Muslim Presence in the Americas Before Columbus

Muslims did great achievements in science and technology Muslims have travelled all throughout the world Muslims are interested in astronomy We must pray salah and need to know the direction of qibla the position of stars and knowing your direction became an important science Astronomy is not astrology which is telling future from stars Muslims developed the first compass A person could travel in the ocean in the dark and still know the direction Muslims were easily capable of travelling the world and mapping it Bait ul Hikam was a think tank Scholars from all over gathered in one room Islam gave a sense of unity to the world Muslims were able to travel and Arabic was common language Muslims shared information and experiences Ibn Batuta was one of the greatest travelers in history He travelled 75,000 miles without modern technology He left in 1325 and spent 30 years on the road In 956 Abu Hasan was imam of the historians He travelled throughout the world and drew a map It was one of the oldest maps that shows the Americas Abu Bakr bin Umar wrote a text about Muslim sea fares Abdullah bin Idris was one of top map makers He is credited to make the first globe and showing roundness of earth Some people traveled across the atlantic and they were captured by a people who spoke arabic We had currents, the technology, the science, Norwegian Scientist journey through the ocean for 57 days He left Morrocco and arrived in Barbados Muslims are part of the onward flow of civilization in this part of the world