Massacre of Karbala

This topic raises a lot of emotions 

It could raise anger among Sunnis and Shia

This disagreement should remain civil and not become violent 

The purpose of this is just to educate 

Karbala is a detailed and important event in our history

History is subjective 

This is a concise summary of the Massacre 

It is a condensed version of the History 

Standard Interpretation of Sunni Islam from Ibn Kathir and others 

Ahle Bayt and the family of the Prophet have a very high rank

We love them with a genuine love 

It is a very blessed family 

Ahle Bayt are most respected family if they are righteous 

Allah purified Ahle Bayt 

Prophet put Fatima Ali Hasan and Hussein under cloak and said these are my Ahle Bayt

Abu Bakr said to Ali I rather be more kind to Ahle Bayt than my own family 

Highest amount of money were given to Ahle Bayt

Umar loved Ahle Bayt so much that he married the daughter of Ali 

If the person is not righteous than it does not matter of his or her bloodline

Whosoever deeds pulled him back his blood will not pull him forward 

Allah will take charge of their affair

Ahle Bayt consists of Hasan and Hussein and much broader than him

Wives of the Prophets are from Ahle Bayt who are our Mothers of the Believers 

Jafar and Akeel and Abbas are descendants of Ahle Bayt 

We do not give zakah to any of the Ahle Bayt and their descendants 

Hussein Bin Ali was born Shaban 4th hijri less than 1 year from Hasan

Hasan bin Ali was born Ramadan 3rd hijri 

Hasan and Hussein are the leaders of the Youth Jannah 

Hasan and Hussein are the flowers of the duniya 

Hussein was born in Madinah until Ali became Khalifa and moved to Kufa

Ali was assignated then Hasan was given oath of Allegiance by Kufa

Muawwiah was given oath by people of Sham

for the first time in muslim world there were two Khalifas

Muawwiah and Hasan were about to go to war but Hasan resigned 

Hasan did not want any bloodshed 

Hasan moved to Madinah and he remained there until the death of Muawwiah 

Then Yazeed came to power and Hussein went to Kufa

Abdul bin Amr Al As said Hussein is the most beloved man

Civil war broke out between Sahaba 

A lot of the Muslims lost there lives more than before 

Hasan and Muawwiah almost went to third civil war worse than two 

Hasan said no and let Muawwiah 

Hasan was more righteous than Muawwiah yet Hasan gave it up 

Hussein was not happy with his brothers decision but Hasan calmed him down 

Hussein agreed with Hasan's Decision 

Hasan was poisoned 

Banu Ummayah and Banu Hashem were the most elite of Quresh

There was a lot of rivalry between the two 

Yazeed is Abu Sufyan's grandson and he was not a sahabi 

Yazeed was put in charge of attacking Constantipole in heart of Rum

Ayub Ansari passed away in that battle his grave was in Turkey Istanbul

Hussein participated in this same battle against Romans 

Hussein and Yazeed were on same side 

First Army from my ummah to attack Istanbul shall be forgiven

With all evil Yazeed got this one blessing

There were more more qualified to be Khalifa than Yazeed

It is allowed of someone of lesser stature to be the Khalifa

We respect Muawwiah but we do not agree with his political decision

Muawwiah is a sahabi and he did with concern for Ummah

Muawwiah did not want any more fighting so he made his son leader

like Ali made his son leader

the goal was unity and avoiding bloodshed

In lifetime of Yazeed and Muawwiah he announced Yazeed is khalifa

Most Ummah agreed except Makkah and Madinah

Makkah was Ibn Zubair and Madinah was Hasan and Hussein

Muawwiah died in 60 AH Rajab

There were 3 people who had enough respect and political capable

Ibn Umar the senior most sahabi alive in that time and most respected 

Ibn Umar participated in battles and he is a mufti 

Ibn Umar decided to be apolitical and he had the most wisdom 

Ibn Umar was not pro Yazeed but did not make stand against him

Ibn Zubair was sahabi most respected a political person from young age

Ibn Zubair revolted from Makkah 

Hussein revolted from Madinah

Governor of Madinah calls Hussein to his house and asks to give oath of allegiance 

