice to Ibn Umar

the most famous Hadith is to be in this world as if you are a stranger and a traveller 

The Prophet put his hand on his shoulders

Ibn Umar said if you wake up in morning do not expect to reach the night

and take from your health before your sickness and take from your life before death

Prophet teaches him to worry about the akhira 

Ibn Umar narrated Once him and Umar were riding with Prophet and camel kept going ahead of the Prophet and Ibn Umar holds it back 

Ibn Umar said it used to go in front of the Prophet and Umar yelled and Ibn Umar 

Umar said no one should go in front of the Prophet and Abdullah was hurt 

Prophet stopped and he went to Umar he says sell me the camel

Prophet gave Abdullah the camel as a gift 

Ibn Umar narrates the combing and shortening of the prayers

Ibn Umar participated in the battles of the Prophet

Ibn Umar came to the battle when he was only 12 years old 

Prophet told Ibn Umar that he was too young and sent him home

Ibn Umar was 14 years old at Battle of Uhud and Prophet said not yet

Ibn Umar is 16 years at battle of Khandak 

Traditionally Prophet did not let 16 year old fight 

But Prophet let Ibn Umar fight because he was much bigger

Ibn Umar fought in all other battles with Prophet 

Prophet and Umar encouraged Abdullah 

Ibn Umar looked for every excuse to get the Prophets attention 

Prophet would asked every morning if any Sahaba had a good dream

Ibn Umar wished to have a good dream 

Ibn Umar made a dua to have a good dream 

Ibn Umar would sleep in the masjid a lot 

Ibn Umar sees hellfire and the angels come and tell him do not fear 

Ibn Umar tells Hafsa of his dream 

Hafsa told Prophet what he saw

Prophet smiled and said what a good man Abdullah is

But only if he pray a little bit at night 

Hafsa tells Abdullah what the Prophet said

Ibn Umar never missed Tahhajud since 

Ibn Umar laid down and got up and laid down and gets up again

Ibn Umar observed everything about the Prophet

Ibn Umar counted 20 gray hairs of the Prophet

Ibn Umar takes the sunnah from the death of Prophet 

No one loved the Prophet more than ibn umar

Ibn Umar narrated Hadith with tears in his eyes 

Imam Malik carried on that sunnah of Ibn Umar 

Ibn Umar narrates 2,630 Hadith 

Abu Huraira narrated the most Hadith and Ibn Umar was the second most

Ibn Umar saw Prophet and narrated to us

Ibn Umar waled where Prophet walked and prayed where Prophet prayed 

Every place Prophet prayed Ibn Umar prayed 

Ibn Umar's camel was made to follow the Cale of Prophet

Prophet slept under a tree and Ibn Umar watered that tree and took care of it

Ibn Umar prayed and slept under the tree as well

Ibn Umar tried his best to imitate the scent of the Prophet 

Ibn Umar dyed his beard the same color as Prophet did

Ibn Umar had the same hair style as the Prophet

Ayesha said she did not see anyone following Prophet more than Ibn Umar 

People called him crazy to the extent his followed the Prophet

Ibn Umar stood with the Prophet and Prophet point at the door of the masjid and said if we left that door for the women and the other door for the men 

Ibn Umar never entered that door again even though it was the closest to his house 

People used to make dua O Allah keep Ibn Umar alive because it reminded them of the Prophet so they can implement him

Ibn Umar was the last sahabi to die in Makkah 

Grandson of Umm Aymen once walked into Masjid and did not pray properly and Ibn Umar asked him to repeat his prayer 

If Prophet would have seen him he would have loved him 

Ibn Umar kissed the forehead of grandson of Um Aymen 

Prophet would wear a certain type of sandals and used saffron to dye his beard

Prophet sacrificed his animal where the musalla is today

Prophet offered the nafl prayers while on the Camel

Prophet went to Masjid Quba every Saturday walking and riding

Prophet went to Hajj 

Prophet touched Hajra Aswad and Yemeni Corner 

A person who does Ihram from Masjid Al Quds he will have his sins forgiven and Ibn Umar did that 

Ibn Umar looked and dressed like the Prophet

If anyone disagreed with the Prophet he would disagree with them 

Wearing perfume in Ihram 

Ibn Umar had a son named Bilal who was very religious 

the wife of Bilal comes to Ibn Umar and said your son is forbidding me from going to masjid

Ibn Umar said to Bilal do not forbid her from going to the masjid

Bilal said I swear by Allah I will forbade them

Ibn Umar said I am telling you the Prophet said so and so

And because of that he stops talking with his son because he neglected the Sunnah

Ibn Umar stops any form of innovation 

When a person sneezes they said Alhamdulillah and durood

Ibn Umar stopped people saying that 

Ibn Umar heard the Azan not recited right and fixed it 

Ibn Umar walks into the masjid and the guy screams and faints while reading Quran

Ibn Umar said Prophet feared Allah much more than you and he did not do that