Maymuna Bint AlHaarith

Her name was Bara 

it was changed to Maymuna by Prophet

Prophet wanted to establish ties with tribe of Zainab Bint Harith

the half sister of Zainab ninth Harith 

from the first to accept Islam 

brave women and accepted Islam early on 

She was married to Masud bin Amr

in the days of ignorance than they divorced

she married Abu ruh then he died 

she did not have any children

Al Abbas was in charge of her who was married to her sister

She proposes to the Prophet 

She asked Al Abbas to approached the Prophet 

Surah Al Ahzab verse 50 

Believer women who offers to be in service of Prophet 

She wanted the honor and distinction of being mothers of believers

Prophet could not say no to Abbas  

in 7th year hijra

Prophet was thinking peace between two tribes by marrying maymuna

when news reached maymuna she was on camel and gave it all for messenger 

Time of Shawwal

Maymuna means Good fortune 

someone who is blessed 

Prophet is coming back to Makkah and he marries Maymuna 

Maymuna had 8 sisters and all of them were married to leaders of tribes 

all the other tribes accepted Islam as well 

Hadith of Ibn Abbas who wanted to spend night with Prophet

Ibn Abbas said they slept vertically and he slept horizontal

Hadith of Qiyam ul layl 

Maymuna was in a lot of debt and Prophet gave dua for freeing debt

Her will was that she is buried in salaf where she got the news of proposal

She died in 61 hijra

Ibn Abbas was very grieved and he said do not shake it or rattle it 

Ibn Abbas group up with Maymuna 

She narrated 76 Hadith 1 in Bukhari and 75 in Muslim 

Ayesha said when Maymuna passed away she had the most taqwa

She was the best in upholding the ties of kinship