Hussein refused then ask for some time 

Hussein left to his house and then packed and left 

the same night Hussein left for Makkah in the middle of night and went to Makkah

Makkah was less control under Ummayyad

News spread Hussein fled to Makkah

People of Kufa rejoiced because they were hoping for revolt

People of Kufa sent letter to Hussein come we will support 

More than 60 messages came to Hussein 

They said we will not pray Jumuah until you come

Kufa was a place of sympathy for Ahle Bayt 

It is place where Shiaism was founded 

Ali had a lot of tensions between the people of Kufa

When Hasan resigned the people of Kufa were not happy 

Now they asked Hussein to do it

Hussein sent his cousin Muslim bin Akeel to go and see in Kufa if they are ready

Muslim arrives in Kufa in Dhul Qaedah 

People rejoice like they never have before

More than 12,000 gave the oath of Allegiance directly to muslim 

on behalf of Hussein and these 12,000 people represented the bulk of Kufa

30,000 claim that they are with Hussein 

Muslim is excited he has never seen this much support

He said come immediately do not delay 

Muslim sent the letter in 60 AH 

It reached Yazeed in Damascus 

Ibn Ziad was loyal to the Umayyads 

Ibn Ziad had no respect from anyone

Yazeed sends Ibn Ziad with 17 people who was vicious angry and young

Ibn Ziad was 28 years old and he did not act wisely 

Ibn Ziad entered with covering his face and people taught he was Hussein 

People of Kufa accidentally exposed the plot to Ziad

Ibn Ziad sends a spy and founds out who the leader of this movement is  

Ibn Ziad beats up Hani the Governor of Kufa

Ibn Ziad said I just want to know where is Muslim bin Akeel

Muslim sends secret message to his followers 

Out of the 12,000 people who gave bayah 4,000 come forward 

they say they will are Hanifa and Kill Ibn Ziad 

Ibn Ziad accesses who is out there and tries to cut off each people from them

Ibn Ziad finds out what they need to not support Hussein 

Ibn Ziad uses emotional blackmail and sin there parents too to send them home

Muslim prays Magreb and he turns around and from 30 is 10 people

Muslim is now alone with no protection 

The cousin of Hussein is abandoned and it took them 12 hours 

It took them money and bribes 

Muslim goes to beg and then tells old lady to help him

She has pity and protects him 

Her son comes home and he exposes Muslim 

Ibn Akeel knows his whole house is surrounded by troops 

Muslim exits and surrends 

On the way to the governors house Muslim told Ibn Ashar to tell Hussein that Kufa will betray you 

Ibn Ashar promises and does that 

9th of Dhul Hija Muslim bin Akeel is taken to fortress and he is thrown to his death

His last words were O Allah You be the judge between us and our people 

It will takes atleast 2 and half weeks for message to arrive

Hussein got the message to come quickly 

Ibn Ziad entered Kufa with only 17 men and bribery

In Madinah hussein makes his preparation to leave for Kufa

In Makkah all the senior Sahaba advised against Hussein going to Kufa 

Especially Ibn Abbas told him not to go rather to go to Yemen 

Hussein was insisted to go to Iraq with seeing the letters 

Sahaba said don't you know what they did to your father

Hussein said no they have changed now 

Hussein takes with him Hasan's children and Ibn Akeel children and Ibn Jafar children 

there were over 100 people including women and children 

Ibn Abbas intercepted the caravan outside Madinah to stop Hussein 

Muhammad bin Hanifa telling Hussein not to go 

Hussein tells them I would rather die elsewhere than for the haram to be an area of bloodshed 

Hussein did not want a civil war in Makkah 

Abdullah Ibn Umar says to Hussein that Prophet says when Prophet was on his deathbed if you want duniya you should have and if you want akhira you choose

He said Hussein is part of the Prophet

Ibn Umar said to Hussein you will not get any power because Prophet asked for the akhira 

Ahle Bayt are not meant for this world and Allah gave them something better 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely 

