Order within a Surah

The Order of the Last 10 Surah of the Quran

  • Surah Al Feel
    • The surah is about Makkah being attacked by Elephants
    • Allah protected that city
    • Fulfilling the dua of Ibrahim
  • Surah Al Quresh
    • Allah provided Quresh with prosperity
    • Provided with all kinds of fruit
    • Quresh could travel freely in summer and winter
    • No fear of being robbed
    • Allah made those conveniences for them
    • Fulfilling the dua of Ibrahim
    • They should honor the legacy of Ibrahim
  • Surah Al Maun
    • Worship Allah sincerely
    • You serve people
    • Ibrahim was very generous
    • Quresh were not so generous
    • They would not even do a simple act of kindness
    • They would not even a spoon of salt
  • Surah Al Kauthar
    • Prophet Muhammad fulfills the legacy of Ibrahim
    • Allah gave Him Kauthar
    • Prophet was asked to pray and sacrifice
    • Pray and sacrifice is the legacy of Ibrahim
    • Your enemy will be cut off
  • Surah Al Kafiroon
    • Say O Disbelievers
    • Prophet has nothing to do with Quresh
    • They abandoned the legacy of Ibrahim
    • This is a declaration of war
    • This becomes treason in tribal society
  • Surah Al Nasr
    • The victory has been given to Prophet by Allah
    • So increase in tasbeeh and forgiveness
    • The people will enter the religion in crowds
    • Although the victory does not happen right away
    • You see the clouds of rain
    • You can see victory coming
  • Surah Al Masad
    • Allah mentions how He took care of Prophet’s enemy
    • It set the Prophet at ease to know victory is granted
    • A sign and some hope to set your heart at ease
    • Allah does not wait for Prophet to ask for a sign
  • Surah Al Ikhlas
    • While you are fighting you forget what you are fighting for
    • You need to remind yourself
    • You need to renew your intention
    • You need to be sincere
    • Struggle only for Allah
    • Keep your focus
    • Struggle was about the legacy of Ibrahim
    • Legacy of Ibrahim was Tawheed
    • The constitution of this faith
    • The oneness of Allah
  • Surah Al Falaq
    • You need to ask for protection from the outside
    • Do not fall to the traps of shaytan
    • Imaan must be protected
    • You cannot fall into shirk
  • Surah Al Nas
    • You need to protect your self from the inside
    • The devils from man and jinn
    • Who whisper in the chests of people
    • Heart is a thing and chest is a place
    • Devils are given access to our chests
    • They do not have access to our hearts
    • Only we can let them inside

Burning in Hellfire

  • Disbelievers do not see Muslims burning in hell
  • Believers do not see Disbelievers in jannah
  • Allah paints one picture in one story
  • Then another picture in another surah

The Story of Yusuf

1. Yusuf sees a dream

12. Yusuf dream is interpreted

2. The brothers scheme against Yusuf

11. The brothers ask for forgiveness

3. The wife of minister seduces Yusuf

10. The wife of minister confesses

4. The women seduce Yusuf

9. The women confesses

5. Yusuf is thrown into jail

8. Yusuf is released from jail

6. The king sees a dream

7. The king’s dream is interpreted


Allah says at the end of Surah Yusuf that it is not a story made up

Surah Ar Rahman

Surah Ar Waqiah

1. The Greatness of the Quran

5. The Greatness of the Quran

2.   The creation of Allah

4. The Creation of Allah

3. The People on the left

3. The People on the left

4. The People on the right

2. The people on the right

5. The First Class in Jannah

1. The First Class in Jannah


Surah Al Baqarah

  1. The change of the Qibla

1. Believers, Disbelievers, Hypocrites

9. Believers, Disbelievers, Hypocrites

2. The Lesson on Greed

8. The Lesson on Greed

3. Laws given to Bani Israel

7. Laws given to the Muslims

4. Ibrahim’s Test

6. Muslim’s Test


Ayat ul Kursi

  1. Allah knows what comes before and what comes after

1. Two names of Allah

9. Two names of Allah

2. Allah does not get tired

8. Allah does not get tired

3. Allah is Al Maalik

7. Allah is Al Malik

4. What only Allah can do and exception

6. What only Allah can do and exception

Surah Saad

1. What the Quresh say

6. What to say to Quresh

2. The nations

5. Hellfire

3. The Prophets

4. Jannah


Surah Al Burooj     

  1. The Believers get Jannah

1. What makes the sky so great

11. The Quran is sent down

2. Judgment Day

10. Judgment Day

3. Those who are cursed by Allah

9. Those who are cursed by Allah

4. Description of Allah

8. Description of Allah

5. Hellfire

7. Hellfire


Surah Al Yaseen

1. Introduction

6. Conclusion

2. History

5. Afterlife

3. Those who think

4. Those who refuse to think


Surah Al Fatihah

  1. Part 1
    • All praise is due to Allah, Master of all that exists
    • The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
    • Master of the day of Judgement
  2. Part 2
    • You alone we worship
    • And You alone we seek help
  3. Part 3
    • Guide us to the straight path
    • The path of those whom you have blessed
    • But not the path of those you earned your anger
    • Nor of those who are lost.

Yusuf ‘s Humility

  • Dad I love you I did see it I did and did indeed
  • Yusuf repeated himself
  • Because he was humble and nervous
  • He did not know if his dad would believe him
  • He was so humble that he could not continue with sajdah
  • He said the phrase again when it came to sajdah word
  • I saw them, I saw them, I made sajdah
  • Yusuf already knew that it was his parents and brothers
  • Fatherly counsel in a young age is very crucial for the teen years
  • Yusuf refused the women who seduced him

Yusuf’s Confidence

  • You cannot confuse arrogance and confidence
  • Hafiz should lead Salah and take responsibility
  • He should be confident
  • There are occasion where Allah expects you to rise up
  • No one else will do it, so you do it
  • Yusuf becomes minister of Egypt because he is the only one qualified
  • If he does not do it, people will die
  • If no body else is there to take the job you do it
  • If you cannot find the man you have to be the man

Arrogance is when you are impressed with yourselves and better than others

Surah Al Hijr

  • Those are the miracles signs of the book
  • A clear Arabic book
  • The Quran is clear but it is not simple
  • Clarity has nothing to do with simplicity
  • Clarity is does the idea make sense
  • Humanity has complex problems
  • Allah gave complex solutions that are clear
  • Allah did make the Quran easy for remembrance
  • Diving into the depths into the Quran is not so easy
  • It requires a little more effort
  • They took the Quran and tore it to pieces

The Quran is clear

They tore the Quran into pieces

Disbelievers will wish they were Muslims

We will interrogate all of them

Disbelievers make fun of Prophet

Allah will take care of the disbelievers

Disbelievers call prophet insane

I know what they call you hurts you