Masjid Al Aqsa

The masjid is not more holy than human life 

salahuddin loved Palestine because of masjid 

when masjid al aqsa was desecrated muslims did not cringe 

salahuddin convinces muslims that masjid is very hearts 

make dua for masjid to be free 

masjid al haram was built first 

masjid al aqsa was second 

the time between the two were only 40 years 

it was both built by Adam 

Ibrahim just raised the foundation for both masjid 

this becomes the focal point of Ibadah 

Aqsa means the furtherest masjid from haram 

jerselem is the place where Ibrahim lived 

Aqsa is a place which is blessed and sanctified 

Allah blessed the masjid and the land around 

After yaqoob settles in Palestine and famine strikes then they leave and settle in Egypt 

At time of musa they fled Egypt and went to Palestine 

Musa told his people to enter holy land 

this land purifies you and forgives your sins 

when musa says let’s go in his people said we can’t their are big people there 

there were 600,000 people and out of them only 2 people were willing to go 

Allah forbids them from Palestine for 40 years 

the people who worshipped the calf did not enter the land and died 

their children entered the holy land 

musa could not enter and died in the desert 

Musa said O Allah among countries you chose Palestine and among cities you chose Jerusalem 

among that you chose al aqsa

Musa asked to be buried next to Jerusalem 

Musa has made Hajj because he longed to go to Aqsa he made intention 

Yusha comes and Allah stopped the sun for him 

Yusha brings Jerusalem in 6 days 

the people became wicked and Allah destroys them 

then we have Talut and Dawood 

Dawood kills Jalut 

Dawood reigns in Palestine 

Suleiman takes over and it is 940 years before Isa

Suleiman build 40 masjid around the world 

Suleiman builds masjid al Aqsa as it it seen today 

Suleiman asked Allah for sound judgement 

he asks Allah for a kingdom only for him 

He asks Allah that no one will come except to pray and they will be purified from sin 

so many different movements attached to Suleiman and his temple 

the first destruction of temple of Suleiman 690 years before Isa

Bani Israel is rebuilt in Palestine 

Maryam was dedicated in al aqsa 

Zakriya asked dua and was given Yahya in aqsa

when they killed Yahya Aqsa is destroyed again 

612 Christians expels Jews from Jersulem 

for 300 years they did not enter Palestine 

When prophet was born a light comes from Aminah and it showed Busra in Sham 

This part of the world will come to the prophet 

Busra was the first city to come to Muslims 

Prophet faced Aqsa and the Kaaba 

Prophet saw a light of Quran from under his pillow and his sight follows Sham 

people of Sham will hold onto their faith 

Prophet sees Aqsa for the first time 

Prophet is asleep in Hijra of the Kaaba 

Jibril comes and opens the chest and washes the heart with faith and wisdom 

A physical journey from masjid al haram to masjid al Aqsa 

there is not an inch in entire city of Jerusalem except an angel or a Prophet stood in that area 

Prophet rode on camel travelling at speed of light 

Ibrahim took same animal for Hajj 

Prophet travels upon Buraq 

Prophet enters masjid Aqsa and prays 2 rakah 

then he sees all the prophets in front of him 

Prophet was shy and Jibril took his hand and put him in front 

Prophet was offered drink between milk and wine he chose the glass of milk 

Prophet remembers standing in hijr and Quresh asked little details about Aqsa 

Prophet was nervous he could not remember 

Prophet saw Jersusalem in front of him and answered the most detailed answers 

they go to Madinah land pray towards Aqsa for a year 

a sign for Jews was that Prophet faced the same direction 

after a year the direction changed in Salah zuhr 

they felt nervous if Salah was wasted 

Allah said He will not waste your imaan 

Prophet is the only prophet to pray in both qiblas

Prophet is final messenger to all nations 

Combining both Ismail and Ishaq

Anas bin Malik lived a very long life and he described himself that there is no one who prayed both qiblas except him 

when the qibla changed there was still a deep connection to Aqsa 

there are three masjids haram Nabi and Aqsa 

Just looking at Aqsa is better than the whole world and what it contains 

whoever puts on his haram from Jersulem and goes to Makkah his sins are forgiven it is the route of Ibrahim 

Aqsa is the land of Resurrection 

we should go to Aqsa and pray there 

if you can’t pray there donate to masjid al Aqsa 

Allah calls Aqsa the land of olive trees in the Quran 

Prophet said after his death Jersulem will come to believers 

Romans and Persians are two superpowers in time of the Prophet 

Damascus Syria was capital of Byzantine 

Damascus was taken in 613 AH

Persians occupied Jersulem and kicked out Christians 

Jews allied with Persians and Muslims allied with Romans 

Allah said Romans will defeat the Persians 

and Romans and Muslims were victorious in Badr

Jews made a third attempt at temple of Solomon with help of Persians 

Chrisitians removed Jews and made Aqsa into a dumpster 

Prophet went to Aqsa when it was under Persian rule 

at the time of Hudaibia Abu Sufyan met with Heraculius in Jersulem 

Heraculius saw a dream that Prophet would conquer Romans and Persians 

Heraculius has a soft spot for Islam 

but the people were opposed to it then he did not accept 

After Prophet dies Muslims fight against Romans in Jordan in 637 

Umar was given the keys to Jerusalem 

Umar enters while walking and his servant on the camel because it was his turn 

Umar had one garment with dirt and mud on it 

Umar pushes the chest of Obaid and said Allah gave us dignity not people 

the people were in awe and fell in love with Umar 

Umar goes to Aqsa and they clean it up 

Umar Led Salah there are Aqsa 

Malik Ibn Marwan built gold dome with rock inside there where Prophet ascended up

Bilal was the first to give the azan in Aqsa and other two haram as well 

All the companions cried when they heard azan because they remembered Prophet 

A leader of church allows Umar to pray in Church 

Umar refuses and prays outside the Church 

That place is now masjid Umar 

Christians do not want the Jews back 

Umar brings 70 Jewish families back to Jerusalem 

In the year 1099 Christians killed the Muslims Jews and eastern Christians and kicked them out of Jerusalem 

Umar took Jerusalem without any bloodshed 

Knights of Templar known as Solomon’s temple 

they were Christian group who went to king and said let’s take over Aqsa 

they made Aqsa  into there headquarters 

Salahuddein comes in 787 AH and takes back Jerusalem 

Salahudin stands and waits to enter Aqsa and treats the enemies well and allows all Muslims Jews and Christians to live there 

Ottomon Empire rules for 400 years and people flourished under them 

Prophet says there will also be a group from my ummah who will be on truth 

they will always be praying there you cannot stopped them 

on the day of judgement the Kaaba will be brought to Jerusalem those who made hajj and umrah will hold onto to cloth of Kaaba as it is being brought to Jerusalem 

ayah about stopping name of Allah from being mentioned in masjid is about Aqsa 

human life is more valuable than masjid