Ahle Bayt are righteous and pure and Allah has meant something higher for you 

Ibn Umar reminds Hussein don't you remember what he did to his father

It is not a black and white issue

we are on the side of Hussein because we love him 

But it was not the best decision for Hussein or Yazeed 

It would have been better for Hussein to have listened to rest of Ahle Bayt 

The Messenger is caught and killed 

Another messenger goes and tells people Hussein is coming get ready 

Hussein is very close to Kufa than Ibn Ashar messages reaches him 

Hussein knows the complete story now 

Hussein is persuaded now to abandon 

We do not believe that Hussein marched to suicide 

We believe Hussein believed that he would be victorious 

Hussein decides to march forward 

Ibn Ziad requests backing and reinforcement 

Ibn Ziad is backed with 4,000 men who were meant to fight a Turkish group 

to fight against Hussein 

Hussein goes to Kufa and in Karbala 4,000 men intercept Hussein

3rd of Muharram 61 AH forces of Ibn Ziad came

Hussein made an announcement whoever wants to leave leaves

Everyone left except for Ahle Bayt

Umar bin Saad bin Abi Waqas is military commander and leader is Ibn Ziad

Umar was loyal soldier who did what he was told to do but it was bad decision

the siege lasted 5 or 6 days where they stopped and surrounded on 3rd Muhurram 

Hussein is asked by Umar bin Saeed why he has come 

Hussein said he came because he was invited 

Umar send message to Ibn Ziad 

Ibn Ziad said he must come to me and give the oath of allegiance on behalf of Yazeed

Main culprit is Ibn Ziad and he was arrogant 

Hussein said to Umar bin saad to tell him three options

to return to Makkah

Take him to Yazeed directly because Hussein felt more comfortable talking with him

than Ibn Ziad

Yazeed would never have killed Yazeed directly

or to send him into exile in some far away lands

Friend of Umar said it is reasonable decision

Ibn Ziad refused all three and said either War or my hand

9th Muharram go to Ibn Zahid or there is war 

small group of people came to the side of Hussein 

All this is happening under the nose of Kufa and no one comes to help

Hussein refused to go to Ibn Zahid 

10 Muharram 61 AH grandson of Prophet was assignated 

Ali came to Prophet and he was crying

Prophet told him Jibril told him that his Ummah shall kill Hussein next to the Euphrates river 

Hussein kept charging on and no one attacked him

Ibn Ziad went forward with few men and they cut the head of Hussein

Ibn Ziad was given the head of Hussein 

Ibn Ziad took a stick and began poking the head of Hussein 

Anas ibn Malik took not stand Ibn Ziad poking the head of Hussein

70 people were killed and 15 members from Ahle Bayt

Ali bin Hussein was spared because he was ill and with the women in the tent

People of Kufa kept on feeling guilty and 66 AH 10 Muharram group emerged and started innovated act of harming themselves lamenting and crying for having failed to protect Hussein when Hussein needed there help 

Before Shia was political movement but now it became theology began to be devised 

122 AH Zaid bin Ali bin Hussein people of Kufa promised him to have his back but they betrayed him again 

Zaid was asked do you curse Abu Bakr and Umar and he said no I am just against Ummayads political movement 

They rejected their own imam for being too Shia 

Zaidi Shia where it is Yemen 

Who is to blame for the massacre of Hussein

The Sahaba knew exactly knew who to blame

They blamed the people of Kufa for being afraid and not helping Hussein

People of Kufa asked question if killing mosquitoe invalidates Hajj

Sahaba said amazing are you people you kill Hussein and then you worry about blood of Mosquito 

Ibn Ziad is the main culprit and we give him the lion share of the blame 

Ibn Zaid's head was cut off and shown to the people 

Umar bin Saad was coward to Ibn Ziad and he was leader against resistance to Hussein

the blood of the sword was shimmer who cut the head of Hussein

Everyone else was respectful 

Yazeed bin Muawwiah bin Aby Sufyan was in charge and he sent Ibn Ziad 

Yazeed did not send Hussein to be killed 

Yazeed did not kill a single person for massacre of Hussein 

Yazeed takes a good share of the blame 

Yazeed did not order the killing of Hussein even if he showed sadness he did nothing about it

Imam Ahmed said should we love Yazeed and Ahmed bin Hanbal said does any believer love Yazeed 

Should we curse him and we do not curse by name rather curse generally 

the people that Yazeed killed are not your average people 

We leave his affair to Allah

We love Hussein and are saddened by his death

We love Hasan more 

Prophet gave khutbah and Hasan tripped and He picked him up during Khutba and said this son of mine is a leader

Hasan stood up and said no more bloodshed and he was michor and had iman and was more wise

Murder of Uthman was worse than Hussein and we love them all 

The head of Hussein was sent to Yazeed and he sent it to family of Hussein and they buried it next to Hasan 

Martyrdom of Hussein is a historical tragedy but not theological one